Items: 392

R.O.T. - Batman & Snake (Imvated)

R.O.T. - Ceci Nest Plus Avioth (Morc)

R.O.T. - Rome (Veglia)

RAAJMAHAL - Anthemoessa (Kelippah)

RAAJMAHAL - Celandine (Digitalis)

RAAJMAHAL - Tishna (Sloow Tapes)

RABE, FOLKE - What?? (Important)

RACCOO-OO-OON - Behold Secret Kingdom (Release The Bats)

RADA - Tropical Cosmic Sounds From Space (El Palmas Music)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Chry-Ptus (Important)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Feedback Works 1969-1970 (Alga Marghen)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Geelriandre / Arthesis (Important)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Jetsun Mila (Lovely Music)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Jouet Electronique/Elemental I (Alga Marghen)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Opus 17 (Alga Marghen)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Songs of Milarepa (Lovely Music)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Transamorem - Transmortem (Important)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Trilogie de la Mort (XI)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Triptych (Important)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Vice Versa, Etc... (Important)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Vice-Versa, Etc... (Alga Marghen)

RADIGUE, ELIANE - Virtuoso Listening (La Huit Productions)

RADIO NEPAL - Volume 1 (Hanson)

RADIO NEPAL - Volume 2 (Hanson)

RADIO NEPAL - Volume 3 (Hanson)

RADIO SHACK/RADIO SHOCK - Split (Roger/Breathmint/Carbon/Ignivimous/Sunship)


RADIOMOBEL - Tramsebox (Papaaver)

RAGAB AND THE CAIRO JAZZ BAND, SALAH - Present Egyptian Jazz: Ramadan In Space Time (Art Yard)

RAGGED VEINS - That Which Was Taken From You Now Rests In The Hands Of Those You Despise (Independent Woman)

RAGTIME FRANK & THE DRIVERS - I Know Said the King (Ever/Never)

RAHBEK & FREDERIK VALENTIN, LOKE - Elephant (Posh Isolation)

RAICEVIC, NICHOLAS - The Complete Narco Records And Tapes Recordings (1971-1975) (Creel Pone)

RAILTON, LUCY - Paradise 94 (Modern Love)

RAILTON/MAX EILBACHER, LUCY - Forma / Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani and a Fly) (Portraits Grm)

RAIN - s/t (Out-Sider)

RAINER VEIL - Vanity (Modern Love)

RAINER, YVONNE - Work 1961-73 (Primary Information)

RAINEY, BHOB - Two Bites Of A Bitter Sweet (Evolving Ear)

RAISING HOLY SPARKS - Old Times & End Times (Sloow Tapes)

RAMAGLIA, VINCENZO - Atomic City (Dark Companion)

RAMASES - Space Hymns (Mexican Summer)

RAMBLING BOYS - True to Blue (Sloow Tapes)

RAMIREZ, RICHARD - Amplified Tactics (Hospital Productions)

RAMLEH - Circular Time (Crucial Blast)

RAMLEH - Hole in the Heart (Dirter Promotions)

RAMLEH - It's Never Alright/Kerb Krawler (Fourth Dimension)

RAMLEH - Night Hair Child (SFTRI)

RAMLEH - The Great Unlearning (Nashazphone)

RAMLEH - The Great Unlearning (Fourth Dimension)

RAMLEH - Too Many Miles: Complete Singles 90-95 (Dirter Promotions)

RAMPAZZI, TERESA - Images for Diana Baylon (Die Schachtel)

RANALDO, CODY - Beating You Up (Western Unconscious)

RANALDO, CODY - Boneless (Western Unconscious)

RANALDO, LEE - Outside My Window The City Is Never Silent - A Bestiary (Hells Half Halo/Chocolate Monk)

RANALDO, LEE - Vancouver Ambients 1-4 (Important)

RANCID HELL SPAWN - Abolition of the Orgasm (Wrench)

random item (Phaserprone)

RANDOM NUMBER/STRAIGHT OUT OF MANGOLIA - Its Time Honey/Raver (Fencing Flatworm)

