Items: 370

E B U - Hinge (No Corner)

E-MAN - S/T (The Tapeworm)

E-SAGGILA - Corporate Cross (Hospital Productions)

E. GRANBY GRANBY - Cold (Regional Bears)

E.M.A.K. - A Synthetic History Of E.M.A.K. 1982-88 (Universal Sound)

E.T. HABIT - Venomous (Hozac)

EARLY HOMINIDS - Metatarsal (Music Mundane)

EARTH STATION - Control Belief (Night People)

EARTHFORCE - Earthforce (Lion Productions)

EAST BIONIC SYMPHONIA - Improvisation 1976 (Part 1 and 2) (Ciclope)

EAST BIONIC SYMPHONIA - Improvisation 1976 (Part 3) (Ciclope)

EAST BIONIC SYMPHONIA - Improvisation 1976 (Parts 1-3) (Ciclope)


EASTER VOMIT - S/T (Wild Isle)

EASTLEY, MAX - Installation Recordings (1973 - 2008) (Paradigm Discs)



EASTLEY/FERGUS KELLY/MARK WASTELL, MAX - The Map Is Not The Territory (Confront Recordings)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Crazy Nigger (Blume)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Evil Nigger/Gay Guerrilla (Blume)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Femenine (Frozen Reeds)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Femenine (Sub Rosa)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Macle (1971) (Flea)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - The Nigger Series (Blume)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - The Zurich Concert (New World)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Three Extended Pieces For Four Pianos (Sub Rosa)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Two Extended Pieces For Four Pianos (Sub Rosa)

EASTMAN, JULIUS - Unjust Malaise (New World)

EAT SKULL - Dead Families (Skulltones)

EAT SKULL - Eat Skull (Meds)

EAT SKULL - Jerusalem Mall (Woodsist)

EAT SKULL - Sick To Death (Siltbreeze)


EAT, THE - Communist Radio (Last Laugh)

EATING PEOPLE/HENRY & HAZEL SLAUGHTER - Second Supper Live In The South (American Tapes)

EATON, WILLIAM - Music By William Eaton (EM)

EATON, WILLIAM - Music By William Eaton (Morning Trip)

EB.ER, RUDOLF & OUTANDIN ARTAUD - Psycho-Physical Research 1: 11.9.01. (Tochnit Aleph)

EB.ER, RUDOLF - 23 Brutal Humouroid Dramas By.. (Tochnit Aleph)

EB.ER, RUDOLFS R&G - Besensitzen / Zaunreiten (Banned Production)

ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS - Im Gonna Be Everything/You Sucker (Last Laugh)

EDELIN, MICHEL QUINTET & JOHN GREAVES - Echoes Of Henry Cow (Rogueart)

EDLER, HANS - Elektron Kukeso (Boy Wonder)

EDWIGE - s/t (Urashima)



EETS FEATS - Ghost Slacks (Rotted Tooth)

EGG, EGGS - Why Cant You Find Your Flash Cards? (Manhand)

EGO PLUMMET - No Shoes (Polyamory)

EGO SUMMIT - The Room Isn't Big Enough (Old 3C)

EGO SUMMIT - The Room Isnt Big Enough (Old Age/No Age)

EGYPT IS THE MAGICK # - How Many Pieces Of The Puzzle Can The Mind Go Without? (Psych-O-Path)

EGYPT IS THE MAGICK # - The Valentine Process (Mad Monk)

EGYPTIAN SPORTS NETWORK - Interstitial Luxor (New Images)

EIELSON, JORGE EDUARDO - Audiopinturas: Estructuras Verbales Para Voz (1972) (Buh)

EIGHT POINT STAR - Eight Point Star (Vhf)

EIGHTEENTH DAY OF MAY, THE - The Eighteenth Day Of May (Feeding Tube/Cardinal Fuzz)

EIH, , DAMIN, A.L.K. AND BROTHER CLARK - Never Mind (Neros Neptune)

EIH, DAMIN, A.L.K., AND BROTHER CLARK ‎– Nevermind (Neros Neptune)

EILBACHER, MAX - A Crude Explanation of Russells Paradox (Purely Physical Teeny Tapes)

EIMERT, HERBERT - Epitaph Fur Aikichi Kuboyama / Sechs Studien (Fantome Phonographique)

EINHORN, NIKOLAUS - Arbeiten (You Dont Have To Call It Music)

