Items: 255

I REFUSE IT! - Cronache Del Videotopo (Spittle)

I-LP-ON - Aanet (Editions Mego)

I.U.D. - The Proper Sex (Social Registry)

IA-BATISTE - Un Gran Dia (Wah Wah)

IANNONE, DOROTHY - A Fluxus Essay (Tochnit Aleph)

IANNONE, DOROTHY - Dorothy Iannone (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art)

IANNONE, DOROTHY - Ewig Grun (Tochnit Aleph)

IANNONE, DOROTHY - First Recording 1969 (Tochnit Aleph)

IASOS - Celestial Soul Portrait (Numero Group)

IASOS - Elixir (Rotifer)

IASOS - Inter-Dimensional Music (EM)

IASOS - Inter-Dimensional Music (Wild Sages)

ICARUS - The Marvel World Of Icarus (Acme)

ICE - The Ice Age (Ridingeasy)

ICE - The Ice Age (Ridingeasy)

ICE 9 - The Fifth Column Years (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ICE YACHT - Pole of Cold (Fragment Factory)

ICEAGE - New Brigade (Escho)

ICEAGE - New Brigade (What's Your Rupture?)

ICEAGE - New Brigade (White Vinyl) (Dais)

ICEAGE - S/T (Escho)

ICEMAN JUNGLIST KRU - Mashed On Pills (The Tapeworm)

ICH - (Kernkrach)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI & YOJI KURI - Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol.9 - Drip Music (Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI - Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 11: Music for Piano (1959-1961) (Edition Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI - Music For Tinguely (Edition Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI - Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.5 - Music For Tinguely (Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI - Obscure Tape Music of Japan Vol. 17: Funakakushi (Edition Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI - Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol.8 - Electronic Field (Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI - Shikisokuzekuu-Kuusokuzeshiki (Edition Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI, AKIKO SAMUKAWA, & TOMOMI ADACHI - Experimental Music Of Japan - Live Document: Hommage For Space (Edition Omega Point)

ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI/CLAUDE LEDOUX - Cloud Atlas/Vertical Study (Sub Rosa)

ICHIYANAGI/MAKI ISHII, TOSHI - Music For Living Process/Cho-Etsu (Edition Rz)



ICP TENTET - Tetterettet (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

ICP TENTET - Tetterettet (Our Swimmer)

ID BATTERY - The Foot (Drone)

ID BATTERY - Unique Ancient Tavern (Ecstatic Yod)

ID M THEFT ABLE 2 - Autoharps, A Snowmobile, Some Snowplows, A Premature Snowblower (Feeding Tube)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY & BRRR (WITH DARREN HARRIS) - The Terrible Comet Salt (Recital)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Days (Plinkity Plonk)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Live Archives Volume 1 WMUA 23 May 1999 (Lessons About History)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Lost at Sea (Recital)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Rags To Riches (Swill Radio)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Rags To Riches (Recital)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Island of Taste (I Dischi Del Barone)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Laboratory (I Dischi Del Barone)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Light That Never Ceases to Fail (Feeding Tube)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Playground (Banned Production)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Synthetic Elements (Crisis of Taste)

IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Vital: Live In Europe (Swill Radio)

IDEALIST, THE - Say Yes To No (Ideal Recordings)

IDIOT OCLOCK - S/T (Alchemy)

IDITAROD, THE - The Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel (Feeding Tube)


IELASI, GIUSEPPE - Down On Darkened Meetings (Black Truffle)

IELASI, GIUSEPPE - Stunt (Appendix) (Holidays)

IELASI, GIUSEPPE / ANDREW PEKLER - Holiday for Sampler (Planam)

IF - Bill (Epic Sweep)

IF, BWANA - Mannsized (Banned Production)

IFRIQIYYA ELECTRIQUE - Ruwahine (Glitterbeat)

IGNATZ & DE STERVENDE HONDEN - Deadbeat Freedom (Ultra Eczema)

IGNATZ & DE STERVENDE HONDEN - Saturday's Den (Ultra Eczema)

IGNATZ & HARRIS NEWMAN - Bring You Buzzard Meat (Okraina)

IGNATZ - A Canine And A Kitten In The Car (Goaty Tapes)

