Items: 182

JA DA - s/t (Cosmic Volume)

JAAR, NICOLAS - Pomegranates (Mana)

JAAR, NICOLAS - Telas (Mana)

JAB - Erg Herbe (Shelter Press)

JAB - Erg Herbe (Shelter Press)

JACINTHEBOX - Incomplete 1984/86 (Supreme Tool Supplies)

JACK RUBY - Hit & Run /Bad Teeth (Saturday)

JACK RUBY - Hit and Run (Saint Cecilia Knows)

JACK THE RAPPER - Dutroux Rap (Meeuw Muzak)

JACKIE SHARK AND THE BEACH BUTCHERS - 2nd Generation Rising/Mary Lou (Artifix)

JACKMAN - Bad Intentions (Posh Isolation)

JACKMAN, DAVID - Machine Gun Fighting (Die Stadt)

JACKMAN, DAVID - Machine Guns (Die Stadt)

JACKMAN, DAVID - Up From Zero (Robot)

JACKMAN, DAVID - Verhalte Dich Ruhig (Die Stadt)

JACKMAN, VIKKI - Of Beauty Reminiscing (Faraway Press)

JACKS - Live Jacks (Orange Doubledome)

JACKSON, GORDON - Thinking Back (Sunbeam)

JACOBS VORTEX, HENRY - Electronic Kabuki Mambo: Highlights From The Legendary Vortex Experience (Locust)

JACOBS, EZRA - Krkkl (Cuthands)

JACOBS, HENRY - Around The World With Henry Jacobs (Important)

JACOBS, HENRY - Radio Programme No.1: Henry Jacobs Music And Folklore (Locust)

JACUZZI BOYS - Bricks or Coconuts (Mexican Summer)

JAD AND NAO - Half Monster (Misc Music)

JAEGER, KASSEL - Aster (Editions Mego)

JAEGER, KASSEL - Le Lisse Et Le Strie (Latency Recordings)

JAEGER, KASSEL - Meith (Black Truffle)

JAEGER, KASSEL - Swamp / Things (Shelter Press)

JAEGER/JIM O'ROURKE, KASSEL - In Cobalt Aura Sleeps (Editions Mego)

JAGODIC, MARTIN DAVORIN - Tempo Furioso (Cramps)

JAHDER - Bagigi/WW Dub (Planet Rescue)

JAILHOUSE - Christmas Day (Meeuw Muzak)

JAMAL CREATIVE ARTS ENSEMBLE, KHAN - Drumdance to the Motherland (Eremite)

JAMES, MICHAEL - Runaway World (World In Sound)

JAMESES - Haunted Rider (Mayo Factory)

JAN DUKES DE GREY - Mice And Rats In The Loft (Trading Places)

JAN DUKES DE GREY - Sorcerers (Wounded Nurse)

JAN DUKES DE GREY - Sorcerers (Alternative Fox)

JANAWAY, BRUCE - Puritanical Odes (Sunbeam)

JANDEK - A Kingdom He Likes (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Austin Sunday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Camber Sands Sunday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Glasgow Friday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Glasgow Monday - The Cell (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Glasgow Sunday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Glasgow Sunday 2005 (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Hasselt Saturday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Khartoum Variations (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - London Tuesday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Manhattan Tuesday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Newcastle Sunday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Not Hunting For Meaning (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - Portland Thursday (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - The Door Behind (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - The Myth of Blue Icicles (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - The Ruins of Adventure (Corwood Industries)

JANDEK - What Was Out There Disappeared (Corwood Industries)

JANE & THE MAGIK BANANAS - Inscrutable Intentions (Unrock)

JANE - Berserker (Paw Tracks)

JANE - Coconuts (Psych-o-Path)

JANE - Paradise (Jane)

JANSCH, BERT - Best Of Live (Mooncrest)

JANSEN, STEVE - Corridor (SJ Productions)

JARDIN - Maqui De Hierro (Buh)

JARMAN, JOSEPH - Black Case Volume I and II: Return From Exile (Blank Forms)

JARSE - Alas (Fonal)

JAUNTIES - S/T (Stomach Ache)

JAVELIN - Oh Centra (Lal Lal Lal)

