Items: 173

O LEVEL - 1977-1980: A Day In The Life Of Gilbert & George (Artpop!!)

O LEVEL - East Sheen (Munster)

O MORTO - The Forest, The People And The Spirits (Discrepant)



O SIRHAN, O SIRHAN - #1 (O Sirhan, O Sirhan)

O YAMA O - S/T (Mana)

O YUKI CONJUGATE - Peyote (B.F.E. Records)

O$VMV$M - Wat Mor/Naked/TY/House SFX (Cold Light)

O'MALLEY, STEPHEN - Auflosung der Zeit (Editions Mego)

O'MALLEY, STEPHEN - Gruidés (Demdike Stare)

O'ROURKE, JIM & CM VON HAUSSWOLFF - In, Demons, In! (Ideal)

O'ROURKE, JIM - To Magnetize Money and Catch a Roving Eye (Sonoris)


O'SHEA, MICHAEL - Michael O'Shea (Allchival)

O'SHEA, MICHAEL - s/t (Allchival)

O-TYPE - Darling (Milvia Son)

O.A.S.I. - Il Cavaliere Azzurro (Soave)

OBJEKT - Flatland (Pan)

OBNOX - Murder Radio (Ever/Never)

OBSTACLES, THE - Acoustic (Water Under The Bridge)

OCHS, MAX - Imaginational Anthem/Oncones (Near Mint)

OCTIS - Twevim Ilelenger (Troubleman Unlimited)

ODD CLOUDS - Sick Llama Remixxx (Fag Tapes)

ODWYER, AINE - Gallarais (MIE)

OEHLEN, MARKUS - Wanne 4 (Infinite Greyscale)

OESTERHELT, CARL - Eleven Pieces for Synthesizer (Umor Rex)

OFFICER! - Dead Unique (Blackest Ever Black)

OFFICER! - Earlier Music (Klanggalerie)

OFFICER! - Life At the Waters Edge/Dogface (Blackest Ever Black)

OHKAMI NO JIKAN - Mort Nuit (Fractal)

OHNO, MATSUO - Choju Gigaku (Play On Animals) (EM)

OHNO, MATSUO - Roots Of Electronic Sound (Survival Research)

OHO - Okinawa (Rockadrome)

OHR MUSIK - s/t (Prescription Disc & Acme)

OIL TASTERS - S/T (Lexicon Devil)

OISEAUX-TEMPETE - From Somewhere Invisible (Sub Rosa)

OJIMA, YOSHIO - Une Collection des Chainons I and II: Music for Spiral (WRWTFWW)

OJIMA, YOSHIO - Une Collection des Chainons I: Music for Spiral (WRWTFWW)

OJIMA, YOSHIO - Une Collection des Chainons II: Music For Spiral (WRWTFWW)

OKKO - Sitar & Electronics (Kismet)

OLDENBURG, CLAES - Injun & Other Histories (1960) (Primary Information)



OLIMPIA SPLENDID - Nuttu Nurin (Fonal)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE & GUY KLUCEVSEK - Sounding / Way (Important)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Accordion & Voice (Important)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Crone Music (Lovely Music)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Early Electronic Works 1959-66 (Sub Rosa)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Electronic Works 1965-1966 (Paradigm Discs)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Reverberations 1 (Important)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Tara's Room (Important)

OLIVEROS, PAULINE - Two From Seven Passages, Excerpt 1, 2 (1963) (Medusa Editions)


OLSON, JOHN - Canned Tape (American Tapes/Weird Shadow)

OLSON, JOHN - Life is a Rip Off: The Complete Book (Third Man)

OLSON, TOVAH & THE DEAD MACHINES - Live At Crazy Mans House (Tovinator)

OLYMPUS - Live (Epic Sweep)

OLYVETTY - Im Leeren (Hundebiss)

OMALLEY, STEPHEN - Petite Geante (The Tapeworm)

OMARI, ABDOU EL - Nuits D'Été Avec Naima Samin (Radio Martiko)