EISENBERG, MAX - Marrow Mission (Heresee)

EISENBERG, MAX - The Dog Synth (Tusco Embassy)

EISENBERG, WENDY - Time Machine (Feeding Tube)

EISLER/BROTZMANN/VAN HOVE/BENNINK - Einheitsfrontlied (Cien Fuegos)

EJWUUSL WESSAHYQQAN - s/t (Garden of Delights)

EKMAN - Aphasia EP (The Trilogy Tapes)

EKMAN - Onomatomania (The Trilogy Tapes)

EKMAN - Tangent (Bedouin)

EKOMANE, JESSICA - Multivocal (Important)

EL JESUS DE MAGICO - Funeral Home Sessions (Columbus Discount)

EL JESUS DE MAGICO - Just Deserts (Columbus Discount)

EL JESUS DE MAGICO - Klip Aught (Columbus Discount)

EL POLEN - Cholo (Buh)

EL POLEN - Fuera De La Ciudad (Buh)

EL-ABBASSI, DRISSI - Rai Sidi Bel Abbes (Nashazphone)

ELBO, KATRINE GRARUP - Fold Unfold (Sonic Pieces)

ELECTRIC ANNIHILATION - #1 (Electric Annihilation)

ELECTRIC BLOOD - Single 2011 (Spacecase)

ELECTRIC BONGO - s/t (Hyena)

ELECTRIC BUNNIES/PINK REASON - Colorful Teardrops/Hey Girl (Die Stasi)

ELECTRIC CHAIRS - So Many Ways (Mental Experience)

ELECTRIC EELS - Jaguar Ride (Hozac)

ELECTRIC EELS - Spin Age Blasters/Bunnies (Superior Viaduct)

ELECTRIC EELS - The Eyeball Of Hell (Scat)

ELECTRIC FENCE - The White Man On A Boat (Epic Sweep)


ELECTRIC INDIGO - Ferrum (Editions Mego)

ELECTRIC WILLIE - The Collected Genius Of... (Pigface)


ELECTRONIC HOLE - Electronic Hole (Radish)

ELECTRONIC MODULAR ORCHESTRA - Electronic Modular Orchestra (Soave)


ELECTROPHILIA - VS. LSD 25 (Villa Magica)

ELECTROPUTAS - Attune/Detune/For-Tune (Bellyup)

ELECTROPUTAS - Zotte Spirit (In/On/Out) (Bellyup)

ELEH - Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis I (Important)

ELEH - Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis I (Cassauna)

ELEH - Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis II (Cassauna)

ELEH - Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis III (Cassauna)

ELEH - Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis IV (Cassauna)

ELEH - Harmonic Twins (Important)

ELEH - Home Age (Important)

ELEH - Home Age III (Cassauna)

ELEH - Living Space (Touch)

ELEH - Living Space (Touch)

ELEH - Radiant Intervals I (Important)

ELEH - Snoweight (Important)

ELEH - Snoweight (Important)

ELEH - Snoweight (Important)


ELEH/FULLMAN, ELLEN - Mind Of No Mind/Event Locations (Important)

ELEH/NYZ - Split (Important)

ELEH/SUN CIRCLE - Fading Spectrum Of Darkness/Parhelion (Important)

ELEH/TARA JANE ONEIL - Split (Important)

ELEKTRIKTUS - Electronic Mind Waves (Wah Wah)

ELEKTRO GUZZI - Circling Above (The Tapeworm)

ELEKTRONAVN - Black Zurnai (Not Not Fun)

ELEPHANT MICAH - Plays The Songs Of Bible Birds (Time-Lag)

ELEPHANTS MOURN - Thalassic Rocks (Goaty Tapes)

ELEVEN TWENTY-NINE - A Tithe To Hell (Drawing Room)

ELEVEN TWENTY-NINE - In The Sunlight b/w Anchors Away (Drawing Room)

ELEVENTH HOUR ADVENTISTS - Eleventh Hour Adventists (Emotional Response)

ELG - Vu Du Dome (Editions Gravats)

ELGGREN, LEIF & PER SVENSSON - Transatlantic (Firework Editions)

ELGGREN, LEIF & THOMAS LILJENBERG - Ebola & Swedish Dreamers (Firework Editions)

ELGGREN, LEIF - All Animals Are Saints (The Tapeworm)

ELGGREN, LEIF - Das Baank (Fragment Factory)

ELGGREN, LEIF - Sleepwalking (Robert & Leopold)