JAY & THE GENERAL, TOMMY - Florida Songs (Feeding Tube)

JAY GLASS DUBS - Nyx EP (Berceuse Heroique)

JAY GLASS DUBS - Soma (Berceuse Heroique)

JAY GLASS DUBS - Two Devotional Songs for Spacemen 3 In The Style Of Love Inc. (The Tapeworm)

JAY, TOMMY & FRIENDS - Live At The Barn (Doin It Right)

JAZKAMER & SMEGMA - Endless Coast (No Fun)

JAZZ BUTCHER, THE - Brave New Waves Session: Jazz Butcher (Blue Vinyl) (Artoffact)

JAZZFINGER - Beachy Head/Moroccan Car Park (D. Harwood Remix) (Distraction)

JAZZFINGER - Iron Age Credentials (Spirit Of Orr)

JAZZFINGER - Listen and Vanish (Cut Hands)

JAZZFINGER - Mole And The Morning Dew (Spirit of Orr)

JAZZFINGER - Penny Dreadful (Gold Soundz)

JAZZFINGER - The Litle Girl On The Plane... (Muza)

JAZZFINGER - Tour of the Moors Volume 1 (Heavy Tapes)

JAZZFINGER - Ugly For A Living (Gold Soundz)

JAZZFINGER - Wixxon Flag Bearer (DNT)


JAZZKAMMER/OPEC - Split (Reverse)

JEAN-LUC - Des Litres D'essence (Knekelhuis)

JEAN-MARIE MERCIMEK - La Flourenn En Mars (Aguirre)

JEANNEAU, LAURENT - Music of Northern Laos (Akuphone)

JEANNEAU, LAURENT - Music of Southern Laos (Akuphone)

JECK, PHILIP - Iklectik (Touch)

JECK, PHILIP - Spool (The Tapeworm)

JECK, PHILIP - Vinyl Coda I-II (God)

JECK, PHILIP - Vinyl Coda III-IV (God)

JEFFERIES, PETER - Last Ticket Home (Grapefruit)

JEHOVA MELTDOWN - Long Boring While (Feedback)

JELINEK & COMPUTER SOUP, JAN - Improvisations And Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001 (Faitiche)

JELINEK , JAN - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (Faitiche)

JELINEK, JAN - Tierbeobachtungen (Faitiche)

JELINEK, JAN - Zwischen (Faitiche)

JEPSON, WARREN - Totentanz (Creel Pone)

JERMAN BARNES - The Finger'd Remove (Feeding Tube)

JERMAN, JEPH - Cobbled (Dead Mind)

JERMAN, JEPH - Instability Studies (Anomalous)

JERMAN, JEPH - Rundle (Banned Production)

JERUSALEM - Kamakazi Moth/Frustration (Rockadrome)

JERUSALEM AND THE STARBASKETS - Room 8/Swingin Vine (Destijl)

JESUS BALLS - Yellow (23 Productions)

JESUS WITH ME - Jesus With Me (Psych-o-Path)

JFK - La Bas (1987-1992) (Fourth Dimension)

JFK - Weapon Design (Fourth Dimension)

JFK - Weapon Design (Fourth Dimension)

JGRZINICH - Intimations (CMR)

JIANHONG, LI - Classic Of The Mountains And Seas (PSF)

JIBOIA - OOOO (Discrepant)

JIHA, PARK - Communion (Tak:Til/Glitterbeat)

JIHA, PARK - Philos (Tak:Til/Glitterbeat)

JIHA, PARK - Philos (Tak:Til/Glitterbeat)

JIMS DREAM BAND - Universal Blues Jam In Los Gatos (Lonely Whistle Music)

JINX/MADAME BOVARY - Reve Inconscient/I'm a Runner (Camisole)

JLIAT - The Beethoven Symphonies (JLIAT)

JOAQUIN, XAVIER - Percusion, Inerpreta Obras De Xenakis, Taira Y Lewin-Richter (Hemisferio)

JOBIN, FRANCE - Death Is Perfection, Everything Else Is Relative (Editions Mego)

JOHANSSON & SIMON JAMES PHILLIPS, SVEN-AKE - Songs from Elsewhere (Edition Telemark)