RANDOM, ERIC - Words Made Flesh (Klanggalerie)

RANDY AND THE GOATS - On the Lam (Broken Records)

RANGERS - Suburban Tours (Olde English Spelling Bee)

RANKO, SLAVA - Arctic Hysteria (Adolescent)

RANTZ - s/t (Rantz)

RAPH, PIERRE - Juenes Filles Impudiques (Finders Keepers)

RASKOVICH - Science & Technology (Dead-Cert)

RASMUSSEN/TASHI DORJI, METTE - Mette Rasmussen/Tashi Dorji (Feeding Tube)


RATKJE, MAJA S.K. - Mara (Important)

RATLIFF, K.S. AND BLACK MAGIC - Fear of the Night (Subliminal Sounds)

RATTI, NICOLA - 220 Tones (Die Schachtel)

RATTI, NICOLA - Continental (Students of Decay)

RATTLE - Sequence (Upset The Rhythm)

RAUDIVE BUNKER EXPERIMENT - Falling (You Dont Have To Call It Music)

RAUDIVE, KONSTANTIN - The Voices of the Dead (Sub Rosa)


RAUHANORKESTERI - Felix (267 Lattajjaa)

RAUHANORKESTERI - Hyppy Tunti (Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Aanet)


RAUX, RICHARD & HAMSA - Kundalini (Monster Melodies)

RAVEN - Back To Ohio Blues (Owl)

RAVEN AND JOAN MILLS, MICHAEL - Death And The Lady (Sunbeam)


RAVENSTINE, ALLEN - Four Stories (ReR Megacorp)

RAVENSTINE, ALLEN - Waiting For The Bomb (ReR Megacorp)

RAVIV, AMNON - Mirror (Paradigm Discs)

RAY OFF - Ghost Wolf (United Fairy Moons)

RAY OFF - I Am Not In The Racing Sky (United Fairy Moons)

RAY PACINO ENSEMBLE - Be My Lonely Night (Lal Lal Lal)

RAY, BRENDA - Walatta (EM)

RAY, RUBY - From the Edge of the World: California Punk, 1977-1981 (Superior Viaduct)

RAZEN - Ayik Adhista, Adhista Ayik (Kraak)

RAZEN - Rim Saraband (Sloow Tapes)

RAZIKA - Nytt Pa Nytt (Smalltown Supersound)

READ, DARRYL GROUP - On The Street Tonight (Last Years Youth)

REBEL, THE - Exciting New Stadium Venue For Soccer And Execution Of Women (SDZ)

REBEL, THE - Incredible Hulk (Junior Aspirin)

REBEL, THE - Poems With Water Trilogy (Monfonus Press)

REBEL, THE/BOMBER JACKETS - Split (Savoury Days)

RECCHION, TOM - The Incandescent Gramophone (Poo-Bah)

RECCHION, TOM - Where Were You On Christmas?/Christmas Filled With Tears (Meeuw Muzak)

RED BRUT - Cloaked Travels (Ikuisuus / Lal Lal Lal)

RED BRUT - S/T (Kraak)

RED CRAYOLA - On Forty-Five (Leiterwagen)

RED RIPPERS, THE - Over There... And Over Here (Paradise of Bachelors)

REDBIRDS, THE - Truth Justice and a Wholesome Packed Lunch (Shagrat)

REDGLAER - Cranky (Static Aktion)



REDNESS - Killer Bees (No Label)

REDOLFI, MICHEL - Desert Tracks (Sub Rosa)

REEG & TUNIS - ....shhh... this is for Derek Bailey (Carbon)

REFORMARTWEST - The Edgar Allan Poe Suite (Sporadic Tangible Documents)

REFRIGERATOR - Live At The American Legion Hall Pomona (Shrimper)


REGIS - Play Neutral (Hospital Productions)

REGLER - Regel #9 (Blues) (At War With False Noise)

REGRESSION - Sun Damage (AA)


REIBEL, GUY - Choeurs Imaginaires (Ina Grm)

REICH & ENSEMBLE MODERN & SYNERGY VOCALS, STEVE - Tokyo Opera City, 21.5.2008 (Alternative Fox)