OMARI, ABDOU EL - Nuits De Printemps (Radio Martiko)

OMARI, ABDOU EL - Nuits Dete (Radio Martiko)

OMIT - Interceptor (Helen Scarsdale Agency)

OMIT - Recycled (RRRecords)

OMIT - Rejector (Anomalous)

OMIT - Tracer (Helen Scarsdale Agency)

ONDA & PAUL CLIPSON, AKI - Make Visible The Ghosts (Audiomer)

ONDA, AKI - Nam June's Spirit Was Speaking To Me (Recital)

ONDO FUDD - Eyes Glide Through The Oxide (The Trilogy Tapes)


ONE ENSEMBLE OF DANIEL PADDEN - Wayward The Fourth (Secret Eye)

ONE MAN BANNISTER - Birds & Bees (Thokei Tapes)

ONE MAN BANNISTER - Evolver (Thokei Tapes)

ONENESS OF JUJU - Chapter Two: Nia (Now-Again)


ONES - s/t (Rerun)

ONES / HANDS - 1997-2005 (White Tapes)

ONNA - Katawa (PSF)

ONNA - s/t (Holy Mountain)

ONO, MATSUO & TAKEHISA KOSUGI - Roots of Electronic Sound (Creel Pone)

OOSTERLYNCK, BAUDOUIN - 1975-1978 (Metaphon)

OPALIO, ROBERTO - Whispers Of The Last Light (Opax)

OPEN CITY - The Birth of Cruel (Thin Wrist)

OPEN CORNER - Empty Pool To No One (Recital)

OPEN MIND, THE - S/T (Sunbeam)

OPERATING THEATRE - Miss Mauger (Allchival)

OPERATING THEATRE - The Early Years (Incunabulum)

OPERATING THEATRE - The Early Years (Allchival)

OPPENHEIM, DENNIS - Theme For a Major Hit (Slowscan)

OPPROBRIUM - # 4 (Opprobrium)

ORA - Morgendammerung (Die Stadt)

ORACLE - Nataraja Da Nada (Paradise Lost)

ORAM, DAPHNE - Oramics (Paradigm Discs)

ORAM, DAPHNE - Oramics (Young Americans)

ORAM, DAPHNE - The Daphne Oram Tapes: Volume One (Young Americans)

ORAM, DAPHNE/TOM DISSEVELT - Electronic Sound Patterns/Electronic Movements (Trunk)

ORAM, DAPHNE/VERA GRAY - Listen Move & Dance (Fantome Phonographique)

ORANGE - In The Midst of Chaos (Destijl)

ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS - Cognitive Dissonance (Riot Season)


ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS - Live At Roadburn 2019 (Riot Season)

ORCHID SPANGIAFORA - Tin Windows (Heart of Glue)

ORCHID SPANGIAFORA/HEART OF GLUE - Works In Progress (Orchid Spangiafora)

ORCUTT & MICHAEL MORLEY, BILL - Electric Guitar Duets (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL & CHRIS CORSANO - Live At Various (Palialia)

ORCUTT, BILL & CHRIS CORSANO - The Raw and the Cooked (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - King or Something, Crossroads, The Man in the Mirror b/w Sad Michael, Solitary Habits, Die Then Come Back To Life (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - All Tongues (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - High Wasted/Big Ass Nails (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - My Friends When Im Not There (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - Square Cunts b/w New Remorse (Ultra Eczema)

ORCUTT, BILL - Tic Fit (Palilalia)

ORCUTT, BILL - Turkey In The Straw (Lucky Peach)

ORCUTT, BILL - Why Does Everybody Love Free Music But Nobody Loves Free People? (Palilalia)

ORFEON GAGARIN - Voces A 45 (Geometrik)

ORFEUS - Lying To The Wall (Void)

ORGANISATION - Tone Float (Inner Space)

ORGANISATION - Tone Float (Inner Space)

ORGANUM & DAVID JACKMAN - Penguins Eat Fish/Little Dark Wing (Die Stadt)

