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D YELLOW SWANS & JIM ALTIERI - Drowning (Carbon)

D YELLOW SWANS - Doorendoorslechte (Ultra Eczema)

D YELLOW SWANS - Live During War Crimes #2 (Release The Bats)

D!O!D!O!D! - Ghost Temple (PSF)

D. CHARLES SPEER & THE HELIX - After Hours (Black Dirt)

D. CHARLES SPEER & THE HELIX - In Madagascar/Bar-Abbas Blues (Sound@One)

D. CHARLES SPEER & THE HELIX - Past Or Beyond/Canaanite Builder (Sound@One)

D.A. - Odeon (Olde English Spelling Bee)

D.A.R.K. - Its A DARK Night (Outsider)

D.C.A./ODAL - Jap Evil Demon (Hate Song)

D.D. DOBSON - Buried Life (Goodall Tapes)

D.D. DOBSON - Sacred Prostitution (Goodall Tapes)

D.L. SAVINGS T.X. - Ku Da Kay (Sic) In MY Basement Court (Labyrinth)

D.M.T.OPIA - S/T (New Age)

DADAMAH - This Is Not A Dream (Kranky)

DADAMAH - This Is Not A Dream (Grapefruit)

DADAMAH - Violet Stains Red (Yellow Electric)

DADAWAH - Peace And Love (Dug Out)

DAFELDECKER, WERNER - Parallel Darks (Room40)

DAFELDECKER, WERNER - Small Worlds (Edition Telemark)

DAGAR, USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN - Raga Yaman (Ideologic Organ)

DAGAR, USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN - Raga Yaman (Ideologic Organ)

DAGAR, USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN - Ragas Abhogi & Vardhani (Ideologic Organ)

DAGAR, USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN - Ragas Abhogi & Vardhani (Ideologic Organ)

DAGUA, LENA - Jardim Zoologico (Strangelove)

DAIKYOFUROSHIKI - Live in Japan 2014 (Wild Flesh)


DAILY LIFE - My Time/Daily Life (Glass Coffin)

DAILY VOID - The Eclipse of 1453 (Sacred Bones)

DAKOTA - Vol.1: Dakota (GB)

DAL FORNO, CARLA - Look Up Sharp (Kallista)

DAL FORNO, CARLA - Look Up Sharp (Kallista)

DALACHINSKY & THE SNOBS, STEVE - ec(H)o - system (Bam Balam)

DALACHINSKY AND MATTHEW SHIPP, STEVE - Phenomena of Interference (Hopscotch)

DALPANE, MARCO - Le Citta Invisibili (Le Citta e i Morti) (Soave)

DALTHOM - Frame Slip (Feeding Tube)

DALTON, KAREN - Cotton Eyed Joe (Megaphone UK)

DALTON, KAREN - Green Rocky Road (Megaphone UK)

DALTON, KAREN - Its So Hard to Tell Whos Going to Love You the Best (Megaphone UK)

DALTON, KAREN - Recording is the Trip - The Karen Dalton Archives (Megaphone Uk)

DAMENBART - Impressionen 71 (Psychedelic Pig)

DAMMERATTACKE - Tausend Seen (Cien Fuegos)

DAMON - Song Of A Gypsy (Now Again)

DANGEROUS RHYTHM - Stray Cat Blues (Munster)

DARA - One Sided (Ecstatic Peace)

DARA PUSPITA - Dara Puspita 1966-1968 (Sublime Frequencies)


DARGE, MONIEK & GRAHAM LAMBKIN - Indian Soundies (Kye)

DARGE, MONIEK - Bratschebraut (Horn Of Plenty)

DARGE, MONIEK - Crete Soundies (Kye)

DARGE, MONIEK - Sacred Balinese Soundies, Mauros Song (Kye)

DARGE, MONIEK - Soundies (Selected Work 1980-2001) (Kye)

DARGE, MONIEK - Sounds Of Sacred Places (Kye)

DARK DAY - Darkest Before Dawn (Nigh Eve)

DARK DAY - Strange Clockwork (Nigh Eve)

DARK INSIDE THE SUN - Chattanooge (Imvated)

DARK LIKE A RESTAURANT - Sight (Domestica)

DARK SUNNY LAND - Emanations For A Returning (One Hand)

DARK SUNNY LAND - s/t (One Hand)

DARKSMITH - Collapse (Mom Costume)

DARKSMITH - Countdown to Man in the Clouds (Nurse Etiquette)

DARKSMITH - Everyone Is Welcome In My Room (Vitrine)

DARKSMITH - Hatred of Sound (Second Sleep)

DARKSMITH - Regular Man / Good Memory (Regional Bears)

DARKSMITH - s/t (Hanson)

DARKSMITH - Time To Die (Mom Costume)

DARKSMITH OF CALIFORNIA- Regret Everything (No Rent)

DARKSMITH, TOM - Total Vacuum (Hanson)


DARROW, CHRIS - Artist Proof (Drag City)

DAS DING - Kindheitsmuster/Raid (Minimal Wave)

DASGUPTA, NITAI - Songs Of India (Manufactured Recordings)

DASKEN, PAUL - Speckled Ax (Paul Dasken)

DASZU - Zone of Swans/Lucid Actual + 1/2 Dativa (Lion Productions)

DAUBY, YANNIK - Chant De Dune (Taalem)

DAVACHI, SARAH & ARIEL KALMA - Intemporel (Black Sweat)

DAVACHI, SARAH - Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing!)

DAVACHI, SARAH - Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing!)