REICH + SO PERCUSSION, STEVE - Drumming Live (Dog W/A Bone)

REICH, STEVE - Berkeley November 7, 1970 (Alternative Fox)

REICH, STEVE - Drumming (Superior Viaduct)

REICH, STEVE - Information, Transmission, Modulation and Noise (Alternative Fox)

REICH, STEVE - Sextet - Double Sextet (Mode)

REICH, STEVE/TERRY RILEY - Six Pianos / Keyboard Study #1 (Film)

REICHEL, HANS - Bonobo (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

REICHEL, HANS - Wichlinghauser Blues (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

REID, TOMEKA - Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

REIDEMEISTER MOVE - Arcanum 17 (Recital)

REIDY, JULIA - All Is Ablaze (Feeding Tube)

REIDY, JULIA - In Real Life (Black Truffle)

REINHARD, SAMUEL - Miniatures (Prasens Editionen)


RELAY FOR DEATH - Anxiety of the Eye (No Rent)

RELAY FOR DEATH - Birth Of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ (Hanson)

RELIGIOUS KNIVES - Blackbird/Wax & Flesh (Heavy Tapes)

RELIGIOUS KNIVES - In Bed (Heavy Tapes)

RELIGIOUS KNIVES - Live at Bigjar (Archive)


RELIGIOUS KNIVES - The Door (Ecstatic Peace)

RELIGIOUS KNIVES/AIRPORT WAR - Europe 2007 (Heavy Tapes)


RELIGIOUS OVERDOSE - Glass Hymnbook (1980-1982) (Glass Redux)

REMNANTS - Marred By Time (Crisis Of Taste)

REMORA - The Clockwork Ammonite Shells (Worry)

RENALDO & THE LOAF - Play Struve & Sneff (40th Anniversary Edition) (Blocglobal)

RENALDO & THE LOAF - Songs For Swinging Larvae/Songs From The Surgery (Editions Mego)

RENALDO & THE LOAF - The Elbow Is Taboo/Elbonus (Editions Mego)

RENDELL, DON - IAN CARR QUINTET - Live At The Union 1966 (Reel Recordings)

RENDERERS, THE - A Rocket Into Nothing (Ba Da Bing)

RENDERERS, THE - Monsters and Miasmas (Last Visible Dog)

RENE HELL - Lucifer Pt. II (Arbor)

RENNER, MARK - Few Traces (Rvng International)

RENTAL, ROBERT - Different Voices For You. Different Colours For Me. (Klanggalerie)

RENTAL, ROBERT - Different Voices For You. Different Colours For Me. Demos 1980 (Optimo Music)

REP AND FRIENDS, MIKE - Darby Creek Drifter (Five Four-O)

REP, MIKE & THE QUOTAS/SCREAMING MEE MEES with NUDGE SQUIDFISH - Aliens In Our Midst/Cartoonland (New World Of Sound)

REP, MIKE AND THE QUOTAS - A Tree Stump Named Desire (Anyway)

REP, MIKE AND THE QUOTAS - Black Hole Rock -The Harrisburg Ohio Sessions 2004 (Old Age/No Age)

REP, MIKE AND THE QUOTAS - Mama Was a Schitzo, Daddy Was a Vegetable Man/Rocket Music On (Old Age/Sverige Age)

REP, MIKE AND THE QUOTAS - Rocket To Nowhere (Mighty Mouth Music)

REP, MIKE AND THE QUOTAS - Stupor Hiatus (Siltbreeze)

REPTILE RANCH - s/t (C/Site)

REPULSE - Habershon Ways (Cameleon)

RESIDENTS, THE - Santa Dog (Superior Viaduct)

RESIDENTS, THE - Meet The Residents (Ralph/File Magazine)

RESIDENTS, THE - Refused (Klanggalerie)

RESIDENTS,THE--Duck Stab/Buster-&-Glen:-Preserved-Edition (Cryptic Corporation)

RESIDUAL ECHOES - Incredible Feets (Selection)

