Items: 540

V-3 - Russian Roulette (Chinese Style) (Birdman)

V/A - Pink Gold (Gold Soundz)

V/A - (si-ke-del-ik) Volume 1 (PsychForm)

V/A - 267 Purkkia Liimaa (267 Lattajjaa)

V/A - 2:3 -- Oswald Wiener Zum 65. Geburtstag (Suppose)

V/A - 30 Seconds Over DC (2.13.61)

V/A - 3AM Spares (Efficient Space)

V/A - 40th Anniversary Edition of the Fluxus 30th Anniversary Box (Fluxus)

V/A - 41 Pardons: M Squared Rare Recordings 1979-1983 Vol. 1 (Ascension)

V/A - A Can of Worms (The Tapeworm)

V/A - A Lowtides Rising (Explorations Around The Theme Of NZ Acoustic Music) (Pseudoarcana)

V/A - A Range of Greatdividing (Greatdividing)

V/A - A Thousand Colors Blaze (Gods of Tundra)

V/A - Agrim Agadez: Musique Guitare de la Republique du Niger (Sahelsounds)

V/A - ALERT! (Alter)

V/A - All Ears (Firework Editions)

V/A - Amaterasu (Fractal)

V/A - Amenonuvoco (Music for Embryo) (Kodanuki Press)

V/A - American The Beautiful (RRRecords)

V/A - An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2016 (Sub Rosa)

V/A - An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2016 (Sub Rosa)

V/A - And To The Disciples That Remain (Amish)

V/A - Anti-Naturals Art Cards (Swill Radio)

V/A - Antipodean Anomalies (Left Ear)

V/A - Asian Flashback: Underground Music From Asia (PSF)

V/A - Audio Trans Art Vol. 1 (Slowscan)

V/A - Auto Glamour Sound: A Hospital Records Compilation (Shake It)

V/A - Avanto 2006 (Avanto)

V/A - Balani Show Super Hits: Electronic Street Parties from Mali (Sahel Sounds)

V/A - Beating on the Bars: Twisted Tales from the Vinyl Wastelands Volume 2 (Trailer Park)

V/A - Bloody Butterfly From Overdrive Cloudy Skyes (Bloody Butterfly)

V/A - Booby J #64 (Bobby J)

V/A - Bound With Skin (Skulls of Heaven)

V/A - Box Set (AA)

V/A - Brann Ner Hela Skiten (Forlag For Fri Musik)

V/A - Brass Pins And Match Heads: International 78s (Mississippi)

V/A - Braublff (Materie Und Laut) (Kraak)

V/A - Brazil Primitivo Vol.1: Rhythms, Legends & Styles (1899-1963) (Sound Miracle)

V/A - Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo-Fi Whores. Vol 1 (Fisheye)

V/A - Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo-Fi Whores. Vol 2 (Fisheye)

V/A - Bring Me The Head Of Nick Cain (Hells Half Halo)

V/A - Broken Music (Primary Information)

V/A - Brown Acid - The Fifth Trip (Ridingeasy)

V/A - Brown Acid - The Fourth Trip (Ridingeasy)

V/A - Brown Acid - The Sixth Trip (Ridingeasy)

V/A - Bruismelk NY 2014 (Ultra Eczema)

V/A - Buried Country (Mississippi)

V/A - Burkina Faso: Volume 2 (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Burkina Faso: Volume 3 (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Byron Recital Hall No. 3 (Vitrine)

V/A - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk and Pop Music Vol. 1 (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk and Pop Music Vol. 1 (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Cant Stop It - Australian Post-Punk 1978-82 (Chapter Music)

V/A - Cassette Van Antwerpen (Ultra Eczema)

V/A - Cast Exotic Vol. 1 - Music For The Psyche-Eye (Cast-Exotic)

V/A - Cellar Vol. 1 (Recital)

V/A - Cellar Vol. 2 (Recital)

V/A - Choubi Choubi! Folk & Pop Sounds from Iraq (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Color In Absence Sound (Hells Half Halo)

V/A - Cool Drool Vol. 1 (Software)

V/A - Cosmic Machine The Sequel: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (70s-80s) (Splatter Vinyl) (Because Music)

V/A - Cottage Industrial Volume 3 (Humbug)