DAVACHI, SARAH - Let Night Come On Bells End The Day (Recital)

DAVACHI, SARAH - Pale Bloom (W.25th)

DAVACHI, SARAH - Pale Bloom (W.25th)

DAVACHI, SARAH - Papers (Recital)

DAVENPORT - Free Country (Last Visible Dog)

DAVENPORT - Starry Connection Of Dimishing Returns (Audiobot)

DAVENPORT - Wulfcult Rising (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

DAVENPORT, GARY - Scattered Thoughts (Numero Group)

DAVIES, RHODRI - Telyn Rawn (Amgen)

DAVIES, RHODRI - Transversal Time (Confront Recordings)

DAVIS, GARETH & SCANNER - Footfalls (Miasmah)

DAVIS, GEORGE - Scapula: Bop Acetates, Chicago, 1949 (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

DAVIS, JOHN - The Gold Hooped Nature (Root Strata)

DAVIS, ZAC - Acoustic Electric (A4)

DAVIS, ZAC - Bad Ludes (Maim & Disfigure)

DAVIS, ZAC - In MI (Maim & Disfigure)

DAVIS, ZAC - In Michigan (Maim & Disfigure)

DAVIS, ZAC - Living Easy Is Hard (Maim & Disfigure)

DAVIS, ZAC - Ripoff Scumbag (Maim & Disfigure)

DAVIS, ZAC - Valleys Of Your Mind (Maim & Disfigure)

DAVIS, ZAC/BEN HALL - Slab Pt 2 (Maim & Disfigure)

DAWSON, FIELDING - Allentown Reading (Counter Culture Chronicles)

DAY, TERRY - Interruptions (Emanem)

DAYBREAK - Daybreak (Out-Sider)

DAYS OF SORROW - Remembering the Days (Mental Experience)

DDAA - Action and Japanese Demonstration (Fractal)

DDV - A Sound Atlas Of Venereology (Trash Ritual)

DE ANGELIS, EMMA - s/t (Finders Keepers)

DE BABALON, CHRISTOPH - Exquisite Angst (A Colourful Storm)

DE BABALON, CHRISTOPH - Hectic Shakes (Alter)

DE BABALON, CHRISTOPH - If Youre Into It, Im Out of It (Cross Fade Enter Tainment)

DE BABALON, CHRISTOPH - Recurring Horrors (A Colourful Storm)

DE BABALON, CHRISTOPH - Recurring Horrors (A Colourful Storm)

DE BRASSERS - 1979-1982 (Onderstroom)

DE DIONYSO, ARRINGTON - Shouting Over Deep Water Blues (Feeding Tube)

DE FABRIEK - Made In Spain (B.F.E.)

DE FRONTANEL - Grotesque (Treue Um Treue)

DE GENNARO, MATTHEW - Laughing Lost In The Underground (Soft Abuse)

DE JAER, BAUDOUIN - Crocus (Sub Rosa)

DE KIFT - De Kift (Mississippi)

DE LAET, JORIS - Experimental & Parametric Music 1976-2017 (Sub Rosa)

DE LAET, JORIS - Experimental & Parametric Music 1976-2017 (Sub Rosa)

DE LAET, JORIS - SEM etc (Metaphon)

DE LEON - S/T (Mana)

DE LOTUSETERS - Het Rode Ei (Sloow Tapes)

DE MARIA, WALTER - Drums And Nature (De Maria, Walter)

DE MEESTER, LOUIS - Alpha Recordings (Dead-Cert)

DE PAEPE, BART - Blood Clot In The Brain (Sloow Tapes)

DE PAEPE, BART - Laatste Stuyver (Sound Holes)

DE PAEPE, BART - Rhode (Sloow Tapes)

DE PAEPE, BART - Solitary Moon (Vohu Manah)

DE PAEPE, BART - Twistkapel (No Basement Is Deep Enough)

DE ROUBAIX, FRANCOIS - Le Saut De L'Ange/R.A.S (Transversales Disques)

DE SIMONE, GIROLAMO - Shama (Die Schachtel)

DE SYDFYNSKE ALPEDRENGE - Solskinsliv (Orpheus)

DE VEGA, MARIO - 38 (Second Sleep)

DE VEGA, MARIO - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Tochnit Aleph)


DE VRIES AND THE ESCHENAU CHAOS BAND, HERMAN - Herman de Vries and the Eschenau Chaos Band (Edition Telemark)

DE VRIES, HERMAN - The Music Of Sound 3 (Slowscan)

DE WAARD, FRANS - Corona Rewind (Petri Supply)

DE WAARD, FRANS - This Is Supposed to Be a Record Label (Korm Plastics)

DE WYS, MARGARET - I Oh (Ecstatic Peace)

DEACON, DAN - Acorn Master (Psych-o-Path)


DEAD C - Future Artists (Ba Da Bing)

DEAD C - New Electric Music (Language Recordings)

DEAD C - Palisades (I Dischi Del Barone)

DEAD C - Relax Fallujah - Hell Has Come (Ba Da Bing)

DEAD C - Repent (Siltbreeze)

DEAD C - The Damned (Starlight Furniture Company)

DEAD C - Trap Door Fucking Exit (Siltbreeze)

DEAD C - Trouble (Ba Da Bing!)

DEAD C - Tusk (Siltbreeze)

DEAD C - Vain, Erudite and Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005 (Ba Da Bing)

DEAD C - World Peace Hope Et Al (Shock)

DEAD C VS. RANGDA - s/t (Ba Da Bing!)