RESIDUAL ECHOES - Residual Echoes (Holy Mountain)

RESNICK, JEFF - SAC (Outernational Sounds)

RETSEPTI - Anthology of Georgian Underground - Tbilisi, 1987-92 (Supreme Echo)

RETTMAN, TONY - Why Be Something That Youre Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979- 1985 (Revelation)

REV, MARTIN - Cheyenne (Bureau B)

REV, MARTIN - Cheyenne (Bureau B)

REV, MARTIN - Clouds Of Glory (Bureau B)

REV, MARTIN - Clouds Of Glory (Bureau B)

REV, MARTIN - See Me Ridin' (Bureau B)


REVERSE ENGINEERS - 2004 (Herndon Gallery)

REVERSE ENGINEERS - 2005 (Weird Shadow)

REVERT, MATTHEW - A Discussion Was Had In Your Absence (Tristes Tropiques)

REVERT, MATTHEW - Letters to Friends of the Late Darcy O'Meara (Round Bale)

REYNOLDS, BEN - Basic Consciousness (Cauliflower Dreams)

REYNOLDS, BEN - Third Tongue Meditations (Memoirs Of An Aesthete)

RFD - Lead Me Home (Riverman)

RIBA, PAU - Dioptria (Yellow & Green Vinyl) (Munster Records)

RIBEIRO & ALPES, CATHERINE - Ame Debout (Anthology Recordings)

RIBEIRO & ALPES, CATHERINE - N°2 (Anthology Recordings)

RIBEIRO & ALPES, CATHERINE - Paix (Anthology Recordings)

RIBEIRO, CATHERINE & ALPES - Ame Debout (Anthology Recordings)

RICCI, VITO - I Was Crossing A Bridge (Music From Memory)

RICHENEL - Perfect Stranger (Music From Memory)

RIFF VISITORS - Live At The Davistown Museum (Trd w/d)

RIK L RIK - The Lost Album (Radiation Deluxe Series)

RILEY, TERRY & AMELIA CUNI - The Lion's Throne (Sri Moonshine Music)

RILEY, TERRY & GYAN - Terry Riley & Gyan Riley - Live (Sri Moonshine)

RILEY, TERRY - A Rainbow In Curved Air (Columbia)

RILEY, TERRY - Early Works For Tape And Electronics (No Label)

RILEY, TERRY - In C (Music on Vinyl)

RILEY, TERRY - Last Camel In Paris (Elision Fields)

RILEY, TERRY - Les Yeux Fermés & Lifespan (Elision Fields)

RILEY, TERRY - Music For The Gift (Cortical Foundation)

RILEY, TERRY - Persian Surgery Dervishes (New Tone)

RILEY, TERRY - Persian Surgery Dervishes (Aguirre)

RILEY, TERRY - Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band All Night Flight (Elision Fields)

RILEY, TERRY - Songs For The Ten Voices Of The Two Prophets (Beacon Sound)

RILEY, TERRY - The 3 Generations Trio (I Dischi Di Angelica)

RIMARIMBA - Below the Horizon (Rvng International)

RIMBAUD, PENNY & LOUISE ELLIOT - Not Them/Not Us (Boo-Hooray)

RISHAUG MARHAUG - Corneal Clouds (The Tapeworm)

RITA, THE - El Lago De Los Muertos Vivientes (Audiobot)

RITA, THE - Living Dead Girl (Amethyst Sunset)

RITA, THE - The Lilac Fairy (Urashima)

RITA, THE - The Nylons of Laura Antonelli (Urashima)

RITA, THE - Toe Cleavage (Urashima)

RITCHIE, JEAN - Singing The Traditional Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family (Fantome Phonographique)

RITSCH, WINFRIED - Mono Metal Space (God)

RITUAL ABUSE - s/t (Maim & Disfigure)

RJF - Greater Success in Apprehension & Convictions (Harbinger Sound)

RLW - Fall Seliger Geister (Dirter Promotions)


RLW - Views (Anomalous)

ROACH CLIP - Al Pastor (Nostilevo)

ROACH, STEVE - Dreamtime Return (Telephone Explosion)

