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U.S. GIRLS - Early Works (Medusa)

U.S. GIRLS - Go Grey (Siltbreeze)

U.S. GIRLS - Gravel Days (Chocolate Monk)

U.S. GIRLS - Introducing (Siltbreeze)

U.S. GIRLS - Kankakee Memories (Cherry Burger)

U.S. GIRLS - Me & Yoko (Not Not Fun)

U.S. SAUCER - Size It Up (Amarillo)

U.X.A. - Illusions Of Grandeur (Radiation Reissues)

UBEK - Ubek II (Sucata Tapes)

UBEK - Ubek II (Sucata Tapes)

UCHIDA & THE FLOWERS, YUYA - Challenge! (Cosmic Rock)

UEHARA, KAZUO - Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 8: Assemblage (Edition Omega Point)

UEHARA, KAZUO - Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol. 15: Event 73 (Edition Omega Point)

UEHARA, KAZUO - Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol. 16: Early Works (Edition Omega Point)

UENO & MAYUMI MIYATA & KEN'ICHI NAKAGAWA, YOSHIE - Toshio Hosokawa: Works For Flute (Kairos)

UFONAUT - Ive Got Something I Cant Explain (Saucerlike)

UGHETTI, EUGENE - Agglomeration Of Measurement (Room40)

UGLY THINGS - #41 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #44 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #49 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #52 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #53 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #54 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #55 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #56 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #57 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #58 (Ugly Things)

UGLY THINGS - #62 (Ugly Things)

UKE OF PHILLIPS / TOBEY, ERIN - Live on the Phone (Trd/wd)

UKE OF SPACES CORNERS - Albumen/Ovum (Goaty Tapes)

UKE OF SPACES CORNERS COUNTY - Albumen/ Ovum (Trd w/d)

UKE OF SPACES CORNERS COUNTY - Flowers in the Night (Trd w/d)

UKE OF SPACES CORNERS COUNTY - Maine Sketches Vol 2/Equinox Bound (Trd w/d)

ULAAN KHOL - III (Soft Abuse)

ULLMANN, JAKOB - Fremde Zeit Addendum 5 (Edition RZ)

ULLMANN, JAKOB - Muntzers Stern, Solo II (Edition RZ)

ULTRA FUCK - Sex At The Maly Trostenets (Jartecknet)

UMAN - Chaleur Humaine (Freedom To Spend)

UMAN - Chaleur Humaine (Freedom To Spend)

UMAN - Maelström / Human (Freedom To Spend)

UMBERTO - Freeze! (Not Not Fun)

UMBRA - Umbra (Lion Productions)

UMBREIT, LASZLO - Pas de Regrets (Sub Rosa)


UMILIANI (M. ZALLA), PIERO - Africa / Continente Nero (Dagored)

UMILIANI, PIERO - Continente Nero (Omicron)

UMWURF - Fruher Wurf (Sloow Tapes)

UN - Trans-missions (Siltbreeze)

UN CIEGO - Vincennes Monument/Kali Gandaki (A Binary Datum)

UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANE - A Travail Egal Salaire Egal (Klanggalerie)

UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANE - Carnage (Klanggalerie)

UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANE - L'homme A La Camera/La Glace A Trois Faces (Klanggalerie)

UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANE - Rideau! (Klanggalerie)

UNCLE JIM - My Niece's Pierced Knees (Ultra Eczema)

UNDER SATANS SUN - Demo (Sound@One)

UNDERDOGS, THE - Blues Band (Wah Wah)

UNDERGROUND FAILURE, THE - Underground Failure (Black Light)

UNDO - un sperme qui meurt de froid en agitant faiblement sa petite queue dans les draps dun gamin (Squint Fucker Press)

UNEARTHED PUZZLE - Chronicling 47 James Ferraro and Spencer Clark Artefacts (DM Publication)

UNEVEN ELEVEN - Live at Cafe OTO (Sub Rosa)

UNGLEE IZI - S.1.W / Tracteur Directrice De L'A.S.M.A. (Nashazphone)

UNHAPPY FLY - Unhappy Fly (Emotional Response)

UNITED LIGHT - Let the Fuzz (Flowerhouse)

UNITS - History Of The Units: The Early Years 1977-1983 (Community Library)

UNIVERS ZERO - Ceux Du Dehors (Sub Rosa)

UNIVERS ZERO - Ceux Du Dehors (Sub Rosa)

UNIVERS ZERO - Phosphorescent Dreams (Sub Rosa)

UNIVERS ZERO - Phosphorescent Dreams (Sub Rosa)

UNIVERSAL INDIANS - Stakes And Guys (Gods Of Tundra)

UNKNOWN ARTIST - Focus (Goaty Tapes)

UNKNOWN ARTIST - Rellik (Mask)

UNKNOWN ARTIST - Shida-Yuri (Kodanuki Press)

UNS (ZEV) - What Does The Brain Have To Do With It (C.I.P.)