IGNATZ - Addiction For Slumber (Imvated)

IGNATZ - Hello There Little Ghost/Slumber With Great Peace (Dreamtime Taped Sounds)

IGNATZ - I Live In A Utopia (Aguirre)

IGNATZ - II (Kraak)

IGNATZ - Some of Them Are Funny Songs (Beniffer Editions)

IGNATZ - The Draft (Scumbag Relations)

IGNATZ - They Are Quiet As Mice (Beniffer Editions)

IHVH - The Agnostic (Ash International)

IJI - iji (Feeding Tube)

IJICHI, YUKA - Peanuts Butter (Sloow Tapes)

IKE YARD - 1980-82 Collected (Acute)

IKE YARD - Night After Night (Superior Viaduct)

IKEDA, RYOJI - ultratronics (Noton)

IL GRAND SILENZO - Dry Lake (Meeuw Muzak)

ILAIYARAAJA - Ilectro (B-Music)

ILIAN - Love Me Crazy (Anthology)

ILIOS - Kenrimono (Pan)

ILITCH - Hors Temps/Out of Time (Fractal)

ILITCH - Lena's Life & Other Stories (Fractal)

ILITCH - Periodikmindtrouble (Fractal)

ILITCH - Periodikmindtrouble (Superior Viaduct)

ILITCH - Rainy House (Sparkling Spare Wheel)

ILITCH - Un Jour Comme Tant Dautres (Beta-Lactam Ring)

ILK - Canticle (VHF)

ILK - Language Of The Court (Sonic Oyster)

ILK - Panegyric Territories: Volume 1 (Sonic Oyster)

ILK - Zenith (No Fans)

ILL WIND - Flashes (Out-Sider)

ILL WIND ENSEMBLE - Nobody Goes that Way (Spirit Of Orr)

ILLUSION OF SAFETY/THOMAS KONER - Heartmath/ Intro/Col de Vence (Die Stadt)

ILLUSTRATION SONORE - Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions (Medical)


ILSE LAU - Cie.de Koe (Happy Zloty)

ILTA HÄMÄRÄ - Himmeä Kaihoisa Sininen (No Basement Is Deep Enough)

ILTA HÄMÄRÄ - Saivo (Sloowax)

ILTA HÄMÄRÄ - Velloa (Meeuw Muzak)

IMA - Now Again For The First Time (Phon)

IMA - The Flowers Die In Burning Fire (Buh)

IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS - Annual Flowers in Color (Amethyst Sunset)

IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS - Annual Flowers in Color (Amethyst Sunset)

IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS - Gold Fiction Loop Garden (Field)

IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS - The Notional Pastures of Imaginary Softwoods (Field)

IMAI, KAZUO - Far And Wee (Black Editions)

IMLER, CHRIS - Vorwarts/Tanzen (Meeuw Muzak)

IMPENITENTS, THE - Lip Therapy (Feeding Tube)

IMPLOSION - 2020 (Trading Places)

IMPLOSION - Implosion (Trading Places)

IMPLOSION - Implosion (Trading Places)

IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT - Dance Trances (Unwucht)

IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT - Poverty Is Violence / Adopt A Mindfield (Trd w/d)

IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT - Pretty Totally (Unwucht)

IN AETERNAM VALE - Dust Under Brightness/Highway Dark Veins (Minimal Wave)

IN AETERNAM VALE - La Piscine (Minimal Wave)

IN AETERNAM VALE - Machine a Laver/Ultrabase (Minimal Wave)

IN CAMERA - Frampton Comes Alive (La Scie Doree)

IN CAMERA - In Camera (Some Fine Legacy)

IN CAMERA - Open Air (Robot)

IN CAMERA - Rumours (DOM)

IN CARE OF NOAH CANNON - Double Cassette (Trd w/d)

IN EMBRACE - Passionfruit Pastels (Glass Redux)

IN EMBRACE - The Initial Caress (Glass Redux)

IN TIME - Inside Your Mind (Mental Experience)

IN/FLUX - Cryptic Cloak (JYRK)

INCA BABIES - Death Message Blues (Old Skull/Black Lagoon)