ROACH, STEVE - Quiet Music 1 (Telephone Explosion)

ROACH, STEVE - Quiet Music 1 (Telephone Explosion)

ROACH, STEVE - Quiet Music 2 (Telephone Explosion)

ROACH, STEVE - Quiet Music 2 (Telephone Explosion)

ROACH, STEVE - Quiet Music 3 (Telephone Explosion)

ROACH, STEVE - Quiet Music 3 (Telephone Explosion)

ROACH, STEVE - Structures From Silence (Telephone Explosion)

ROACHCLIP - Calmer in this Town (Quemada)

ROBB, J.D. - Rhythmania: Electronic Music From Razor Blades To Moog (Locust)

ROBBER - s/t (Independent Woman)

ROBEDOOR - Exorcist Blues (Monorail Trespassing)

ROBEDOOR - Frozen Closure (Imvated)

ROBEDOOR - Hopeless Transformation (Not Not Fun)

ROBEDOOR - Pacific Drift (Not Not Fun)

ROBEDOOR - Pained Transformation (House Of Alchemy)

ROBEDOOR - Shapeshifter Slave (Olde English Spelling Bee)

ROBEDOOR - Stoner Reaper (Fuck It Tapes)


ROBEDOOR/CHANGELING - Fog Shrouded Marsh (Buried Valley)



ROBERTS, JOHN - Can Thought Exist Without The Body (Brunette Editions)

ROBERTSON, JOANNE - The Lighter (Textile)

ROBIN WILLIAMS ON FIRE - Jungle Gym of Crucifixes (Deathbomb Arc)

ROBOTNICS CROSSING - Trigger Happy (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)

ROCCHETTI, CLAUDIO - Kennedy Pantheon : Alte Meister (Second Sleep)

ROCCHI, CLAUDIO - A Fuoco (Cramps)

ROCCHI, CLAUDIO - In Alto (Cramps)

ROCCHI, CLAUDIO - Suoni Di Frontiera (Die Schachtel)

ROCH, ERNAN - La Onda Pesada, Mexico 1971 (Shadoks)

ROCHE, JEAN C. - Birds Of Venezuela (Sub Rosa)

ROCKET ROBERT - s/t (Got Kinda Lost)

ROCKEY, LEE - Brass Ring (Pigface)

ROCKEY, LEE - Jazz Drummer Extraordinaire (Pigface)

ROCKEY, LEE - Music (Destijl)

ROCKEY, LEE - Tarzans Morning After (Pigface)

RODDEN, STEVE - o.t.r. and u.t.r. (Anomalous Records)

RODEN, STEVE - Between Yellow and White on One Side. Between Blue and Black On the Other. (Banned Production)

RODENT PLAGUE - Blue Wave (Kill Shaman)

RODER, KLAUS - Kristallisationen (Planam)

RODER, KLAUS - Kristallisationen 2 (Planam)

RODIER, ROGER - Upon Velveatur (Sunbeam)

RODINA - Ex Anima (Now-Again)

RODINIA - Ex Anima (Now-Again)

RODION G.A. - The Lost Tapes (Strut)

RODMAN-MELCHIOR - Melchior-Rodman (Fabrica)

ROE ENNEY - Damnatio Memoriae (Phaserprone)

ROEDELIUS - Selbstportrait Wahre Liebe (Bureau B)

ROEDELIUS - Tape Archive Essence 1973-1978 (Bureau B)

ROGALSKY, MATT - Memory Like Water (XI)

ROGERS, WAYNE - The Air Below (Twisted Village)

ROHRER, SAMUEL - Continual Decentering (Arjunamusic)

ROIGK, STEFAN - Sprachmusik (Tochnit Aleph)

ROIGK, STEFAN - The Rising of Matteo (Tochnit Aleph)

ROLIN, MATTHEW J. - Matthew J. Rolin (Feeding Tube)

ROLLERBALL - Savage Eyes/Lay You Down (Sing Sing)

ROLLIN, JEAN - The B-Music of Jean Rollin: Various Artists 1968-1973 (Finders Keepers)

