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(((VLUBA))) - Effervescing Castles UFOz

Whistle Along

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"Vlubä is an Argentinian "paranormal art project" founded by Müriscia Divinorum and Aphra Cadabra. Since their initiation in 2001, Vlubä have appeared at several festivals throughout South and Central America: Festival Integraciones - Perú (2011), Festival los Lenguajes Alienígenas - México (2014), Hyperlocal Festival - Buenos Aires (2017) (with Sun Araw), and at the Drone Celebration Vol. 2 - Buenos Aires (2019) (with Stephen O' Malley). In 2016, Vlubä joined the visual artist Fernando "Huanchaco" Gutierrez in the Peruvian desert of Chilca for a hypnagogic UFO show and radio transmission to space. Their entire oeuvre focuses on extraterrestrial themes, sci-fi, and most importantly the essence of strong psyche-shamanistic soundscapes. 'Vlubä is an Entheogen" 
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