DEAD C, THE - On the Outbreak of Civil War - Good Consul is Punished (I Dischi Del Barone)

DEAD C, THE - Rare Ravers (Ba Da Bing!)

DEAD C, THE - Unknowns (Ba Da Bing!)

DEAD C, THE - Unknowns (Ba Da Bing!)

DEAD C/HI GOD PEOPLE - Split (Nervous Jerk)

DEAD GIRL'S PARTY - The Things I've Lost (Feeding Tube)

DEAD GUM - Meta (Backwards)

DEAD LUKE - Jumping Jack Flash Drive (Sacred Bones)

DEAD LUKE - S/T (Sky-Fi)

DEAD LUKE - s/t (Jerkwave)

DEAD MACHINES & DEATH KNELL - A Thousand Means To One End (Brokenresearch)

DEAD MACHINES & JOHN WIESE - Failing Lights (Rococo)

DEAD MACHINES - Futures (Troubleman Unlimited)

DEAD MACHINES - Futures (Troubleman Unlimited)

DEAD MACHINES - Human Brain Wasting Syndrome (Ecstatic Peace)

DEAD MACHINES - Live at Raven Matts (American Tapes)

DEAD MACHINES - Live at Tzompantli (Eclipse)

DEAD MACHINES - Live Dead (Maim & Disfigure)

DEAD MACHINES - Plays Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (Arbor)

DEAD MACHINES - The Last Pallbearer (Heavy Tapes)

DEAD MACHINES - What Time Will Tell (Hung Like A Horse?)

DEAD MACHINES - Zanti Misfit Style (American Tapes)



DEAD MACHINES/THE HAUNTING - Private Live (Gods of Tundra)

DEAD MAURIACS, THE - Divertissements Et Malaises: Airs A Danser (The Tapeworm)

DEAD MAURIACS, THE - Elements d'une Diplomatie Fantome (Sucata Tapes)

DEAD MOON - Too Many People (Mississippi)

DEAD NORMAL - There Is Nothing Left But The Enjoyment Of Senseless Destruction (Harbinger Sound)

DEAD SEA APES & BLACK TEMPEST - The Sun Behind The Sun (Feeding Tube)

DEAD SEA APES - Night Lands (Feeding Tube)

DEAD WAFER - IDM (Maim & Disfigure)

DEAD WAFER/ZAC DAVIS - Baloon Head (Maim & Disfigure)

DEAD WAFER/ZAC DAVIS - Split (Maim & Disfigure)

DEAF CENTER/SVARTE GREINER - Owl Splinters / Twin (Miasmah)

DEAF CENTER/SVARTE GREINER - Owl Splinters/Twin (Miasmah)

DEAK, EDIT & WALTER ROBINSON - Art-Rite (Primary Information)

DEAR JOHN - Frustrated Conversation (BDR)

DEAS, CAM - Blind Chance (Blackest Rainbow)

DEAS, CAM - Mechanosphere (The Death Of Rave)

DEAS, CAM - Time Exercises (The Death Of Rave)

DEAS, CAM/SPOONO - Split (Blackest Rainbow)

DEATH - North Street / Were Gonna Make It (Drag City)

DEATH CHANTS - I Have Seen a Thousand Swim Through Darker Skies than These (Sloow Tapes)

DEATH CHANTS - Valley Of Light (Cauliflower Dreams)

DEATH COMES ALONG - Heavy Psychedelic Schizoid God.. (Mangrove)

DEATH DOMAIN - Ethidium Bromide (Dark Entries)

DEATH DOMAIN - Vampyroteuthis Infernalis (Army Of Bad Luck)

DEATH KNELL - Exchange of Accusations (Editionsbrokenresearch)

DEATH KNELL - Plenty for Cutting (American Tapes)

DEATH KNELL/DEAD MACHINES - A Thousand Means To One End (Editionsbrokenresearch)

DEATH MAGAZINE 52 - S/T (Harbinger Sound)

DEATH UNIT & PRURIENT - Terminal Cases (Archive)

DEBRIS - Static Disposal (Anopheles)

DEBT OF NATURE - Order : Spoil the Entire State (Harbinger Sound)

DEBT OF NATURE - San Salvador Day (Goodall Tapes)

DECAER PINGA - Plate Of Failure (Chocolate Monk)

DECAER PINGA - The Amplified Brick (Hells Half Halo)

DECAER PINGA - The Brown Mouth Downer (Chocolate Monk)

DECAER PINGA - The Space For Retired Music (Hells Half Halo)

DECAYES, THE - horNetZ (Minds Ear/Imgrat)

DECEH - Fundamental Structure Cassette (The Tapeworm)

DECIBEL - El Poeta Del Ruido (Vam)

DECIMUS - 1 (Kelippah)

DECIMUS - 10 (Further)

DECIMUS - 11 (Digitalis)

DECIMUS - 2 (Planam)

DECIMUS - 3 (Kelippah)

DECIMUS - 4 (Planam)

DECIMUS - 6 (Daksina)

DECIMUS - 8 (Kelippah)

DECIMUS - 9 (Holidays)

DECIMUS - C (Kelippah)

DECIMUS - D (Kelippah)

DECIMUS - Glass Tetany (NNA Tapes)

DECIMUS - Kemunculan (Sangoplasmo)

DECIMUS - Morning and Evening Ragas Vol.1 (Daksina)

DECIMUS - Polydipsia (Brave Mysteries)

DECIMUS/HOBO SONN - s/t (Kelippah)


DEDEKIND CUT - Tahoe (Hospital Productions)

