Items: 342

N.A.D.M.A. - Paura (Alga Marghen)

N.A.D.M.A. - Uno Zingaro Di Atlante Con Un Fiore A New York (Die Schachtel)

NACE, BILL & GRAHAM LAMBKIN - The Dishwashers (Open Mouth)

NACE, BILL & LOPEZ, BRANDON - Like Very Nil (Troglosound)

NACE, BILL - Drawings: Winter 2005 (Gladtree Press)

NACE, BILL - Solo Gtr (Open Mouth)

NACE, BILL - Solo Guitar 2 (Open Mouth)

NACE, BILL - Solo Guitar 2/One Note (Open Mouth)

NACE, BILL/ SAMARA LUBELSKI - Live In Brussel (Bergpolder)

NACE, BILL/JOHN TRUSCINSKI - All Alien Part One (Open Mouth)

NACE,BILL/CHARLES PLYMELL - Apocalypse Rose (Open Mouth)

NACHTHEXEN - Disco Creep (Harbinger Sound)

NACHTHEXEN - EP (Harbinger Sound)

NACKT INSECTEN - A Site Specific Piece of Avant-Garde Sound Art, Nothing To Be Worried About/Corridor Voyager (Quantum Odyssey II) (Memoirs Of An Aesthete)

NAD SPIRO - Pedreres (Geometrik)

NADJA - Eros (Spittle)

NADJA - Tsukihoshihi (Studio Mule)

NAGAI, SEIJI - Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999 (Klimt)

NAGISA NI TE - The Same As Flower (ORG)


NAGUAL & STEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Third (I Dischi Del Barone)

NAKAMURA, TOSHIMARU - Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9) (Room40)

NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Heaps of Nothing (Siltbreeze)

NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Mickey Mouse Headache Tape (Near Tapes)

NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Poltergeist Palm (Skulltones)

NAKED ON THE VAGUE - The Blood Pressure Sessions (Dual Plover)

NAKED ON THE VAGUE - Twelve Dark Noon (Sacred Bones)



NANI & GURU - Vovivizm Episode 2 (Bam Balam)

NANJO GROUP MUSICA, ASAHITO - Comtemporary Kagura-Metaphysics (Fractal)

NAPHTA - Unlimited (Spittle)

NAR, HIROSHI & NISHINIHON - Live Recorded At Mushroom (Himeji), Des.15.2001 - Official Bootleg Series (Hello Good-bye Studio)

NAR, HIROSHI - Where Do You Come From (Dead Flower)

NAR, HIROSHI WITH NISHINIHON - Hiroshi Nar With Nishinihon (Lexicon Devil)

NAR, HIROSHI/KAZUO/YOUJ - Studio & Live - Official Bootleg Series (Hello Good-bye Studio)

NARITA, MUNEHIRO - Live P.S.F. (Psychedelic San Francisco) (Feeding Tube Records/Cardinal Fuzz)


NASCA - s/t (Cortizona)

NASH, JONNY - Make A Wilderness (Music From Memory)

NASH, JONNY - Make A Wilderness (Music From Memory)

NASINI, MATTEO - Sparkling Matter (Yard Press)

NASTRO/CYMBLS - Euroland Tour SPLIT (Upside Down Recordings)

NATH FAMILY - Sounds Of The Indian Snake Charmers (Hanson)

NATIVE HIPSTERS - There Goes Concorde Again.. (MRM)

NATSUKASHII - Driving East (Dead Bison)

NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY WITH EVAN PARKER - Descension (Out of Our Constrictions) (Eremite)

NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY WITH EVAN PARKER - Descension (Out Of Our Constrictions) (Aguirre)

NAUCKE, BRETT - The Mansion (Spectrum Spools)

NAUJAWANAN BAIDAR - Volume 1 & 2 (Feeding Tube Records/Cardinal Fuzz)

NAUJOKS, CHRISTIAN - Your Contribution (Martin Hossbach)

NAUMAN, BRUCE - Soundtrack From First Violin Film (Blume)

NAUMAN, BRUCE - Soundtrack From First Violin Film (Die Schachtel)

NAUSEA - Vocal Expression (Manufactured)

NAUTICAL ALMANAC & LESLIE KEFFER - Live on the Radio (Heresee)

NAUTICAL ALMANAC & LOCAL DISORDER - Kool Kreek & The Chaser Gang (American Tapes)

NAUTICAL ALMANAC - Imaginati Make the Difference (Green Records & Tapes)

NAUTICAL ALMANAC - Rejerks4 (Heresee)