ELGGREN, LEIF - The Internationale (Firework Editions)

ELGGREN, LEIF - The New Immortality #2 (Firework Editions)

ELGGREN, LEIF AND KEVIN DRUMM - Like The Dust Under A Mothers Knife (JMY)

ELIZALDE, PETER - Winter Playground Mystery (Riverman Music)

ELKHORN - Elk Jam (Feeding Tube)

ELKHORN - Sun Cycle (Feeding Tube)

ELKHORN - Sun Cycle / Elk Jam (Feeding Tube)

ELKLINK - Rise of Elklink (Kye)

ELKO BLIJWEERT - De Nor Des Hoofds / Prison Of The Mind (Ultra Eczema)

ELLIOT, STEVE - S/T (Elefantplatte)

ELMO CRUMB - Im Still Dizzy (The Trilogy Tapes)

ELODIE - Echos Pastoraux (La Scie Doree)

ELODIE - La Lumiere Parfumee (Faraway Press)

ELODIE - La Porte Ouverte (Faraway Press)

ELODIE - Musique en Scene (Faraway Press)

ELODIE - Traces Ephémères (La Scie Doree)

ELODIE - Vieux Silence (Ideologic Organ)

ELOE OMOE - S/T (Animal Disguise)

EMACIATOR - Coveting (Not Not Fun)

EMBARRASSMENT - Sex Drive/Patio Set (Last Laugh)

EMBRUJO - Embrujo (Survival Research)

EMBRYO - Aalst 2010 (Sloow Tapes)

EMBRYO - Auf Auf (Madlib Invazion)

EMBRYO - Auf Auf (Madlib Invazion)

EMBRYO - Embryo's Rache (Color Vinyl) (Loneos Editions)

EMBRYO - Hallo Mik (Schneeball)

EMBRYO - La Blama Sparozzi (Schneeball)

EMBUDAGONN 108 - Dissection of Chronus (A Dear Girl Called Wendy)

EMBUDAGONN 108 - Psycho-Kinetic Folk Songs (Ammolraga Tapes)

EMBUDAGONN 108 - Radio Embudagonn (Art Into Life)

EMBUDAGONN 108 - Seppen no Kishimi (Ammolraga Tapes)

EMERALD WEB - Sound Trek (Trading Places)

EMERALD WEB - The Stargate Tapes (B-Music)

EMERALD WEB - The Stargate Tapes (Finders Keepers)

EMERALD WEB - Valley Of The Birds (Trading Places)

EMERALD WEB - Whispered Visions (Finders Keepers)

EMERALD WEB/SAM MCLOUGHLIN & ALISON COOPER - Garden Of Mirrors / Supernatural Lancashire Volume Two (Disposable Music)

EMERALDS - Dirt Weed Diaries Vol 2 (Maim & Disfigure)

EMERALDS - Dirt Weed Diaries Vol. 1 (Maim & Disfigure)

EMERALDS - Dirt Weed Diaries Vol.2 (Maim and Disfigure)

EMERALDS - Fresh Air (Polarenvy)

EMERALDS - Grass Ceiling (Fag Tapes)

EMERALDS - Laying Under Leaves (Emeralds)

EMERALDS - Queen of Burbank Vol. 2 (Brokenresearch)

EMERALDS - s/t (Hanson)

EMERALDS - Servant (Emeralds)

EMERALDS - Smoke Signals (Emeralds)

EMERALDS - What Happened (No Fun)

EMERALDS / TUSCO TERROR - Christmas Tape 2007 (Tusco Embassy)

EMERALDS/PAIN JERK - European Tour 2009 (No-Fi)

EMMANUEL, J.D. - Ancient Minimal Meditations (North Star Productions)

EMMANUEL, J.D. - Echoes From Ancient Caves (Sun Ark)

EMMANUEL, J.D. - Rain Forest Music (North Star Productions)

EMMANUEL, J.D. - Solid Dawn (Kvist)

EMMANUEL, J.D. - Time Traveler (Aguirre)

EMMANUEL, J.D. - Trance Formation I: Ancient Minimal Meditations (Aguirre)

EMOTIONAL CARPENTERS, THE - Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Radio Bongo)

EMPAN - Entraxes Inegaux (Bimbo Tower)

EMPIRE LINE, THE - The Nature Of Your Oppression Is The Aesthetic Of Our Anger (Bassiani)