DEEP JEW - Harem (Static Aktion)

DEEP POCKETS - Bellaire Afternoon (Hank the Herald Angel Recordings)

DEEPKISS 720 - Cazworld (Beniffer Editions)

DEGRADS - s/t (Cameleon)

DEGREASER - Rougher Squalor (Ever/Never)

DEISEL GUITAR - Maria -1995, Medium of Lights -1996, Assimilation -1999 (Art Into Life)

DEJONG, CONSTANCE - Modern Love (Primary Information)

DEL - Der Lehnstuhl Sagt Alles (Pseudoarcana)

DELIVERY HEALTH - Hard Off (Silent Water)

DELTA 5 - Singles & Sessions 1979-81 (Kill Rock Stars)

DELUGE, THE - Tropical Syndroms (Umor Rex)

DEMARINIS, PAUL - Music As A Second Language (Lovely Music)

DEMARINIS, PAUL - Songs Without Throats (Black Truffle)

DEMARS, THE - Verilaiskia (Lal Lal Lal)

DEMONLORE - Palace of the Nixies (Enterruption)

DEMONS - Evocation (No Fun)

DEMONS - Frozen Fog (AA)

DEMONS - Invisible Darkness (AA)

DEMONS W/ ZAC DAVIS - s/t (Maim & Disfigure)


DEMOON SKIRT - Fag Tapes Style (Fag Tapes)

DEMPSTER, STUART - On The Boards (Anomalous)

DENDOSHI - Dendoshi 2 (Planam)

DENIM DELINQUENT - Complete Collection (Hozac)

DENNIS DUCK - Dennis Duck Goes Disco (Poo-Bah)

DENS, HANS - Tangerine Dreams. (No Basement Is Deep Enough)

DEPARTURE CHANDELIER - Antichrist Rise To Power (Hospital Productions)

DEPRATOR, DEREK & THE ATOMIC CRASH/THOMAS O. HUBER - Dont Expect Anything b/w Walking on Water (Eleet Tapes)

DEPRESS/REGRESS & SLAVE LABOR - Seeing Trip'le MC (Dead Mind)

DER PLAN - Die Peitsche des Lebens (Bureau B)

DER PLAN - Die Peitsche des Lebens (Bureau B)

DER PLAN - Es Ist Eine Fremde Und Seltsame Welt (Bureau B)

DER PLAN - Es Ist Eine Fremde Und Seltsame Welt (Bureau B)

DER PLAN - Save Your Software!! (The Never-Released Album of Der Plan from 1989) (Bureau B)




DERBYSHIRE, DELIA - The Dreams (Fantome Phonographique)

DEREN, MAYA - Divine Horsemen: Voodoo Gods of Haiti (Psychic Sounds)

DEREN, MAYA - Voices of Haiti (Fantome Phonographique)

DESACCORD MAJEUR - Sunquake (A Colourful Storm)

DESCENSION - Live March 1995 (Shock)

DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA - The Empire Never Ended (Golden Lab)

DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE - New Cross, New Cross (Refill)

DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE - Obstructive (Refill)

DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE - Smokescreen/Occupied Territory (Refill)

DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE - The Medium Was Tedium (Refill)

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - 1974-1976 (The End Is Here)

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - Destroy All Monsters Magazine 1976-79 (Primary Information)

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - Geisha This (Book Beat)

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - Live In Tokyo + Osaka, 1996 (Compound Annex)

DESTROYED MUSIC - Charcoal (Freak Animal)

DESTRY HAMPTON & THE WOLVES FROM HELL - Angel Of Madness (Superior Viaduct)

DETROIT, EDDY - Immortal Gods (Majora)

DEUTER - Princess Of Dawn / Soundtrack (Black Sweat)

DEUTSCH, ANDREW - Electronic Garden (Anomalous)

DEUTSCH, ANDREW - Loops Over Land (Divine Frequency)



DEUX BALEINES BLANCHES - Singende Drahte (Bureau B)

DEUX BALEINES BLANCHES - Singende Drahte (Bureau B)

DEVENS, MILES - Atlantic Woman (Pacific City Sound Visions)

DEVIANTS, THE - The Deviants #3 (Real Gone Music)

DEVIATION SOCIAL - Practices/Demo. June-Oct.81 (Dais)

DEVIATION SOCIAL - Tempus/Deathwatch "From End to Beginning" Vol. 2 (Dais)

DEVILLOCK - Swallow Your Skull (Hung Like A Horse?)

DEVILLOCK - These Graves (Tone Filth)

DEW - Recorded Live At The All Japan Folk Jamboree August, 7 1971 (B13)

DEZURIK SISTERS - Sing and Yodel Their Greatest Hits (Mississippi)

DHARMA - Archipel (Souffle Continu)

DHARMA QUINTET - End Starting (Souffle Continu)

DHARMA QUINTET - Mr Robinson (Souffle Continu)

DHARMA TRIO - Snoopys Time (Souffle Continu)

DHARMAR - DharmaR (Long Fun)

DHOMONT, FRANCIS - Birthdays (Beniffer Editions)

DI DOMENICO, GIOVANNI - Duos With Guitars (Silent Water)



DI PUCCIO, ALESSANDRO - One Instrument Sessions (One Instrument)

DI SCIPIO/JOHN CAGE, AGOSTINO - Musical Sculptures and Other Devices (Die Schachtel)

DIAGRAM A - Human Tissue Press Vinyl Removal (Open Mouth)

DIAL - 168K (Cede)

DIAL - Noise Opera (Feeding Tube)