V/A - Cronica Tecnica (Geometrik)

V/A - Cybernetic Serendipity Music (The Vinyl Factory)

V/A - De La Pure Came (Cameleon)

V/A - Deep Funnels Of Entry (Shock)

V/A - Dennis The Menace Buttflaps (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

V/A - Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes: Post Punk, Cold Wave et Culture Növö en France, 1978-1983 Volume 2 (Born Bad)

V/A - Disco-Mortem (Releasing Eskimo)

V/A - Do Less Or (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

V/A - Dont Sleep: Omutibo From Rural Kenya (Mississippi)

V/A - Dry Lungs IV (Subterranean)

V/A - Dutch Wave: A History Of Minimal Synth & Wave In The Netherlands (Onderstroom)

V/A - Dwarf (Beast 666 Tapes)

V/A - Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Electric Allnight Show @Saitama Univ. 1973.11.3-4 (Dead Flower)

V/A - Electric Pure Land Stars (Dead Flower)

V/A - Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers (Incubator)

V/A - Esperanza de OTO (Hakanairo)

V/A - Esperanza de OTO 2 (Hakanairo)

V/A - Esperanza de OTO 3 (Hakanairo)

V/A - Ethnic Minority Music of Northwest Xinjiang, China (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Ethnic Minority Music of Southern China (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Ethnoelectronics (Black Sweat)

V/A - Fanafody: A Collection of Recordings and Photography From Madigasikara Vol. 2 (Mississippi)

V/A - February 03 (Slow Toe)

V/A - Feelin Strong (Lal Lal Lal)

V/A - FFFour KMSU (Free Form Freakout)

V/A - Fifty@50 (Old 3C)

V/A - First Chips (Stoned Circle)

V/A - First Citizens of the Moon (Cor Ardens)

V/A - Fit For Kings: A Compilation Of Peripheral New Zealand Music Series II (Crawlspace)

V/A - Flesh Records (Haswellediger & Co. Gallery)

V/A - Fluxus Anthology Vol. 1 (Slowscan)

V/A - Fly Rocket Fly: From The Jungle To The Stars (Bureau B)

V/A - Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 2 (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Follow The Sun (Anthology)

V/A - Free Beasts (Not Not Fun)

V/A - Freenoise: Fusion (Freenoise)

V/A - From The Lips Of Lepers (Chocolate Monk)

V/A - Fuck Like A Nigger, Think Like A Jew (RRRecords/Stomach Ache)

V/A - Fun From None: Live From The No Fun Fest 2004 & 2005 (Load)

V/A - Galleries 4-6 (20 City)

V/A - Gao Rap: Hip Hop From Northern Mali (Sahelsounds)

V/A - Garbage Sandwich (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

V/A - Geisteskrank - The Compilation (Kernkrach)

V/A - Ghostriders in the Sky (Ultra Eczema)

V/A - Gladtree Journal #2 (Gladtree Press)

V/A - God Came Between Us (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

V/A - Golpea Tu Cerebro, Spanish Underground Cassette Culture, 1980-1988 (Insane Muzak)

V/A - Graag Traag (Sloow Tapes)

V/A - Grabar Y Coagular: A History of Audio Pieces by Peruvian Artists (1972-2018) (Buh)

V/A - Guitar Untouchable 3 (Alchemy)

V/A - Halleluwah #1 (Yeti)

V/A - Hard-Core Ljubljana (FV Zalozba)

V/A - Harm Statues (Trd w/d)

V/A - Hasabè (Mississippi)

V/A - Helter Skelter (Beast 666 Tapes)

V/A - Heures sans Soleil (Song Cycle)

V/A - Hi-Fi Allergi (Gold Soundz)

V/A - Highlights Of Vortex (Etats-Unis)

V/A - Hip Hop Shop Sweepers Vol.01 (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

V/A - Homework #10 (Hyped 2 Death)

V/A - HOMEWORK #102 - U.S. "D.I.Y."/ punkwave / postpunk: S & T 1977-86 (Hyped 2 Death)

V/A - HOMEWORK #103 - U.S. "D.I.Y.", punkwave & postpunk: V-to-Z 1979-84 (Hyped 2 Death)