NAZARIO, ZE EDUARDO - Poema Da Gota Serena (Lugar Alto)

NAZGUL, THE - S/T (Mental Experience)

NAZORANAI - Beginning To Fall In Line Before Me, So Decorously, The Nature Of All That Must Be Transformed (W.25th)

NDIKHO XABA AND THE NATIVES - Ndikho Xaba And The Natives (Matsuli Music)

NE-21, THE - The Ne-21 (Domestica)


NECROFILIA - Sein Zum Tode (Urashima)

NECRONOMICON - Live in Concert 1973 (Best Brehodi)

NECROPHONIE - 1996-2006 (Dogma Chase)

NECROPOLIS - Stumpf b/w Van v. Art (Columbus Discount)

NEGATIVE SPACE - Hard, Heavy, Mean & Evil (Rockadrome)

NEGATIVE WORLD - s/t (Maim & Disfigure)

NEHIL, SETH - Uva (20 City)

NEHLS, TOM - I Always Catch The Third Second Of A Yellow Light (Now-Again)

NEHLS, TOM - I Always Catch The Third Second Of A Yellow Light (Now-Again)

NEKROPOLIS - Le Culte Des Goules (Spalax)

NELHYBEL, VACLAV - Electronic Music (Creel Pone)

NELSON, NATE - Rope Pores (Heavy Tapes)

NELSON, PAUL - Vortex (Medical)

NEMESCU, OCTAVIAN - Gradeatia - Natural 1973-83 (Sub Rosa)

NEON - Neon In The Box (Spittle)

NEOTANTRIK - Intervisions (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)

NERVE CITY - Red Tops (Hozac)

NERVOID - How To Pull The Wool Over Your Own Eyes (Black Velvet Fuckere)

NERVOUS GENDER - Gestalt/Green Tile Floors (Test Tube)

NETWORK GLASS - Joker Culture (Ultra Violet Light)

NEUHAUS, MAX - The New York School: Nine Realizations of Cage, Feldman, Brown (Alga Marghen)

NEUHAUS, MAX - Zyklus (Alga Marghen)

NEUTRAL - Gra Vag Gamlestaden (Grapefruit)

NEUTRAL - När (Omlott)

NEUTRAL - s/t (Omlott)

NEVER QUARTET, THE - s/t (I Dischi Del Barone)

NEVILLE, STEFAN & GREG MALCOLM - A Nuance (Feeding Tube)

NEW 7TH MUSIC - Hypatia (Integrated Circuit)

NEW 7TH MUSIC - Modella (Integrated Circuit)

NEW AGE - All Around (Red Lounge)

NEW BLOCKADERS, THE - Force Majeure (Dot Dot Dot)

NEW BLOCKADERS, THE - Live At Sonic City (Cold Spring)

NEW BUMS - Slim Volume (New Bum Industries)

NEW CREATION - Troubled (Companion)

NEW DAWN - Theres a New Dawn (Jackpot)

NEW DREAMS LTD. - Sleepline (Aguirre)

NEW DREAMS LTD. - Sleepline (Aguirre)

NEW FLESH - Filth & Degradation Volume One: Whats Owls is Yours (Imvated)

NEW HUMANS - New Humans (New Humans)

NEW HUMANS - Super Loco (Circuit)

NEW HUMANS/AIRPORT WAR - Split (Airport War)



NEW PARENTS - Transient Response (Feeding Tube)

NEW PECULIARS - A More Withering Critique Than Harry Pussy (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)

NEW PECULIARS - Dance Music 2000 (Tonschacht)

NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS, THE - The New Tweedy Bros! (Guerssen)


NEWELL, MARTIN - The Greatest Living Englishman (Captured Tracks)

NEWS FROM BABEL - Letters Home (Rer Vinyl)

NEXDA - Words & Numbers (Mannequin)


NGOZI, PAUL - The Ghetto (QDK Media)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Four Full Flutes (XI)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - G2,44+/X2 (Room40)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Music By Phill Niblock (XI)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Music For Cello (Important)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Niblock For Celli/Celli Plays Niblock (Superior Viaduct)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Nothin To Look At Just A Record (Superior Viaduct)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Rhymes With Water (God)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Six Films (1966-1969) (Die Schachtel)

NIBLOCK, PHILL - Young Persons Guide to Phill Niblock (XI)

NICELY, NICK - Sleep Safari (Tapete)

NICKAS, BOB & MATT SHUSTER - Another Music In a Different Kitchen: Studio Recordings & Records By Artists (Karma)

NICKAS, BOB & TED OSULLIVAN - Melvins - Stoner Witch (Karma)