DIAMANTE, HERB - May I Light Your Cigarette? (Abduction)

DIAMOND LEMONADE - Ghost Light Blankets (Imvated)

DIAMONDHEAD - Street Leaf (White Tapes)

DIAPSIQUIR - Pacta Daemoniarum/Crasse (Hospital Productions)

DIATRIC PUDS & THE BLOBETTES - The Weird Watusi (Beniffer Editions)

DIATRIC PUDS & THE BLOBETTES - Wierd Watusi (Beniffer Editions)

DICK, PHILLIP K. - Valisystems (Dying Nun)

DICKEY TRIO, WHIT - Expanding Light (Tao Forms)

DICKSON, JOHN - Plain Song (Nextbestway)

DICKSSON, G./BLODVITE - s/t (Jartecknet)


DIE ABARTIGEN - Abart von K_ɬºnstlern (Slowscan)

DIE ANGEL - Entropien I (Cosmo Rythmatic)

DIE ANGEL - Utopien I (Karlrecords)

DIE ANGEL - Yon Magneetti Sine (Edition Telemark)


DIE FORM + FINE AUTOMATIC - Fine Automatic & Die Form (Rotorelief)

DIE FORM + FINE AUTOMATIC - Fine Automatic & Die Form (Clear Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

DIE FORM - Die Form _ɬ_ Fine Automatic 1 (Red Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

DIE FORM - Die Form ÷ Hurt (Rotorelief)

DIE FORM - Die Form ÷ Hurt (Clear Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

DIE GANZE WAHRHEIT - s/t (Kernkrach)

DIE GEHIRNE - Tapetopia 002: GDR Underground Tapes (1984-1989) (Play Loud! Productions)

DIE RADIERER - Punk! Pest! Pop! Sammelband 1978-1984 (Tapete)

DIE SCHACHT - Halber Selbstbetrug (Siltbreeze)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - " " (Etats-Unis)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Angeldust (Angeldust)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Chore und Solis - Live im Delphipalast Sylvester 83/84 (Vinyl-On-Demand)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Fallersleben (Vinyl-On-Demand)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Gehorlose Musik (Edition Krothenhayn)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Kinderringelreihen Fur Wahren Toren Des Grals (Psychedelic Pig)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Liveplaybacks (Reinhard Wilhelmi)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Sprechpause (Fang Bomb)

DIE TODLICHE DORIS - Zwei Herzen (Vinyl-On-Demand)

DIE WAIT WATCHERS - Suspension Of Disbelief (Idea)

DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER - ...Remixen dei Welttraumforscher (Gagarin)

DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER - 21 Weltraum-Standards (Staubgold)

DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER - Die singende Sternlaterne/Folklore des Weltalls 1982 (Planam)

DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER - Herzschlag Erde/Verdunkelt Die Sinne (Planam)

DIE WERKPILOTEN - The Wonderful World of Werkpiloten (Vinyl-On-Demand)

DIE ZIMMERMANNER - Die Wäscheleinen waren lang (Tapete)

DIEHL, HEIDI - Old Times / Year of the Stone: Videos by Heidi Diehl (Polyamory)

DIETER MUH - Stockholm Monsters (Harbinger Sound)

DIETRICH, DON - Chinese Root Letter/Tabulae Sex (Ecstatic Peace)

DIETRICH, DON - Option (Feeding Tube Records)

DIETRICH/BEN HALL, DON - Spitfire (What The..?)

DIGITAL DANCE - Digital Dance 002 (Sub Rosa)

DIGITAL DINOSAURS - Extinction: 1979-1982 (Hyped 2 Death)

DIGNAN PORCH - On A Ride (Captured Tracks)


DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - De Fazant (Le Souffleur)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - De Hamer (Le Souffleur)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - De Larf (Le Souffleur)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - De Schroef (Le Souffleur)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - Der Triumph (Le Souffleur)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - Der Triumph (Le Souffleur)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - Die Wille (Le Souffleur)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - L'opus Ch (Artist Edition) (Dekorder)

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND - Untermensch Lieder (Le Souffleur)

DILLOWAY & KEVIN DRUMM, AARON - I Drink Your Skin (Hanson)



DILLOWAY, AARON & JOHN WIESE - Total Eclipse (Kitty Play)

DILLOWAY, AARON - Banned/Bent (Banned Production)

DILLOWAY, AARON - Beggar Master (Hanson)

DILLOWAY, AARON - Chain Shot (Throne Heap)

DILLOWAY, AARON - Chain Shot (Hanson)

DILLOWAY, AARON - Dementia (Easy Listening)

DILLOWAY, AARON - Foul (Hanson)

DILLOWAY, AARON - Songs About Jason (Amethyst Sunset)

DILLOWAY, AARON - The Beauty Bath (Hanson)

DILLOWAY, AARON - The Gag File (Dais)


DILLOWAY, AARON/TOM SMITH - Allein Zu Zweit (Fragment Factory)

DILS, THE - I Hate the Rich (Superior Viaduct)

DIMPLES - I Can Feel You Out There (Mexican Summer)

DIMUZIO, THOMAS/BURKE, DAN - Upcoming Events (No Fun)

DIN A TESTBILD - Programm 1 (Mannequin)

DIN A TESTBILD - Programm 3 (Mannequin)

DIN A TESTBILD - Programm 4 (Mannequin)

DIN A TESTBILD - Programm 6 (Bureau B)

DINO & MONTEVIDEO BLUES - s/t (Lion Productions)