JOHANSSON, SVEN-AKE - Schlingerland / Dynamische Schwingungen (Cien Fuegos)

JOHANSSON, SVEN-AKE - Seewetter (Edition Telemark)

JOHN DRISCOLL - Ghostly Agents (Slowscan)

JOHN TRUSCINSKI - Bridle Path (Open Mouth)

JOHNSON, CHUCK - Blood Moon Boulder (Scissor Tail Editions)

JOHNSON, CHUCK - The Cinder Grove (Vin Du Select Qualitite)

JOHNSON, DENNIS - November (Irritable Hedgehog/Penultimate)

JOHNSON, RAGNAR - Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea Madang (Ideologic Organ)

JOHNSON, RAGNAR - Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: Mindanoo Mistiru/Gold From Wax (Sub Rosa)

JOHNSON, RAGNAR AND JESSICA MAYER - Music From Yemen Arabia: Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni And Samar (Sub Rosa)

JOHNSON, TOM - Music for 88 (XI)

JOHNSON, TOM - The Chord Catalogue (XI)

JOKERS - Jokers (PSF)

JONES (MATT JONES), MB - MB Jones by MB Jones (Feeding Tube)


JONES GANG, THE - High Eye: Live in Nashville (Polyamory)

JONES JAZZ MACHINE, ELVIN - At Onkel PO's Carnegie Hall Hamburg 1981 (Jazzline)

JONES, GREGORY/SABLOSKY, ROY - No Imagination (Creel Pone)

JONES, JOE - Fluxus Aint Dead (Jones, Joe)

JONES, JOE - In Performance (No Label)

JONES, JOE - Meditations 18.2 (Slowscan)

JONES, JOE - Solar Music At Sierksdorf, Ostsee (Edition Telemark)

JONES, JOE - Solar Music Tent (Edition Telemark)

JONES, NIGEL MAZLYN - Ship to Shore (Sommor)

JONES, WIZZ - A Life On the Road 1964-2014 (Sunbeam)

JOSEPH, DAN - Electroacoustic Works (XI)

JOSHUA BURKETT - If You Can't Wander The Waffle, Wonder Im Drizzle (Mystra)

JOSHUA JUGBAND 5 - Damascus Doldrum (Gulcher)

JOSHUA JUGBAND FIVE - Damascus Doldrum (Ramadan)

JOW JOW - Sephiroths Knot (Spirit of Orr)

JOW JOW THE DEATH KNELL RUNG - aka The Sefiroth (Jow Jow)

JOY BEFORE THE STORM - Silence Ever After (Atemporal)

JOYNER, SIMON & DENNIS CALLACI - Stranger Blues (Catsup Plate)

JOYNES & THE FURLONG BRAY, C - The Borametz Tree (Feeding Tube)

JOYNES, C - God Feeds The Ravens (Bo Weavil)

JOYNES, CWK & THE RESTLESS DEAD - 8 Selections And Premonitions From The Tower, Vol. II (Bo Weavil)

JU SUK REET MEATE - Solo 78/79 (Destijl)

JU SUK REET MEATE/OBLIVIA/JOHN WIESE - Inside and Out (Helicopter)

JUAN DE LA CRUZ - Himig Natin (Vicor)

JUAN DE LA CRUZ - Maskara (Vicor)

JUDD, F.C. - Electronics Without Tears (Public Information)

JUDGITZU - Umeme/Kelele (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

JULIAN, PHIL - Live Flux (The Tapeworm)

JULIE MITTENS, THE - April/June (Rococo)

JULIUS, ROLF - Lullabye For The Fishes (Tochnit Aleph)

JUN, YAN - Europe (No Rent)

JUNEAU/FOOM - Reef 1/Space (Squat-Thrust Music)

JUNG AN TAGEN - Proxy States (Editions Mego)

JUNG AN TAGEN - Proxy States (Editions Mego)

JUNKO/MICHEL HENRITZI/FUKUOKA RINJI - Billion Years of Sighs (An Archives)

JUNZO, SUZUKI - Pieces for Hidden Circles (Utech)


JUST URBAIN - Burning (540)

JUST URBAIN - Everybody Loves (540)



JUSTKA, EWA - Upside Down Smile (Editions Mego)

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