ORGANUM - Ein schwärzeres Schwarz (Die Stadt)

ORGANUM - Sanctus (Die Stadt)

ORGANUM - Valentin (Equation)

ORGANUM/EDDIE PREVOST - Flayed/Crux (Matchless)


ORIOR - Still Strange (Demdike Stare)

OROSKÄLLAN - Oroskällans musikaliska resa i tro, missmod och fantasi (Förlag För Fri Musik)

ORPHAN FAIRYTALE - Ladybird Labyrinth (Ultra Eczema)

ORPHAN FAIRYTALE - s/t (Beniffer Editions)

ORPHANS FAIRYTALE - Twilight Time (Sloow Tapes)

ORQUESTA DE LAS NUBES - The Order of Change (Music From Memory)

ORSCHAKOWSKI, WOLFGANG - Story About The Soul Recording Tonight (Psycho-Path)

ORSI, FABIO - Sterminato Piano (Backwards)

ORTHRELM/TRENCHER - Transatlantic Asthma Attack (Action Index)

ORTMANN, ANDY - Eye of the Beholder (Edition Erich Schmid)

OSBORNE, BRIAN / MARC ZAJACK - Split (Heat Retention)

OSCILLATOR - Hollywood Groupies Rule (Ecstatic Peace)

OSCILLATORIAL BINNAGE - Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds (Sub Rosa)

OSIRIS - s/t (Pharaway Sounds)

OSO EL ROTO - Pop De Cuchillo (Bruit Direct Disques)

OSSIA - Devil's Dance (Blackest Ever Black)

OSWALD, JOHN - Recycled (RRRecords)

OTHMAN, ADNAN - Bershukor: A Retrospective of Hits by a Malaysian Pop Yeh Yeh Legend (Sublime Frequencies)

OTHON - Silky Hands Of A Rough Piano Boy (The Tapeworm)

OTT & TORSTEN BOTTCHER, CHRISTINE - Nanook of the North (Gizeh Records)

OTTE, HANS - orient:occident / minimum:maximum (Pogus)

OTTE, HANS - The Book of Sounds (Beacon Sound)

OTTO & F.S. BLUMM, ANDI - Entangleland (Pingipung)

OUBLIETTE - Tape Fuckery (Hanson)

OUR LOVE WILL DESTROY THE WORLD - Broken Spine Fantasia (Tape Drift)


OUR LOVE WILL DESTROY THE WORLD - Polished Glass Autobahn (Dirty Knobby)

OUR.LOVE.WILL.DESTROY.THE.WORLD - Raven Brazen/Burial Emperors (Heavy Space)

OUTER LIMITS RECORDINGS - I Need My T.V. (Olde English Spelling Bee)

OUTER LIMITS RECORDINGS - Julie (Olde English Spelling Bee)

OUTER SPACE - Faucet Plains (Gneiss Things)

OUTER SPACE - Perfect Vacuum (Arbor)

OUTER SPACE - s/t (Arbor)

OVAL LANGUAGE, THE - Hibernation (Edition Telemark)

OVAL LANGUAGE, THE - Waldkonzerte (Edition Telemark)

OVERDOSING IN REPUBLICAN WORLD - #1 (Overdosing In Republican World)

OVERHANG PARTY - Complete Studio Recordings (Important)

OVERHANG PARTY - Live Before And After: 2004-2006 (There)

OVERHANG PARTY - Otherside Of (Pataphysique)

OVERHANG PARTY - s/t (Mutant)

OVERTONE ENSEMBLE - Longitudes (Cassauna)

OWL XOUNDS - Gypsy Monks On Holiday (Curor)

OWL XOUNDS/DATASHOCK - Split (Meu Dia De Morte)

OXENBERG + BEAR GALVIN + FRIENDS (PILLOW MT. CONSPIRACY), DANNY - Early Abstractions, Vol. 1 (Feeding Tube Records)

OXYDE/CRYSTAL EYES - Revolution / Crystalized (Cameleon)

OZONE LAYER - Formidable Circle (Manhand)

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