DINOSAURS WITH HORNS - Return of the Disco-Aristo-Sarcophagus (Melon Expander)

DIO DAGA - Magic Steps (Haamumaa)

DIO DAGA - The Lost Powers of Freedom (Haamumaa)

DIPTERA - 001 [Antenna] (Mana)

DIRE WOLVES - Drumbar And Bassspear (Sloow Tapes)

DIRE WOLVES - Flow & Heady (Feeding Tube Records/Cardinal Fuzz)

DIRE WOLVES - Paradisiacal Mind (Feeding Tube)

DIRECTING HAND - Bells For Augustine Lesage (Secret Eye)

DIRTY SONGS - Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs (Audika)

DIRTY SONGS - Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs (Audika)

DISBAND - s/t (Primary Information)

DISCO VOLANTE - No Motion (Medical)

DISCO ZOMBIES - Drums Over London (Acute)

DISCO ZOMBIES - South London Stinks (Optic Nerve)

DISINTEGRATING MINDS - An Acute Sickness (Easy Listening)

DISKAD - The Answers (DF)

DISLOCATION - Carve Another Notch (Scatter)

DISLOCATION - Coyotes Call (Fusetron)

DISLOCATION - Peak to Peak (PSF)

DISSECTING TABLE - Zigoku (Nihilist)

DISSEVELT & KID BALTAN AS THE ELECTROSONIKS, TOM - Electronic Music (Fantome Phonographique)

DISSEVELT, TOM/KID BALTAN - Song Of The Second Moon: The Sonic Vibrations Of... (Fifth Dimension)


DITMAS, BRUCE - Visioni Sconvolgenti (Dead-Cert)

DITTO, CHARLES - Basso Continuo: Cyberdelic Ambient And Nootropic Soundscapes (1987-1994) (Passat Continu)

DITTO, CHARLES - In Human Terms (Telephone Explosion)

DIVINE HORSEMEN - Live 1985-1987 (Feeding Tube Records)

DIXON & CECIL TAYLOR, BILL - Duets 1992 (Triple Point)

DIXON, BILL - In Italy - Volume One (Soul Note)

DIXON, BILL - Odyssey (Archive Edition)

DIZA STAR - Blues Reason To Live (Fractal)

DJ CHAOS X - (Superman Cha Cha)

DJ DOG DICK - The Yo Po Freestyles (American Tapes)

DJ FIRMEZA - Ardeu (Principe)

DJ MARCELLE - 10x3x1 (Sucata Tapes)

DJ ORDEAL - Sea/Seagull (Entracte)

DJIN AQUARIAN - Destiny Of Aquarius (Global Recording Artists)

DMDN - Agonistes 1 & 2 (Supreme Tool Supplies)

DMDN - Kapotte Muziek by DMDN (Korm Plastics)

DMPH - s/t (Weird Forest)

DNA - DNA on DNA (No More)

DNA - You & You (Superior Viaduct)

DOBBS, SPENCER - Changed Fool (Sloow Tapes)

DOBIE, SHOLTO & MARK HARWOOD - The Blue Horse (Penultimate Press)

DOC WOR MIRRAN - Quickly Skitzo (Forced Exposure)

DOCILE - S/T (The Trilogy Tapes)

DOCKSTADER, TOD - Aerial 1 (Important Records)

DOCKSTADER, TOD - Eight Electronic Pieces (Etats-Unis)

DOCKSTADER, TOD - Electronic (Creel Pone)

DOG FACED HERMANS - Humans Fly (Sorcerer)

DOG LADY ISLAND - Dolor Aria (Alien Passengers)

DOG LIFE - Fresh From The Ruins (Omlott)

DOLAT-SHAHI, DARIUSH - Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar (Dead-Cert)

DOLL, THE - A Few Kisses Ago (Heavy Space)

DOLO PERCUSSION - Dolo 3 (The Trilogy Tapes)

DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE - Two Romantic Landscapes (Beniffer Editions)

DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE/ FLORIS VANHOOF - Neutral Buoyancy/ Electronic Mantra (Experimedia)

DOME - Dome 1 (Editions Mego)

DOME - Dome 2 (Editions Mego)

DOME - Dome 3 (Editions Mego)

DOME - Dome 4: Will You Speak This Word (Editions Mego)

DOMINOS PIZZA - C. B. Answering Machine (Maim & Disfigure)

DOMMERT, FRANK - Kiefermusik (Pacific City Sound Visions)

DON/GREG/JOE - Im Seeing Stars (Lonely Whistle Music)

DON/GREG/JOE - Suburban Assassins Live - Reel Archives 4 April 1979 (Lonely Whistle Music)

DON/GREG/JOE/CHRIS - Open Fire (Lonely Whistle Music)


DONNELLY, MICHAEL - Why So Mute, Fond Lover? (Front & Follow)

DONNELLY, MICHAEL - Why So Mute, Fond Lover? (Front & Follow)

DOO SOO, KIM - 10 Days Butterfly (PSF)

DOO SOO, KIM - Evening River (PSF)

DOO SOO, KIM - Free Spirit (Riverman Music)

DOO SOO, KIM - The Evening River (Blackest Rainbow)

DOO-DOOETTES - Think Space (Cortical Foundation)

DOODLE BUGS - Tokes Valley (Doin It Right)

DOODLES - Cassette 2 (Doodles)

DOODLES - Disc One (Purifiva)

DOOR AND THE WINDOW, THE - Detailed Twang (Overground)

DOOR AND THE WINDOW, THE - Doctor Egg - Live Recordings 1983-1987 (The Door And The Window)