NICODEMUS & MATCHEZ - A Light In the Dark (Parallel World)

NICODEMUS & MATCHEZ - Toxic Crunch (Zedikiah)

NICODEMUS - Spacechild Squall (Zedikiah)

NICODEMUS - The Strange Saga of Henryetta Flagetta (Parallel World)

NICODEMUS - What For? (Zedikiah)


NIELSEN + VARIOUS ARTISTS, MADS EMIL - Framework 2 (Arbitrary)

NIELSEN, CHRISTOPHER - Enfant Terrible Vol. 1 (O. Gudmundsen Minde)

NIELSEN, MADS EMIL - PM016 (Arbitrary)

NIELSEN, MOGENS OTTO - Den dynamiske violin (Institut for Dansk Lydarkaeologi)

NIGHT MOVES - TransDance GC1 (Domestica)

NIGHT MOVIE - $40 Oz. (Fag Tapes)

NIGHTCRAWLERS, THE - The Biophonic Boombox Recordings (Anthology)

NIHILIST ASSAULT GROUP - Silent Movie (Hospital Productions)

NIHILIST SPASM BAND, THE - No Record (Lion Productions)

NIKOLAIENKO - Rings (Faitiche)

NILSEN, BJ - Draught #1 (Ash International)

NILSSON, MOLLY - Europa (Night School)

NILSSON, MOLLY - The Travels (Night School)

NIMBUS 2000 - Kettle of Fish Walking: Complete Recordings 1999-2003 (Octane Grammophon)

NINE CIRCLES - Early Days (Onderstroom)

NINOS DU BRASIL - Animais Soar O Alarme (The Bunker New York)

NINOS DU BRASIL - Novos Misterios (Hospital Productions)

NINOS DU BRASIL - Para Araras (Hospital Productions)

NINOS DU BRASIL - Vida Eterna (Hospital Productions)

NISENNENMONDAI - Sorede Sozo Suru Neji (Dot Line Circle)

NISENNENMONDAI - Tori (Dot Line Circle)

NITE JEWEL/WOO - Split (Drag City)

NITSCH, HERMANN - 8th Sinfonie (Cortical Foundation)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Akustisches Abreaktionsspiel (Tochnit Aleph)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Akustisches Abreaktionsspiel (Tochnit Aleph)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Albertina Quartett - 2. Streichquartett in 6 Satzen fur 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncello (Trost)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Musik Der 135. Aktion, Kuba (Trost)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Musik der 155. Aktion (Tochnit Aleph)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Orgelkonzert (I Dischi Di Angelica)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Orgelkonzert Berlin 2016 (Tochnit Aleph)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Orgelkonzert Jesuitenkirche 20.11.2013 (Trost)

NITSCH, HERMANN - The Action Art of Hermann Nitsch from Past to Present (Edition Krothenhayn)

NITSCH, HERMANN - Traubenfleisch (Tochnit Aleph)

NIVHEK - After Its Own Death / Walking In A Spiral Towards The House (W.25th)

NIVHEK - After Its Own Death / Walking In A Spiral Towards The House (W.25th)

NIXE, THE - s/t (Pollymaggoo)

NMPERIGN/JASON LESCALLEET - Love Me Two Times (Intransitive)

NMPERIGN/SKELETONS OUT - Live 1978/Marvin (Editions Zero)

NNCK - Roodemas (Sound@One)

NO ARTIST - Dedicated to Dominique Venner (Vitrine)

NO ARTIST - Masochism (Vitrine)

NO ARTIST - Untitled (We Are One)

NO BABIES - Someone To Watch Over Me (Upset the Rhythm)

NO BALLS - Im So Happy I Can Die (Drid Machine)

NO BALLS - Problems That Will Solve Themselves (DF)

NO BALLS - s/t (DF)

NO DOCTORS - T-Bone Parts 1 & 2 (Yik Yak)

NO FUCKER - Live 02/22/08 (AA)

NO INTENTION - Good Intentions/ Matieral Dilemma (I Dischi Del Barone)

NO INTENTION - Rabelais (No Label)


NO NECK BLUES BAND - Aftypiclipse (Sound@One)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Aftypiclipse (For Jazzfinger) (Sound@One)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Angelo Mai (Sound@One)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Clomeim (Locust)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Gitanjali (Ri Be Xibalba)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Gitanjali + The Nascent Stigma (Ri Be Xibalba)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Intonomancy (Sound@One)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Letters From The Earth (Very Friendly)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Letters From The Serth (SER)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Live At Kens Electric Lake (Locust)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Nine For Victor (Victo)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Parallel Easters (Sound@One)