ROMAN SOLDIERS - Warmer/Yuppie Fires (Captured Tracks)

ROMANELLI, EMILIANO - Tabulatura (Cassauna)

ROMERO, DAMION - Birth Twin (Heavy Tapes)

ROMERO, DAMION - Missing Link (Hanson)

RONIN - s/t (Kernkrach)

ROOTH, JERRY - But You ll Try...Again (Kebrutney)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - 7 October 1974 (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Blind Music (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Brunch With Chef Madness (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Constructive, Progressive, Loyal (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Early Efforts Vol 1 (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Early Efforts Vol 2 (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - End Of The Earth Part 1 (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - End Of The Earth Part 2 (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Ham In The Oven (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Junior Achievement (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Just Plain Gare (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Macho Madness (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - My Name Is Danny Kaye (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Program Music (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - Roots Of Madness (Lonely Whistle Music)

ROOTS OF MADNESS - The Girl In The Chair (De Stijl)

ROOTSMAN/MUSLIMGAUZE, THE - Fuck Israel (Muslimgauze Preservation Society)

ROQUES, MICHEL - Chorus (Souffle Continu)

RORN - The Mechanical Weather Cousin (Nauscopy)

RORY STORM - Cheap Utopia Eats Cheap Utopia (Epic Sweep)

RORY STORM - We Are Superior Beings (United Fairy Moons)

RORY STORM - Wirewreath (Epic Sweep)

ROSE, JACK - Kensington Blues (VHF)

ROSEMARY KRUST - Bernt Anker (Dull Knife)

ROSENBLUM, AARON - Among the Jackdaws (Hank The Herald Angel)

ROSENBOOM, DAVID - Brainwave Music (EM)

ROSENBOOM, DAVID - Brainwave Music (Black Truffle)

ROSENBOOM, DAVID - In the Beginning (1978-1981) (New World)

ROSENBOOM, DAVID - Roundup Two (Art Into LIfe)

ROSENFELD, MARINA - Deathstar (Shelter Press)

ROSENFELD, MARINA - P.A./Hard Love (Room40)

ROSENKOPF - s/t (Wierd)

ROSS, LESLIE - Drop By Drop, Suddenly (XI)

ROSSETTO, VANESSA - Adult Contemporary (No Rent)

ROT SHIT - Have You Scene Rot Shit? (Fashionable Idiots)

ROT SHIT - Youre Welcome (Columbus Discount)

ROT, DITER - A Look into the blue tide, part 2 (Primary Information)


ROTHER, MICHAEL - Flammende Herzen/Karussell (Bureau B)

ROTOMAGUS - Eros / Madame Wanda / Fightin Cock / The Sky Turns Red (Cameleon)

ROTTEN PIECE - Split Head (Lazy Squid)

ROTTERS - 78 Punk Rock (Cameleon)

ROUBER, KITO MIZUKUMI - Itta Low (No Basement Is Deep Enough)

ROUGH & WOJTYLA - Side R & Side W (Bam Balam)

ROUSAY, CLAIRE - Both (Second Editions)

ROUX, SÉBASTIEN, SETH CLUETT - Inevitable Music #1: Variations on Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #260 (Future Audio Graphics)

ROWE, KEITH & MARK WASTELL - Live At I-And-E (Confront Recordings)


ROWE, TIM - Meet Me at the Hospital (C/Site)

ROZMANN, AKOS - 12 Stationer VI (Ideologic Organ)

ROZMANN, AKOS - 12 Stations/Tolv Stationer (Ideologic Organ)

ROZMANN, AKOS - Implusioni I, II, III, De Tva, Med Tre Instrument (Fylkingen)

RS PRODUÇÕES - Bagdad Style (Principe)

RSO - Row (Parkway Steel)

RST - Warm Planes (Corpus Hermeticum)

RTFO BANDWAGON - New Jack (Dull Knife)

RTVS - 1981–2001 ... approximately (Ultra Eczema)

RUCHALSKI, EDWARD - Having It Out (Humbug)

RUDI - I Spy/Genuine Reply/Sometimes/Ripped In Two (Sing Sing)