DOOZER, THE - Figurines (Feeding Tube)

DOPEY DUMMY - In The Dark (New World Of Sound)

DORA & SOPHIE COOPER, DELPHINE - Divine Ekstasys (Feeding Tube)

DORA, DELPHINE & MOCKE - Le Corps Defendant (Okraina)

DORAMAAR - Copula (Corpus Hermeticum)

DORAMAAR - Terra Incognita (Fusetron)

DORAU, ANDREAS - Arger mit der Unsterblichkeit (Bureau B)

DORAU, ANDREAS - Demokratie (Bureau B)

DORAY & LES ASOCIAUX ASSOCIES, PHILIPPE - Nouveaux Modes Industriels (Souffle Continu Records)

DORAY & LES ASOCIAUX ASSOCIES, PHILIPPE - Ramasse-Miettes Nucleaires (Souffle Continu Records)

DORDZHIEVA AND MARIA BELTSYKOVA, TATIANA - Kalmykian Archaic And Soviet Folk (Sub Rosa)


DORJI & TYLER DAMON, TASHI - To Catch A Bird In A Net Of Wind (Trost)

DORJI, TASHI - Live At The New Vintage Cass (Ultra Violet Light)

DORJI, TASHI - Tashi Dorji (Hermit Hut)


DORN, ED - Gunslinger Books 1 & 2 (Counter Culture Chronicles)

DORONCO GUMO - Old Punks (Fuyusoubi Music Publishing)

DOUBLE LEOPARDS & DEAD MACHINES - Fuck Victortiaville (American Tapes)

DOUBLE LEOPARDS - Live (Heavy Conversation)

DOUBLE LEOPARDS - Live at 5000 Strings (Heavy Conversation)

DOUBLE LEOPARDS/MOUTHUS/SUNROOF! - Crippled Rosebud Binding (Music Fellowship)

DOUBLING RIDERS, THE - The World Of The Doubling Riders (Spittle)

DOUGLAS, CHARLES - The Burdens Of Genius (Mono-Tone)

DOUM & THE FARYDS, AL - Positive Force (Black Sweat Records)

DOUM, AL & THE FARYDS - Positive Force (Black Sweat Records)

DOUM, AL & THE FARYDS - Spirit Rejoin (Black Sweat)

DOUM, AL & THE FARYDS - Spirit Rejoin (Black Sweat)

DOWDALL, GRAHAM - Outside Broadcast (The Tapeworm)

DOWN + OUT - #20 (Down + Out)

DOWNER CANADA - Watson Island English (Reading Group)

DOWNES OPEN MUSIC, BOB - Crossing Borders (Reel Recordings)

DOWNES, BOB - Episodes At 4 AM (Paradigm Discs)

DOXA SINISTRA - Universo: Selected Works 1982-1988 (Mannequin)

DOYLE , ARTHUR - Egghead (Hells Half Halo)

DOYLE , ARTHUR - Live In Japan - Doing the Breakdown (Yokoto)


DOYLE, ARTHUR/RUDOLPH GREY - Ghosts 2 (Foreign Frequency)

DOYLE, ROGER - Babel (Silverdoor)

DOYLE, ROGER - Baby Grand (BVHaast)

DOYLE, ROGER - Charlotte Corday (His Masters Noise Volume 2) (BVHaast)

DOYLE, ROGER - Fairlight Memories (Silverdoor)

DOYLE, ROGER - Oizzo No (Cacophonic)

DOYLE, ROGER - Thalia (Dead-Cert)

DOYLE, ROGER - Thalia/Oizzo No (Silverdoor)

DOYLE, ROGER - The Ninth Set (Die Stadt)

DOYLE, ROGER - The Passades - Volume 2 (His Masters Noise Volume 3) (BVHaast)

DOZZY, DONATO - One Instrument Sessions 05 (One Instrument)

DOZZY, DONATO - The Loud Silence (Further)

DR. FLEISCHBRITTEL - The 7th Synphonie Of The Seven Swevens (The Tapeworm)

DRAGGING AN OX THROUGH WATER - Theyre Gonna Send Me To The Dead Mumford Pencil Box Factory (Stankhouse)

DRAGGING AN OX THROUGH WATER - Tropics Of Phenomenom (Awesome Vistas)

DRAHEIM, CHARLIE - Possession (Tone Filth)

DRAKE, BOB - The Gardens Of Beastly Manor (Rer Megacorp)

DRAMATICS - Garbage For Your Gut (Stomach Ache)

DRANSFIELD, BARRY - Barry Dransfield (Glass Modern)

DRAZIC, BOGDAN - Dangnabbit (The Trilogy Tapes)

DRCARLSONALBION - Edward Kelleys Blues (The Tapeworm)


DREAM/AKTION UNIT - Blood Shadow Rampage (Volcanic Tongue)

DREAMCATCHER - Eyes Of Leatherface (Heresee)

DREAMCATCHER - Prom Night (American Tapes)

DREEBS, THE - The Dreebs The Dream (Anonymous Dog)

DREYBLATT AND THE ORCHESTRA OF EXCITED STRINGS, ARNOLD - Live at Federal Hall National Memorial, 1981 (Table Of The Elements)

DREYBLATT, ARNOLD - Star Trap (Black Truffle)

DREYBLATT, ARNOLD - Turntable History (Important)

DRIFTMACHINE - Shunter (Umor Rex)

DRILLS, THE - Skull Death (Dirty Knobby)

DROZD, MAGDA - Songs for Plants (Prasens Editionen)