V/A - Homework #9: DIY/Post-Punk A,B & C LP Cuts, 1977-1986 (Hyped 2 Death)

V/A - I Dont Think the Dirt Belongs to the Grass (Carbon)

V/A - I Wont Have To Think About You: Compiled by Bayu and Moopie (A Colourful Storm)

V/A - Im Stupid (Beast 666 Tapes)

V/A - Incantations For Tape (Sound Miracle Recordings)

V/A - Infertile Fidelities Two (American Tapes)

V/A - Interferencias Vol. 1: Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1989 (Munster)

V/A - Introverted Formula (Jartecknet)

V/A - Invenciones: La Otra Vanguardia Musical En Latinoamerica 1976-1988 (Munster)

V/A - Italia New Wave: Minimal Synth, No Wave, & Post Punk Sounds From The 80s Italian Underground (Spittle)

V/A - Italia Synthetica 1981-1985 (Spittle)

V/A - Joan of Arc (Recital)

V/A - Journey Into Pain (RRRecords)

V/A - Kale Plankieren - Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981 -1987 Volume 2 (Knekelhuis)

V/A - Kale Plankieren: Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981-1985 Vol. 1 (Knekelhuis)

V/A - Kanoja, Myos Hanoja (267 Lattajjaa)

V/A - Kekkonen - Anarchy in the UKK (267 Lattajjaa)

V/A - Kill S.P.K. (Beast 666 Tapes)

V/A - Killed By Synth Vol. 1 (Killed By Synth)

V/A - Kilt By Death: The Sound of Old Scotland (Kilt By Death)

V/A - Kuolleena Haudattuja (Lal Lal Lal)

V/A - Kwangkay: Funerary Music Of The Dayak Benuaq Of Borneo (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - La Danza del Agua (Discrepant)

V/A - La Llama e Prometeo: La Puerta de Entrada a las Nuevas Musicas Espanolas (Discomanos)

V/A - Labyrinths & Jokes (Hanson)

V/A - Lal Lal Lal Festival (Lal Lal Lal)

V/A - Lal Lal Lal Festival 2 (Lal Lal Lal)

V/A - Lal Lal Lal Festival 4 (Lal Lal Lal)

V/A - Lasting (Swill Radio)

V/A - Latinamericarpet: Exploring the Vinyl Warp of Latin American (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Le Couperet (Harbinger Sound)

V/A - Left of the Middle: Australian Soft Rock, Folk, Private Press & Otherwise (Redundancy Music)

V/A - Life Recorder, Vol. 2 (Summer 2017) (Green Records & Tapes)

V/A - Little Band EP (PRS)

V/A - Live At Spooky Action (Maim & Disfigure)

V/A - Love And Devotion (Waterden)

V/A - Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1984-1989 (Bureau B)

V/A - Malam Minggu: A Saturday Night in Sunda (Akuphone)

V/A - Manoeuvers (Kraak)

V/A - Map of the Interior (Vitrine)

V/A - Material Electrico Vol. III (B.F.E.)

V/A - Mein Bester Freund Ist Tot (Kernkrach)

V/A - Menhir (Root Don Lonie For Cash)

V/A - Messthetics #107: D.I.Y. 78-81 London III (Messthetics)

V/A - Messthetics #108: South Coast D.I.Y. 77-81 (Messthetics)

V/A - Messthetics #5 (Hyped 2 Death)

V/A - Messthetics #6 (Hyped 2 Death)

V/A - MIDDAY MOON (Bedroom Suck)

V/A - Midnite Spares (Efficient Space)

V/A - MOCA/FM: Exhibition Of One Minute Soundworks From The Museum Of Conceptual Art, San Francisco (Slowscan)

V/A - Modern Duets (Goaty Tapes)

V/A - Morning of The Earth OST (Anthology)

V/A - Music for Plants (Perfectifon)

V/A - Music From Memory: Compiled By Chee Shimizu (Music From Memory)

V/A - Music Of Indonesia (Fantome Phonographique)

V/A - Music Of The Bahnar People From The Central Highlands Of Vietnam (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Musique Concrète: Groupe de Recherches Musicales de la RTF (Cacophonic)

V/A - Musique Experimentale (Cacophonic)

V/A - My Friend Rain (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - My Intention is War: Trinidad Calypsos 1928-1948 (Mississippi)