UNSWORTH, CATHI - Johnny Remember Me (The Tapeworm)

UNTITLED NOISE - s/t (Die Schachtel)

UNUSABLE SIGNAL - Universe in Terrors (American Tapes)

UP-TIGHT - Live 2003 (Up-Tight)

UP-TIGHT - Live at the Lucrezia (Last Visible Dog)

UP-TIGHT - Sweet Sister 1994-2003 (Up-Tight)

UP-TIGHT - Up-Tight (Up-Tight)


URABE, MASAYOSHI - Flag of Midsummer (PSF)

URABE, MASAYOSHI - Mobilis In Mobili (An'archives)

URABE, MASAYOSHI - Urklang (Tiliqua)


URANIUM ORCHARD - Four For Survival (Cold Vomit)

URBAIN AUTOPSY - 1984 - 1987 (Vinyl Vidi Vici)

URBAIN AUTOPSY - From Nowhere To Somewhere (Black Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

URBAIN AUTOPSY - From Nowhere To Somewhere (Clear Vinyl) (Rotorelief)

URBAIN AUTOPSY - Inonu (Rotorelief)

URBAIN AUTOPSY - Inonu (Rotorelief)

URBAN SAX - Fraction Sur Le Temps (Wah Wah)

URBAN SAX - Spiral (Wah Wah)

URBAN SAX - Urban Sax 1 (Wah Wah)

URBAN SAX - Urban Sax 2 (Wah Wah)

URBAN, MATTHIAS - Dialoge____Gideons Disease (Cassauna)

URINALS - Negative Capability (Warning Label)

URINALS - Pin The Needles: Live at George's, Santa Barbara, November 1979 (Harbinger Sound)

URINALS, THE - Another EP (Superior Viaduct)

URINALS, THE - Sex/Go Away (Superior Viaduct)

USA IS A MONSTER - 1st 6 (Mass Dist)

USA IS A MONSTER - Geronimo (Lovepump United)

USELESS USERS - We Are All (Emotional Response)

USURPER - Lets Just See What Happens (Rel)

UT - Conviction (Out)

UT - Early Live Life (Out)

UT - Early Live Life (Out)

UT - Griller (Out)

UT - Griller (Out)

UTERMOHLEN, NIKOLAUS - Karlsbad (La Scie Doree)

UTKU, HUMA - Gnosis (Karlrecords)

UTKU, HUMA - The Psychologist (Editions Mego)

UTKU, HUMA - The Psychologist (Editions Mego)

UTON & TOMUTONTTU - Hevoset (Haamumaa)

UTON & VALERIO COSI - Käärmeenkääntopiiri (Fire Museum)

UTON - Alitaja Ylimina (Dekorder)

UTON - Buddhamania (267 Lattajjaa)

UTON - Live In Death (Cauliflower Dreams)

UTON - Live in the Center of the World (Black Horizons)

UTON - Radio Olio Metaphysica! (Om ha sva ha ksha a la va ra yam)

UTON - s/t (Gold Soundz)

UTON - Shiva Blues (Om ha sva ha ksha a la va ra yam)

UTON - Straight Edge XXS (Dekorder)

UTON - Unexplained Objects (Dekorder)

UTON - Were Only In It For The Spirit (Digitalis)

UTON - XXX (Gold Soundz)

UTON ‎– Tämän Sanan Jälkeen (Haamumaa)

UTON/CLAY FIGURE - Split (Haamumaa)

UUSKYLA, PEETER - Daydreaming Nerves (Omlott)

UUSKYLA, PEETER - Exole (Peeter Uusklya)


UV POP - No Songs Tomorrow (Sacred Bones)

UV RACE - Racism (In The Red)


UW OWL - Old Birth of New Death (Phaserprone)

UWALMASSA - Malar (Mana)

UZ JSME DOMA - Moravian Meeting (Klanggalerie)

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