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ANALS, THE - Commando of Love

Sweet Rot

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Hailing from Metz, France, home to a ridiculous number of genre-bending bands, most of which they play in (like A.H KRAKEN, ELECTRIC GUITARS, THE DREAMS, PLASTOBETTON, SCORPION VIOLENTE, FUNK POLICE, and more), this is their first (and only?) 7-inch and its a two song ass reamer. Taking the sheer repetitive brutality of a band like the Brainbombs and meshing it with the trance-like drone of a band like Suicide, these two songs have the guitars, drums, and synths all set to attack, and are not for the faint of heart. Sadly, in late 2007 Benoit passed away so now The Anals are done. - Sweet Rot

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