V/A - Nasi Hostia: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 3 (4MG)

V/A - Never See You Again (Augsburg 1982-85) (Unwucht)

V/A - New Skin For The Old Ceremony: The Polyamory Nine Year Anniversary Compilation (Polyamory)

V/A - New Zealand Electronic Music (Creel Pone)

V/A - Nice Weather for War (Kye)

V/A - Nippon Folk, Japanese Blues (Trilogy Tapes)

V/A - No Body (Beast 666 Tapes)

V/A - No Platform For Heels (Waterden)

V/A - Noise Room (Sonig)

V/A - Noises (Cortizona)

V/A - Nordic Sound Art (Nordic Sound Art)

V/A - Nova Generacia: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 2 (4MG)

V/A - Option 1 (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

V/A - Orbital Confluence - Benefit 2000 (Neurec)

V/A - Osaka Greasy Truckers (Alchemy)

V/A - Outer Himmilayan Presents.. (Sacred Bones)

V/A - Outro Tempo - Single Promocional (Music From Memory)

V/A - Outro Tempo II: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996 (Music From Memory)

V/A - OZ Days (OZ)

V/A - Papier & Plastik (Incubator)

V/A - Parallel World (Parallel World)

V/A - Paul Major: Feel the Music Vol. 1 (Anthology)

V/A - Personality Crisis (American Tapes)

V/A - Perspectives and Distortion (Cherry Red)

V/A - Playground Forcing Hearts Ensemble (Slow Toe)

V/A - Poesia Sonora (Song Cycle)

V/A - Porcelain Summer (I Dischi Del Barone)

V/A - Portable Altamont (Shock)

V/A - Portland (RRRecords)

V/A - Prayer Is The Answer (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

V/A - Presently Untitled (Fourth Dimension)

V/A - Procession (Claudia)

V/A - Proibidao C.V: Forbidden Gang Funk from Rio de Janeiro (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - PSF & Alchemy - 20th Anniversary Live (PSF)

V/A - Psychedelic Phinland (Love)

V/A - PsyJazz: One Year Taoe (Easy Listening)

V/A - Psykoscifipoppia (Flenix)

V/A - Puissance 13+2 (Lion Productions)

V/A - Radio Java (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Radio Myanmar (Burma) (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Radio Niger (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Radio Sumatra: The Indonesian FM Experience (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Radiodd Superselecta:Abbuffet! (radio.ddd)

V/A - Red Wine For Grapes (From The Same Mother)

V/A - Reverse Engineers (Herndon Gallery)

V/A - Reverse Engineers (Weird Shadow)

V/A - RM: Darker Than the Dentists Chair (Mystra)

V/A - Rocket Infinity: The Global Rise of Rocking Music, 1942-62 (Mississippi)

V/A - Rumori Alla Rotonda (Alga Marghen)

V/A - Runner - A Compilation Of NZ Music (Nextbestway)

V/A - Salm: Gaelic Psalms from the Hebrides of Scotland, Volume Two (Arc Light Editions)

V/A - Seito: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun (Akuphone)

V/A - Seven Skeletons Found in the Yard (Mississippi)

V/A - Sexorama (RRRecords)

V/A - Shigeru Sato Work - Oto no Hajimari wo Motomete 3 (Sound Three)

V/A - Showtunes of The Condemned (Hospital Productions)

V/A - Sigeru Satous Work - Oto no Hajimari wo Motomete 2 (Sound Three)

V/A - Sing And Theyll Sing Your Song (Megaphone UK)

V/A - Slowscan Vol. 40 (Slowscan)

V/A - Slowscan Vol. 5 (Slowscan)

V/A - Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits of Wckr Spgt (Shrimper)

V/A - Sombras: Spanish Post-Punk and Dark Pop 1981-1986 (Munster)

V/A - Songs For Nao - 14 Bands From Japan (Chapter Music)

V/A - Sonic Protest 2006 (Sonic Protest)

V/A - Sonic Protest 2007 (Sonic Protest)

V/A - Sonic Protest 2008 (Textile)

V/A - Soothing Songs For Babies (Berceuses Du Monde) (Mental Groove)

V/A - Soothing Songs For Babies (Berceuses Du Monde) (Mental Groove)