INCA EYEBALL - Barry White Comes (Spleencoffin)

INCA EYEBALL - Leave The Country (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)


INCAPACITANTS - Extreme Gospel Nights (Urashima)

INCAPACITANTS - Feedback of N.M.S. (Urashima)

INCAPACITANTS - I, Residuum (Urashima)

INCAPACITANTS - Incapacitants (Urashima)

INCAPACITANTS - Project Pallo '85 (Urashima)

INCAPACITANTS - Quietus (Urashima)

INCAPACITANTS - Repo (Urashima)

INCAPACITANTS - Stupid Is Stupid (Hospital Productions)


INCAPACITANTS/PAIN JERK - Live at the No Fun Fest 2007 (No Fun)

INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - (Watch Out) Thief (Last Laugh)

INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - Bitch b/w Shes a 50 (Last Laugh)

INDEX - Black Album (Lion Productions)

INDEX - Black Album + Red Album + Yesterday & Today (Lion Productions)

INDEX - Kainos (Ideal Recordings)

INDEX - Originals Vol. 1 (1967-68) (Lion Productions)

INDEX - Originals Vol. 2 (1969) (Lion Productions)

INDIGNANT SENILITY - Consecration Of The Whipstain (Type)

INDIGNANT SENILITY - Plays Wagner (Type)

INDIGNANT SENILITY - Plays Wagner Part Two (Type)

INDOOR LIFE - Indoor Life (Compost)

INFINITE BODY/EMACIATOR - s/t (Monorail Trespassing)

INFINITE BODY/NO AGE - Bored Fortress Club (Not Not Fun)

INFINITE LIVEZ - Glockenbackwerkstatt (The Tapeworm)

INFINITE SOUND - Contemporary African-Amerikan Music (Aguirre)

INFINITE SPIRIT MUSIC - Live Without Fear (Jazzman)

INFINITY - Collected Works 1969-70 (Acme)

INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS - s/t (Superior Viaduct)


INJECTIONS, THE - Prison Walls/Lies (Last Laugh)

INLAND & JULIAN CHARRIERE - An Invitation To Disappear (Double LP)

INNER TUBE - Mark McGuire and Charles Berlitz Present... (Pacific City Sound Visions/Wagon)

INNERCITY - Backworld (Ikuisuus)

INNERCITY - Return of the Solar Falcons (Sloow Tapes)

INNERCITY - s/t (NNA Tapes)

INNOCENTS - Caen 1982 (Vinyl Vidi Vici)

INNODE - Syn (Editions Mego)

INOYAMALAND - Danzindan-Pojidon (Wrwtfww)

INRYO-FUEN - Early Works 1980-82 (EM)

INRYO-FUEN - Ho-aku (EM)

INSANUS - Nature Of The Beast (Sealed Hotal)

INSAYNGEL - S/T (Heavy Tapes)

INSIDE 2 STOOPID TRIANGLES/ RAI KO RIS - Nepali Punk: It's Just the Beginning - Underground Nepal (Tian An Men 89)

INSIDE OF THE OUTSIDE, THE/OR THE OUTSIDE OF THE INSIDE - Who Are They? Where Do They Come From? Why Are They Here? (Dialogue In Space) (Creel Pone)

INSTANT AUTOMATONS - Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon (Hyped 2 Death)

INSTANT AUTOMATONS - Archaeology (Live Performances 1980-82) (Waterden)

INSTANT AUTOMATONS - Not So Deep As A Well (Waterden)

INSTANT AUTOMATONS - Sincerely Making A Noise (Beat Generation)

INSTANT COMPOSERS POOL - Incipient ICP, 1966-71 (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)


INSTITUT FUR FEINMOTORIK - Abgegriffen (Marriage)

INSTITUT FÜR FEINMOTORIK - Negemergenz (Fusetron)

INSTITUT FÜR FEINMOTORIK - Original und Fälschung (Eventuell)



INTENDED, THE - Huguenot/The Alchemist (All Gone)

INTENDED, THE - Live At El Club (All Gone)

INTERACCION - Extension de los Significados (Domestica)


INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER - Sov Gott Rose-Marie (Silence)

INTERNATIONAL TELEPATHS - s/t (Independent Woman)