NO NECK BLUES BAND - Qvaris West Coast Tour Poster (Sound@One)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Names Will Never Hurt Me (Sound@One)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - The Clearing (Dry Leaf Discs)

NO NECK BLUES BAND - The Collective Imaginings of Quantarenius, Cook, & Co. (Sound@One/Greene Naftali Gallery)


NO NECK BLUES BAND, THE - Fino Alla Strada Vecchia (Daksina)

NO RIGHT TURN - No Right Turn (EM)


NO UFOS - NU LP For RS (Root Strata)

NOAH - Brain Suck (Expanded Edition) (Guerssen)

NOAH - Brain Suck (Expanded Edition) (Guerssen)

NOBU=WATARU KASAHARA - Études for the Incarnation (Kodanuki Press)

NOBU=WATARU KASAHARA - Guitar Therapy (Kodanuki Press)

NOBU=WATARU KASAHARA - Taiko 2000 (Kodanuki Press)

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Drowning in a Sea of Bliss (Mannequin)

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Lest We Forget: Work In Progress 1979-1988 (Vinyl-On-Demand)


NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Songs of Love and Revolution (Mannequin)

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Spiritflesh (Mannequin)

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Tissue Of Lies (Mannequin)

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Viral Shedding (Mannequin)

NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS - Complete Studio Recordings (Dais)

NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS - Inmates In Images (Dais)

NODZZZ - True To Life (Whats Your Rupture?)

NOETINGER AND ANTHONY PATERAS, JEROME - A Sunset for Walter (Penultimate Press)


NOGOODTEA - Basking Night (Hakanairo)

NOGUCHI, SHUTARO - Love Super Terranean (Feeding Tube)

NOISE - Tenno (Moone)

NOISE BIRDS, THE - The Dark Sea Hides a Bright Light (Riot Season)

NOISE-MAKERS FIFES - Legnica (Impulsy Stetoskopu)

NOISE-MAKERS FIFES - Soiree Dansante (NMT)

NOISE-MAKERS FIFES - Soundscapes of the Inner Eye (NMT)

NOISEADDICT - Def (Ecstatic Peace)

NOLAN & RAMIREZ - s/t (Killertree)

NOLAN/YEH DUO - (Dronedisco)

NON BAND - s/t (TAL)

NON TOXIQUE LOST - Enz Rogue (Klanggalerie)

NON TOXIQUE LOST - Lachen 1 (Klanggalerie)

NON-HORSE - Mandible Front (Vanishing Voice)

NONHORSE - Mushhead (Fuck It Tapes)

NONHORSE - Slow Child (Young)

NONHORSE - The Rare Tape Zero (Imvated)

NONO, LUIGI - Musica Manifesto N. 1 (Die Schachtel)

NONO, LUIGI - Musica Manifesto N. 1 (Die Schachtel)

NORD - s/t (Art Into Life)

NORDHEIM, ARNE - Electric (Rune Grammofon)

NORDILE, MAX - A Brisk Feeling (Independent Woman)

NORDILE, MAX - Monk/Solstice (Independent Woman)

NORDWALL, JOACHIM - Ignition (Ash International)

NORGARD, PER - Expanding Space (Institut for Dansk Lydarkaeologi)



NORMALS - So Bad So Sad (Last Laugh)

NORMAN CONQUEST, THE - Myriad (The Tapeworm)

NORMIL HAWAIIANS - In The Stone/Where Is Living? (Upset The Rhythm)

NORMIL HAWAIIANS - More Wealth Than Money (Upset the Rhythm)

NORMIL HAWAIIANS - Return of The Ranters (Upset the Rhythm)

NORMIL HAWAIIANS - What's Going On (Upset the Rhythm)

NORMIL HAWAIIANS - What's Going On (Upset the Rhythm)

NORSE, HAROLD - Take A Chance In The Void - Harold Norse At The Beat Hotel (Sloow Tapes)

NORTH SEA RADIO ORCHESTRA/JOHN GREAVES/ANNIE BARBAZZA - Folly Bololey: Songs from Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom (Dark Companion)

NORTHERN HAZE - Sinnaktuq (Supreme Echo)

NORTON, DORIS - Artificial Intelligence (Mannequin)

NORTON, DORIS - Norton Computer For Peace (Mannequin)

NORTON, DORIS - Personal Computer (Mannequin)

NOSEHOLES - Danger Dance (Harbinger Sound)

NOT A SONATA - (Slippy Town)

NOT NOW - Within The Beyond (The Tapeworm)