EMPIRICAL - You Dont Need A Rice Cooker To Cook Rice (Crawlspace Artist Series)

EMPOOL - DOES Do Did Done (Feeding Tube)

EMPTY SET - No Solution Set One (American Tapes)

EN - Already Gone (Students of Decay)

EN KERNAGHAN BAND - s/t (Ever/Never)

ENBATTA'S TRIBE, MARK - Mark Enbatta's Tribe (Bam Balam)

ENBATTA'S TRIBE, MARK - Mark Enbatta's Tribe (Bam Balam)

ENDLESS BOOGIE - Full House Head (No Quarter)

ENDLESS BOOGIE - Long Island (No Quarter)

ENDLESS BOOGIE - Vol #1/Black (Mound Duel)

ENDO, KAZUMOTO & KAZUMA KUBOTA - Gyoen Bedieningshendel (Dead Mind)

ENEMA SYRINGE - Live At No Fun Fest 2007 (No Fun)

ENEMA SYRINGE - Screaming Fish (Borft/UFO Mungo)

ENEMA SYRINGE - Upshutlenvolte (Fragment Factory)

ENGELEN, WILLIAM - 32 bpm (Edition Telemark)

ENGELEN, WILLIAM - Falten (Edition Telemark)

ENGELEN, WILLIAM - Gebrauchsspuren (Edition Telemark)

ENGELEN, WILLIAM - Today, The Organ Has Played Beautifully Again (Edition Telemark)

ENGELEN, WILLIAM - Verstrijken (Edition Telemark)


ENGLISH, LAWRENCE - A Mirror Holds The Sky (Room40)

ENGLISH, LAWRENCE - Incongruous Harmonies (Touch)

ENGLISH, LAWRENCE - Viento (Room40)

ENHANTA BODLAR - Akustisk Boldpest (Borft)

ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - Det finns ett hjärta som för dig (Omlott)

ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - Det Finns Ett Hjarta Som For Dig (Grapefruit)

ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - Dokument 1: Improvisationer och Bandmusik (Holidays)

ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - Inom Dig, Inom Mig (Aguirre)

ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - L_ɬ•t Oss Vada Genom All _ɂÄûngslan Tillsammans (Forlag For Fri Musik)

ENKIDU - Live In Kyoto (Locust)

ENKLAV - 2 (Jartecknet)

ENO, ROGER - This Floating World (Recital)

ENO/MOEBIUS/ROEDELIUS - After The Heat (Bureau B)

ENOS SLAUGHTER - On the Shore of Jupiter (Sound@One)

ENOS SLAUGHTER - Saloth Sar (Sound@One)

ENSEMBLE DISSONANZEN - Dissonanzen (Die Schachtel)

ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE - Fever Logic (Not Not Fun)

ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE - Live In London (Not Not Fun)

ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE - Standing Still, Facing Forward (Amish)


ENSEMBLE NIST-NAH - Elders (Black Truffle)

ENSEMBLE NIST-NAH - Elders (Black Truffle)

ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE - For This Is Past (Clogsontronics)

ENTARTE - Fusion (Firework Editions)

ENTLANG - The Four Sisters (Rose Hobart)


ENVENOMIST/DAVID RUSSELL - Split #6 (Tusco Embassy)

EP-4 - Lingua Franca-1 (WRWTFWW)

EP-4 - Lingua Franca-1 (WRWTFWW)

ERCETIN, TURGUT - Panopticon Specularities (Edition RZ)

EREWHON CALLING - Experimental Sound in New Zealand (CMR)


ERGO SUM - Mexico (Lion Productions)

ERGO SUM - Mexico (Replica)

ERIC, RIN - The Soundtrack To The Movie In Your Mind (Branco Label)

ERICKSON, ROBERT - Duo, Fives, Quintet, Trio (New World)

ERICKSON, ROKY - All That May Do My Rhyme (Play Loud! Productions)

ERIE, CYRUS & THE QUICK - Get The Message/Southern Comfort (Eric)

ERIKM - L'art De La Fuite (Sonoris)

ERLANDSSON, MATS - 4-Track Guitar Music (Vaagner)

ERMEL, PRISCILLA - Origens Da Luz (Music From Memory)

ERONEN, ROOPE - Business Day (Lal Lal Lal)

ERONEN, ROOPE - Inflatable World (Pacific City Discs)

ERTUNC SEXTET, HUSEYIN - A New World (Holidays)

