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ANDERSSON, HENRIK/HENRIK RYLANDER - Kluster/Information II/Gym Form Plus

Firework Editions

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"produced in \r\nconjuction with an exhibition at Fargfabriken, Stockholm in 2002. \r\nthe first side is a rather nice minimal piece, while the second is \r\nsomething quite different. - Anomalous. "Primarily Henrik Andersson and Henrik \r\nRylander are educated film and photomakers, with Rylander having some \r\nbackground as a drummer in Union Carbide Productions. Here they have \r\none collaborative side and each a solo piece on the other side. For \r\nthe collaborative side they created a piece which has 8 identical CD \r\nplayers playing 8 identical CDs. Each CD consists of 7 three second \r\ntracks with three tones (C, D, E, F, G, A and H). These CD players \r\nare played in a random way and develop by chance. The input sounds \r\nare sine waves, but they develop a strange organ like sound, which \r\nconstantly changes - after each 3 seconds. But even when you use 8 \r\nidentical players, it happens that the speed is a little bit \r\ndifferent so phase shiftings occur. Even if we leave out the ramble \r\nabout the religious aspects of the organ like sounds, its a very \r\nnice piece. On the other side there is first the Rylander piece. \r\nWorking in probably similar vein, but here the sound input is a beat \r\nloop. Very much an old Noto piece, which unfortunally drags on too \r\nmuch. Anderssons piece is based on guitar loops, which is maybe too \r\nshort to show what the possibilities could have been. Maybe a more \r\nconceptual and collaborative work like on the other side would have \r\nbeen a better idea." - Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly 318.

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