V/A - Soundings 2: Nordic Sound Art Graduate Show (Nordic Sound Art)

V/A - Soundproof No. 0 (Slowscan)

V/A - Sounds of Silence (Alga Marghen)

V/A - Sounds of Sisso (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

V/A - Source Records 1-6 Music Of The Avant Garde, 1968-1971 (Pogus)

V/A - Speaking And Listening (Shelter Press)

V/A - Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena, 1920-2017 Vol. 1 (Sub Rosa)

V/A - Spectres: Composing Listening (Shelter Press)

V/A - Spoken & Field (Claudia)

V/A - St. Alberts Dream (Lysergic Sound Distributors)

V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Eight: Dead Dour Alive (American Tapes)

V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Eleven/Kitchen Clatter (Family Underground and Dead Machines) (American Tapes)

V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Five: Language Morph (American Tapes)

V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Four: Fletch & Kegcharge (American Tapes)

V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Six: Spyked Fossils (American Tapes)

V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Ten/Spyked Stelzer (Howie S. and Spyked Coorz) (American Tapes)

V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Twelve/Green Palace (Green Mist and Spyked Coorz) (American Tapes)

V/A - Strangled Pairs- Vol. Five: The Exploding Mixers (American Tapes)

V/A - Super St. 8 - Nervous Downer (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 10 - S.O.S. (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 13: Deserted Angles (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 14 (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 16 - Scram! (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 17 - Functionally Damaged (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 18 - Born to Hang Out (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 3: Diamonds In the Ruff (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Super Street 7 - How To Make Brains (Fag Tapes)

V/A - Svenska Dokument (J_ɬ§rtecknet)

V/A - Swissotic Commune Document (Chocolate Monk)

V/A - Tard & Furtherd (Siltbreeze)

V/A - The Answer Tapes (Heresee)

V/A - The Black Book (Ideal)

V/A - The Colours Of The Prism, The Mechanics Of Time (La Huit Productions)

V/A - The Continuing Saga of the Visiting Kitten (Sonic Dust)

V/A - The East Village Other (Get Back)

V/A - The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World Of Joe Meek (Mississippi)

V/A - The End Of The Fear Of God By Various Artists (Tochnit Aleph)

V/A - The Enlightening Beam of Bobby Brown (Rvng International)

V/A - The Gamelan Of The Walking Warriors: Gamelan Beleganjur And The Music Of The Ngaben Funerary Ritual In Bali (Akuphone)

V/A - The Harbinger Sound Sampler (Harbinger Sound)

V/A - The Insanely Happy (EE Tapes)

V/A - The Journal of Popular Noise Vol.1 - Issues 10-12 (The Journal of Popular Noise)

V/A - The Memorial Elvis Project (Odd Size)

V/A - The Mentalist (American Tapes)

V/A - The Other Side Of Italy: The Beginning of The Post-Punk and Art-Rock Era (Spittle)

V/A - The Sacred Entertainment: Reak, Ceremonial Horse Trance Music from Priangan (Discrepant)

V/A - The Walls Are Whispering III (EE Tapes)

V/A - The World's Lousy With Ideas, Volume 8 (Almost Ready)

V/A - The Worlds Lousy With Ideas Vol. 9 (Almost Ready)

V/A - Thesauraus Vol. 1 (Cameleon)

V/A - This Is Kologo Power! (Sahelsounds)

V/A - Three Aural Interpretations of a Drawing by Eric Lanzillotta (Anomalous)

V/A - Timeline Berserker (American Tapes)

V/A - To Catch a Ghost: Field Recordings from Madagascar (Sublime Frequencies)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback (Black Editions)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback 5 (PSF)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback 6 (PSF)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback I (PSF)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback II (PSF)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback III (PSF)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback IV (PSF)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback Psychedelic Speed Freaks (Black Editions)

V/A - Tokyo Flashback Volume 7 (PSF)

V/A - Training Im Achter (Happy Zloty)

V/A - Trans-Action (Divided)

V/A - Trax Reprint 2: Notterossa/Rednight (Small Voices)

V/A - Trax Test (Excerpts From The Modular Network 1981-1987) (Ecstatic)

V/A - Turn On, Tune In (Lullabies For Insomniacs)