RUHM, GERHARD - Ausgewahlte Kurze Horstucke (Tochnit Aleph)

RUHM, GERHARD - Diotima Hat Ihre Lekture Gewechselt (Tochnit Aleph)

RÜHM, GERHARD - Masoch (Tochnit Aleph)

RUINS - Marea/Tide (Music From Memory)

RUINS - The Art Dance (Minimal Wave)

RUIZ DEL POZO, ARTURO - Native Compositions (Buh)

RUIZ, MIGUEL A. - Climatery (Abstrakce)

RUNNING - Frizzled (God?)

RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK - d) Wurm?...und innen sind sie wurmstichig (Hypnagogia)


RUPP, OLAF - Eins, Zwo, Drei, Vier (Happy Zloty)

RUPP, OLAF - Mai (Sieben)

RUSHFORD, JAMES - The Body's Night (Black Truffle)

RUSSELL, ARTHUR - Calling Out of Context (Audika)

RUSSELL, ARTHUR - Corn (Audika)

RUSSELL, ARTHUR - Iowa Dream (Audika)

RUSSELL, ARTHUR - Iowa Dream (Audika)

RUSSELL, ARTHUR - World Of Echo (Audika)

RUSSELL, ARTHUR - World of Echo (Audika)

RUSSELL, BRUCE & NOEL MEEK - Classical Music (Feeding Tube)

RUSSELL, BRUCE & LUKE WOOD - Visceral Realists (VHF)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - 1968 (Imminent Frequencies)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - Acetate Blues (CMR)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - Gilded Splinters (Spirit Of Orr)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - Gilded Splinters: Essays And Aphorisms Towards An Aesthetics Of Noise (Slow Toe)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - Maximalist Mantra Music (Crank Automotive)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - Metallic OK (Glass Redux)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - Painting The Passports Brown (Corpus Hermeticum)

RUSSELL, BRUCE - Toy Walkie Talkie (Chocolate Monk)

RUSSOLO, LUIGI - The Art of Noise (Primary Information)

RUSSOM, GAVILAN RAYNA - Secret Passage (W.25Th)

RUTH - Mon Pote/Mescalito (Poutre Apparente)

RUTHERFORD, PAUL - Solo In Berlin 1975 (Emanem)

RV PAINTINGS - Trinity Rivers (Root Strata)

RYAN, COLLIE - The Hour Is Now (Sebastian Speaks/Yoga)

RYAN, COLLIE - The Rainbow Records (Riverman)

RYLAN, JESSICA - No Touching (Palsy)

RYLAN, JESSICA - Flight to the Ivory Tower/Total Confusion Recreation (Heavy Tapes)

RYLAN, JESSICA - Long Slow Changes (Ice Factory)

RYLAN, JESSICA - Wiped Away (Durable Stimuli)

RYLANDER, HENRIK - Formation (Firework Editions)

RYLANDER, HENRIK - Fran En Obestamd Plats I Rummet (Hoga Nord)

RZEWSKI, FREDERIC - Coming Together / Attica / Les Moutons De Panurge (Black Sweat)

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Over the next few months, as we take inventory, clean house, and delve into our storage, we will be uploading thousands of additional items, gradually, on a near-daily basis. This will include the majority of the LPs, as well as many titles, in all formats, once thought long-gone. Many currently “sold out” items are likely to resurface.

Finally, once our general backstock is up (probably in the next two or three months) we’ll begin making our extensive stockpile of rarities available online for the first time: tons of random out-of-print titles, "deadstock," warehouse finds, secondhand collectibles, etc., accumulated over the past few decades.

Frequent/returning customers will be getting early access to these items. Details to follow on how this will work (a priority mailing list? a 'frequent flyer'-like program?), but it will not be based on dollars spent. We want to reward those who consistently support us, especially in the discogs marketplace era (to those who show up trying to poach five copies of a one-off rarity, and nothing else, ever… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

So—we suggest you take some time to dig through the site—even we’ve been surprised by what’s been turning up, and there’s much more to come.
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