ERTUNC TRIO, HUSEYIN - Musiki (Holidays)

ERTUNC, HUSEYIN TRIO - Musiki (Barn Re-leasing)


ES - Flick (Kraak)

ES - Less of Everything (Upset The Rhythm)

ESCOMBROS - S/T (Shadoks)

ESKENAZI, ROZA - Rembetissa (Fantome Phonographique)

ESKIMO KING & SKYJUICE - Bad Lieutenant (Our Mouth)

ESKIMO KING - Satellite Decisions (Our Mouth)

ESKIMO KING - Tooth-Shaped Migration (Our Mouth)

ESKIMO KING - Weird Flag (Abandon Ship)


ESO STEEL - Technology Of Sleep (20 City)

ESP KINETIC - Fleck-Nor (Music Mundane)

ESP KINETIC - Want Some Of This? (Harbinger Sound)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - 1980-1981 Prehistoric Sounds - Necrosis en la Poya & More (Geometrik)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - 1980-1982 (Staalplaat)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Cinetica (Geometrik)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Cinetica (Geometrik)


ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - El Acero Del Partido / Heroe Del Trabajo (Geometrik)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Live In Utrecht+ (Expanded) (Geometrik)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Mekano-Turbo (Geometrik)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Necrosis En La Poya (Geometrik)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Necrosis En La Poya (Geometrik)

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO - Selected Tracks 2. 1995-1998 (Geometrik)

ESPOSITO, MICHAEL & KEVIN DRUMM - The Icy Echoer (Fragment Factory)

ESSEL, HANS - Saitensack (Edition Telemark)

ESSENDON AIRPORT - Palimpsest (Chapter Music)

ESSENDON AIRPORT - Sonic Investigations If The Trivial (Chapter Music)

ESSEX, EVE - Here Appear (Sky Walking)

ESTANG & PIERRE HENRY, LUC - Saint-Exupery (Fantome Phonographique)

ESTARDY, BERNARD - Bernard Estardys Space Oddities 1970-1982 (Born Bad)

ESTRELLA DE MARZO - A Los Ninos Con Amor (Shadoks)

ESTRIBOU & JEAN-PAUL PICKENS, GENE - Intensifications (Locust)

ET CETERA - Et Cetera (Long Hair)

ETANT DONNES - L'opposition Et Les Cases Conjuguees Sont Reconciliees (Klanggalerie)

ETANT DONNES - Tapes 1977-1983 (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ETELIN - Hui Terra (Soda Gong)

ETERNAL TAPESTRY - Declining Star (Night People)

ETERNAL TAPESTRY - Vibrations New Dawn (Not Not Fun)

ETERNITY - s/t (Got Kinda Lost)

ETHIER, ANDRE - Croak In The Weeds (Telephone Explosion)

ETHIX - Bad Trip (Aguirre)

ETRAN DE LAIR - No. 1 (Sahelsounds)

ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN - Les Trois Fous Perdegagnent... (Replica)

ETRUSCA 3D - Etrusca 3D (Pacific City Sound Visions)

ETTINGER , DYLAN & THE HEAT - Smokin (Not Not Fun)

EUBANKS, BRYAN / J.P. JENKINS - Split (Olde English Spelling Bee)

EUCLID - Heavy Equipment (Skyf Zol)

EUCLID - Heavy Equipment (Magic Box)

EUROPA - La Ultima Emocion (Dark Entries)

EVANS, BILL - The East End (Jazzline/Pö)

EVENING MEETINGS - Forgotten In Seconds (Dirty Knobby)

EVENINGS - Day Terrors (Fag Tapes)

EVERETT, RON - The Glitter of the City (Jazzman)

EVERYDAY LONELINESS - False Validations (Amethyst Sunset)

EVIL MADNESS - Cafe Cicago (Ultra Eczema)


EVIL MOISTURE - Amanita Burger (Tochnit Aleph)

EVIL MOISTURE - Gak (New Forces)

EVIL MOISTURE - Hairgum (Spite)

EVIL MOISTURE/HANATARASH - Fatanarchy on Airtube (Harbinger Sound)

EVOL - Ideal Acid (Ideal)


EVOLVE - Once It Was Easy To Give Up Everything You Had to Wander... (Heresee)

EX, THE - All Corpses Smell The Same (Superior Viaduct)

EX, THE - Tumult (Superior Viaduct)

EX-COCAINE - Age of Time (Heavy Tapes)