DRUID PERFUME - Tin Boat to Tuna Town (Bumbo)

DRUM CIRCUS - Magic Theatre (Garden of Delights)

DRUMM & JOHN WIESE, KEVIN - Untitled (Nihilist)

DRUMM, KEVIN & JASON LESCALLEET - Busmans Holiday (Erstwhile)

DRUMM, KEVIN - 1983 (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - April (No Label)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Artificial Organ (No Label)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Blast Of Silence 1 (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Dont Ask (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Dying Air (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Earrach (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Electronic Harassment (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Electronic Harassment 4-5 (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Electronic Harassment II/III (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Imperial Distortion (Hospital Productions)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Imperial Horizon (Hospital Productions)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Inexplicable Hours (Sonoris)

DRUMM, KEVIN - June 2017 (No Label)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Kitchen (Bocian)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Live Last Week (No Label)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Phantom Jerk (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Quiet Nights (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Recline 2017 (No Label)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Redundant Phase (No Label)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Sheer Hellish Miasma (Editions Mego)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Snow (Hospital Productions)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Tannenbaum (Hospital Productions)

DRUMM, KEVIN - The Back Room (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - The Illusion Of Having Plans (No Label)

DRUMM, KEVIN - The Whole House (Kevin Drumm)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Trouble (Editions Mego)

DRUMM, KEVIN - Twinkle Toes (Kevin Drumm)



DRUNJUS - Thorn Shield (Earjerk)

DRUNK ELK - s/t (I Dischi Del Barone)

DRUNK ELK - s/t (House Rules)

DRUNK ELK - Senecas Last Breath (Quemada)

DRUNKS WITH GUNS - S/T (Permanent)

DRY MOUTH - Gone Troppo (Virrash)

DRY RIB - Whose Last Trickle (Messthetics)

DSR LINES - Venndiagram (Black Sweat)

DUAL ACTION - Babe Beer Bar Car (Hospital Productions)

DUB OVEN - Skin N Bones (Music From Memory)

DUBACH & MARIO VAN HORRIK, PETRA - Church WAVES (Edition Telemark)

DUBROVNIK, DAMIEN - Patterns of Penetration (Alter)

DUBUFFET, JEAN - Experiences Musicales 1961 (Jeanne Dielman)

DUBUFFET, JEAN - Experiences Musicales de Jean Dubuffet (II) (Cacophonic)


DUCKLING MONSTER - Parts Of The Flower (Independent Woman)

DUCKLINGMONSTER - Parts of a Flower (Independent Woman)

DUCT TAPE - Duct (Underwhich Editions)

DUFRENE, FRANÇOIS - Cri-Rythmes (Recital)

DUFRENE, FRANCOIS - Oeuvre Desintegrale (Alga Marghen)

DUFRENE, FRANCOIS - s/t (Alga Marghen)

DUKE - Uingizaji Hewa (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

DUM DUM BOYS - Let There Be Noise (In The Red)

DUNCAN, JOHN & CARL MICHAEL VON HAUSSWOLFF - Our Telluric Conversation (23 Five)

DUNCAN, JOHN & JOACHIM NORDWALL - Conventional Wisdom (Ideal)

DUNCAN, JOHN - Klaar (Black Truffle)

DUNCAN, JOHN/ESPOSITO, MICHAEL/ZEV - There Must Be A Way Across This River/The Abject (Fragment Factory)


DUNMALL, PAUL & CHRIS CORSANO - Identical Sunsets (ESP-Disk)

DUNMALL/MATTHEW SHIPP/JOE MORRIS, PAUL - The Bright Awakening (Rogueart)

DUO ADE - Freilassing (God)

DUPUY, JEAN - All Of The Time (Recital)

DURAND, SAM ASHLEY & WERNER - I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good (Unseen Worlds)

DURAND, SAM ASHLEY & WERNER - I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good (Unseen Worlds)

DURAND, WERNER - Hemispheres (Blume)

DURETTE, LIZ - Delight (Feeding Tube Records)


DURIAN BROTHERS - Clubs EP (Diskant)

DURIAN BROTHERS - Cubs (Diskant)

DUSAPIN, PASCAL - Inside / Works for Viola (Sub Rosa)

DUST - Ballet (Phaserprone)

DUTTON, PAUL - Full Throatle (Underwhich Editions)

DUTTON, PAUL/P.C. FENCOTT - Blues, Roots. Legends, Shouts & Hollers (Starborne)

DUVELLE AND HISHAM MAYET, CHARLES - The Photographs of Charles Duvelle: Disques Ocora and Collection Prophet (Sublime Frequencies)

DUYKERS, MAX GITECK - Folding Music (New World)

DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA, THE - Both Sides Of The Curtain (Unrock)

DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA, THE - Rats Dont Eat Synthesizers (Akuphone)

DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA, THE - The Green Dogs of Dahshur (Akuphone)

DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA, THE - The Green Dogs of Dahshur (Green Vinyl) (Akuphone)


DWARR - Starting Over (Drag City)

DWART - Electricidade Estetica (Strangelove Music)


DYCKMAN-JAMES - Independent Study (Shadoks)

DYDO & ALAN SONDHEIM, STEPHEN - Dragon and Phoenix (ESP-Disk)

DYKSTRA, JORDAN - The Arrow of Time (New World Records)

DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE - # 5 (Dynamite Hemorrhage)

DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE - #4 (Dynamite Hemorrhage)

DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE - #6 (Dynamite Hemorrhage)

DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE - #7 (Dynamite Hemorrhage)

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