INTERSYSTEMS - Free Psychedelic Poster Inside (Alga Marghen)

INTERSYSTEMS - Intersystems (Alga Marghen)

INTERSYSTEMS - Number One Intersystems (Alga Marghen)

INTERSYSTEMS - Peachy (Alga Marghen)

INU - Don't Eat Food! (Mesh-Key)

INVERTEBRATE - Death (Independent Woman)

INVISIBLE HANDS, THE - Insect Dilemma/Disallowed (Abduction)


INVISIBLE HANDS, THE - Teslam (Abduction)

INVISIBLE HANDS, THE - The Big Minute (Abduction)

IONSE - Isla (Hakanairo)

IOVAE/THREE LEGGED RACE - Heliofugue/Calling Order (Epicene)

IRENE MOON/ORTHO - Split (Ignivomous)

IRISARRI, RAFAEL ANTON - Agitas Al Sol (Room40)

IRISARRI, RAFAEL ANTON - Solastalgia (Room40)

IRISARRI, RAFAEL ANTON - The North Bend (10th Anniversary Edition) (Room40)

IRISARRI, RAFAEL ANTON - The Shameless Years (Umor Rex)

IRMA VEP & THE ROYAL HOUSE OF BOO HOO HOO - Disappointment (Golden Lab)

IRMERT, JANA - Flood (Cassauna)

IRMERT, JANA - The Soft Bit (Fabrique)

IRO - Tamafuri (PSF)

IRON CLAW - S/T (Rockadrome)

IRON CURTAIN - Artifact (Live 1981) (Pylon)

IRON CURTAIN - Like A Family (Pylon)

IRON CURTAIN - Terror Story (Pylon)

IS - S/T (Awesome Vistas)

ISENGRIND - Modlitewnik (Blackest Rainbow)

ISHIBASHI, EIKO & DARIN GRAY - Ichida (Black Truffle)

ISHIBASHI, EIKO - Car and Freezer (Drag City)

ISHIBASHI, EIKO - For McCoy (Black Truffle)

ISHIBASHI, EIKO - Hyakki Yagyo (Black Truffle)

ISHIBASHI, EIKO - The Dream My Bones Dream (Drag City)

ISHIBASHI/JIM O'ROURKE, EIKO - Lifetime of a Flower (Week-End)

ISHIGAMI, KAZUYA - Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 5: Hosshin no Kizashi (Edition Omega Point)

ISHIHARA, YOU - Passivite (Pedal)

ISHIJIMA, AKEMI - Time Drops (Paradigm Discs)



ISLAJA - Blaze Mountain Recordings (Ecstatic Peace)

ISLAJA - Meritie (Fonal)

ISLAJA - Palaa Aurinkoon (Fonal)

ISLAJA/TV-RESISTORI - Melodi Melodika/Kämmen, Kynsi, Kieli (Fonal)

ISLAM CHIPSY & EEK - Kahraman (100Copies)

ISOLDE - On Waving And Drowning (Penny Poppet)

IST - A More Attractive Way (Confront Recordings)

IST - Anagrams To Avoid (Siwa)

IT HURTS - s/t (Independent Woman)

ITA-ROH - Previous Sound Sheet of First Album Sale (ZIKS-Product)


ITASCA - Unmoored by the Wind (New Images)

ITCHY BUGGER - Double Bugger (Low Company)

ITO, ATSUHIRO - Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 6: R.G.B./Pre OPTRON 1999 (Edition Omega Point)

ITO, ATSUHIRO - Live (Edition Omega Point)

ITS PSYCHEDELIC BABY! - Issue #2/2: 2016 (Its Psychedelic Baby!)

ITS PSYCHEDELIC BABY! - Issue #2: 2015 (Its Psychedelic Baby!)

ITSUMI, YUJI - Photography Meets Music (PSF)

IVERS, PETER - Becoming Peter Ivers (Rvng International)

IVERS, PETER - Becoming Peter Ivers (Rvng International)

IVYTREE, THE - Unburdened Light (Recital)

IWATA, YUZO - Daylight Moon (Siltbreeze)

IXTAHUELE - Mareld (Subliminal Sounds)

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