EX-COCAINE - Esta Guerra (Siltbreeze)

EX-GRAVEYARDS - 500 Echoes (Maim & Disfigure)

EX-GRAVEYARDS - Mourning Light (Brokenresearch)

EXCEPTER - Alternation (5RC)

EXCEPTER - Alternation (Fusetron)

EXCEPTER - Christisland (Escho)

EXCEPTER - Debt Dept. (Paw Tracks)

EXCEPTER - KA (Fusetron)

EXCEPTER - KA (Fusetron)

EXCEPTER - Maze Of Death (Dog Daze)

EXCEPTER - Obedience (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

EXCEPTER - Presidence (Paw Tracks)

EXCEPTER - Self Destruction (Fusetron)

EXCEPTER - Self Destruction (Fusetron)

EXCEPTER - Steps: Live At La Sala Rosa (Abandon Ship)

EXCEPTER - Streams 01 (Fusetron)

EXCEPTER - Throne (Load)

EXCEPTER - Vacation/"Forget Me" (Fusetron)

EXCEPTER - Zion (Skrotup)

EXCEPTER/PSEUDO CODE - Split (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

EXEK - Advertise Here (Castle Face)

EXEK - Ahead Of Two Thoughts (W.25th)

EXEK - Biased Advice (Another Dark Age)

EXEK - Biased Advice (Castle Face)

EXEK - Some Beautiful Species Left (Digital Regress)

EXIAS-J & SABU TOYOZUMI - Sons Scapegoat (Siwa)

EXIAS-J - Balance of Chaos (PSF)

EXIAS-J - Live Document 2003-2005 (PSF)


EXILES FROM CLOWNTOWN - Around The Corner (Greatdividing)

EXILES IN CLOWN TOWN - Fast One (Greatdividing)

EXOTIC SIN - Customer's Copy (Blank Forms)

EXPANSION BAY - Core 10 (Pseudoarcana)

EXPENSIVE SHIT - Dreads on the Ground (Monofonus Press)


EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS - Glowing in the Dark (Vinyl-On-Demand)

EXPLODE INTO COLORS - Paper (Just For The Hell Of It)

EXPO 70 - Center Of The Earth (Sonic Meditations)

EXPO 70 - Journey Through Astral Projection (Immune)

EXTENDED ORGAN - Vibe (Important)

EXTENDED VERSIONS - Same (Cien Fuegos)

EXTINCT - Extinct (JYRK)

EXTRADITION - Hush (Bonfire)

EYE - Black Ice (United Fairy Moons)

EYE, YAMATAKA - Re... Remix? (Commmons)

EYELESS IN GAZA - Caught In Flux (Spittle)

EYES & ARMS OF SMOKE - In Three Houses (Rampart)

EYES & ARMS OF SMOKE - Moon Burn (Rampart)

After nearly a decade of false starts, multiple game plans veering off the rails, and a handful of shattered hopes and/or dreams, the odyssey is finally complete—the new Fusetron site is here.

This is the first phase of a multipart rollout that will span the next few months: the currently browsable stock includes miscellaneous new releases from the past 8+ months (we have a lot of catching up to do), plus approximately a third of our backstock. Note that we’ve reduced/slashed prices on many titles and will continue to do so in order to make room for new stock. We’ll also be expanding / tweaking / improving / debugging the site itself (for example, we still have work to do on the automated international postage system, not to mention the inevitable inventory discrepancies that come with transferring an ancient and massive database to a new system).

Over the next few months, as we take inventory, clean house, and delve into our storage, we will be uploading thousands of additional items, gradually, on a near-daily basis. This will include the majority of the LPs, as well as many titles, in all formats, once thought long-gone. Many currently “sold out” items are likely to resurface.

Finally, once our general backstock is up (probably in the next two or three months) we’ll begin making our extensive stockpile of rarities available online for the first time: tons of random out-of-print titles, "deadstock," warehouse finds, secondhand collectibles, etc., accumulated over the past few decades.

Frequent/returning customers will be getting early access to these items. Details to follow on how this will work (a priority mailing list? a 'frequent flyer'-like program?), but it will not be based on dollars spent. We want to reward those who consistently support us, especially in the discogs marketplace era (to those who show up trying to poach five copies of a one-off rarity, and nothing else, ever… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

So—we suggest you take some time to dig through the site—even we’ve been surprised by what’s been turning up, and there’s much more to come.
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