NOT WAVING & DARK MARK - Downwelling (Ecstatic)

NOT WAVING - Tremendous/S.M (Ecstatic)

NOTHING - The Wrong Answer Became Right (The Tapeworm)

NOTHING DINGULATOR BAND, THE CHARLIE - Aint No Fascist/Dingulation # 1 (Beyond Omega)

NOTHING PEOPLE - Youre Invited (Permanent)

NOTHING, CHARLIE - Charlie Nothing & Dingulator (Destijl)

NOTHING, CHARLIE - Dingulation (Counter Culture Chronicles)

NOTHING, CHARLIE - State of the Ding (House Rules/Goaty Tapes)

NOTHING, CHARLIE aka CHARLES MARTIN SIMON - Life and Crimes of Charlie Nothing (Nothing, Charlie)

NOTORISCHE REFLEXE - Notorische Reflexe (Bureau B)

NOTORISCHE REFLEXE - Notorische Reflexe (Bureau B)


NOVAGA, ALESSANDRA - I Should Have Been a Gardener (Die Schachtel)

NOVAGA, ALESSANDRA - Movimenti Lunari (Blume)

NOVAK, YANN - Lifeblood of Light and Rapture (Room40)

NOVAK, YANN - Slowly Dismantling (Room40)

NOVAK, YANN - The Future is a Forward Escape Into the Past (Touch)

NOVAKS KAPELLE - Fartwind - Complete Discography (1967-1979) (Trost)

NOVELLER - Paint on the Shadows (No Fun)

NOVELLER - Red Rainbow (No Fun)

NOXAGT/ULTRALYD - Split (Textile)

NOYES & JOSEPH ALLRED, ROB - Avoidance Language (Feeding Tube)


NOYES, ROB - Arc Minutes (Vin Du Select Qualitite)

NOYES, ROB - The Feudal Spirit (Poon Village)

NOYES, ROB - The Feudal Spirit (Poon Village)


NSRD - s/t (Stroom)

NSRD - The Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt Feelings (Stroom)

NTHnth sthSTH - s/t (Release The Bats)

NU CREATIVE METHODS - Nu Jungle Dances (Souffle Continu)

NUBS, THE - I Dont Need You (Last Laugh)

NUDGE SQUIDFISH - Robot Wars (Feeding Tube)

NUDGE SQUIDFISH - You Cant Have Aliens Without The Squid (Feeding Tube)

NUMINOUS EYE - With A Little Help (Archive)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Chromanatron (Rotorelief)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Dark Fat (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Gyllenskold, Geijerstam and I at Rydbergs (Black Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Gyllenskold, Geijerstam and I at Rydbergs (Silver Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Homotopy To Marie (Rotorelief)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Homotopy To Marie (Silver & Black Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Lumb's Sister (Nordung)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Lumb's Sister (Picture Disc) (Nordung)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Merzbild Schwet (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - NWW Play 'Changez Les Blockeurs' (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Plays The New Blockaders Changez Les Blockeurs (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Rock 'n Roll Station (Abstrakce)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Sinister Whimsy For The Wretched (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Soliloquy For Lilith (United Dirter)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Spiral Insana (Rotorelief)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Spiral Insana (Rotorelief)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Sylvie & Babs (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Sylvie and Babs (Expanded Edition) (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - The Swinging Reflective (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - To The Quiet Men From A Tiny Girl (Dirter Promotions)

NURSE WITH WOUND - Trippin' Musik (United Dirter)

NURSES - Destroy Your Friends (Hyped 2 Death)

NUSLUX - Cepalux (Vauva)

NUSLUX - s/t (Lal Lal Lal)

NUSS, DAVE - Original Innocence (Nuss, Dave)

NUTS & CO. - Kangourou (Camisole)

NVH/CHASNY - Plays The Book Of Revelations (Folding)

NYONI & BORN FREE, MIKE - My Own Thing (Now-Again)

NYOUKIS, DYLAN - Dadgum My Bubblegum (Hanson)

NYOUKIS, DYLAN - Inside Wino Lodge (No Fun)

NYOUKIS, DYLAN - Owl Tapes (Chocolate Monk)

NYOUKIS, DYLAN - The Acrylic Widow (Discombobulate)

NYOUKIS, DYLAN - The Shield That Pierces the Earth (Catsup Plate)

NYZ - MILLZ EXPZ (Cassauna)

NYZ - Millz Medz (Important Records)

NYZ - OLD TRX [87-93] (The Death Of Rave)

NYZ - ROMTYZ (The Wormhole)

NYZ - SHFTR FRQ (The Death of Rave)

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