V/A - U.S. Pop Life Vol. 17 Eclectic - The Adding Machine (Contact)

V/A - Underground Belgian Wave Volume 2 (Walhalla)

V/A - Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 (Music From Memory)

V/A - Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 (Music From Memory)

V/A - Unlucky For Them A (Borft)

V/A - Unusual Sounds (Anthology Recordings)

V/A - Usiende Ukalale - Don't Sleep: Omutibo From Rural Kenya (Mississippi)

V/A - Valentinus (Recital)

V/A - Various Artists (Wild Flesh)

V/A - Video Games of the Twelfth Century (Nauscopy)

V/A - Voooxing Poooêtre (Recital)

V/A - We Couldnt Agree On A Title (Waterden)

V/A - We Didnt Come Here To Make Friends (WFOT)

V/A - Weemoed Met Verbrand Konijn (Imvated)

V/A - Welcome Home: Diggin' the Universe (Woodsist)

V/A - What was Violence? (Temple Of Be Saint 777)

V/A - White Music (Chocolate Monk)

V/A - Willkommen Im Weltraum - Nostalgia For An Age Yet To Come (Weltraum)

V/A - Wire Recorded Pieces: Precocious Noise and Early Electronica Pt. 2 (Sound Miracle)

V/A - Witching Hour - Field Recordings of night-time (Claudia)

V/A - Women Taken In Adultery (Carbon)

V/A - Woof: 7 Inches (Ad Hoc)

V/A - Workers Comp. (All Gone)

V/A - World Of Acid (Parallel World)

V/A - Wound: A Guitar Compilation (Carbon)

V/A - Yellow Gold (Gold Soundz)

V/A - Yellow Power Scum (Beast 666 Tapes)

V/A - Yuuyake Matsuri Best (Dead Flower)

V/A - Zatsuon No Higan (Beast 666 Tapes)

V/A - [Cease & Desist] DIY! Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era (1978-1982) (Optimo Music)

V/A Brown Acid - The Eighth Trip (Ridingeasy)

V/VM - New Beat: Brabant Schrobbeler (Boomkat Editions)

VA - Antologia De Musica Atipica Portuguesa Vol. 2: Regioes (Discrepant)

VA - JMSA Presents Wave from Free Music (PSF)

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA - Arcaico Armonico (Dark Companion)

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA - Arcaico Armonico (Dark Companion)

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA - Echi Armonici da Antico Adagio (Die Schachtel)

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA - Metafisiche Del Suono (Dark Companion)

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA - Metafisiche Del Suono (Dark Companion)

VACUUM - Walking Slow (Siltbreeze)

VAINICA DOBLE - S/T (Clear Vinyl) (Vinilisssimo)

VAINIO & VIGROUX - Ignis (Cosmo Rhythmatic)

VAINIO & VIGROUX - Ignis (Cosmo Rhythmatic)

VAINIO, MIKA & JOACHIM NORDWALL - Monstrance (Ideal Recordings)

VAINIO, MIKA - Lydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series) (Moog Recordings Library)

VAINIO, MIKA - M.T.V. 15.05.1963 - 12.04.2017 (Blast First Petite)

VAINIO, MIKA - Rasputin 3000 (Comfortzone)

VAJRA - Chiru-Ha/Ozakijinjya (PSF)

VAJRA - Live 2007 (PSF)

VAJRA - Tsugaru (PSF)

VALCARCEL, EDGAR - Composiciones Electronicas Para Los Andes (1967-2006) (Buh)

VALENTINE, MATT & ERIKA ELDER - Pray For Less (Blackest Rainbow)

VALENTINE, MATT - Blazing Grace (Time-Lag)

VALENTINE, MATT - Glorious Group Therapy (Polyamory)

VALENTINE, MATT - I Burned One With God But Cocola If Im Peaking Which Way Is The Sky? (COM Relics)

VALENTINE, MATT - MV Fantasizes, Daydreams, Get Massaged and Shacks Up With Cocola (COM Relics)

VALENTINE, MATT - Ragantula (COM Relics)

VALENTINE, MATT - What I Became (Woodsist)

VAN ALEBEEK, RINUS - Moments With Mona Lisa 7 (White Tapes)

VAN ALEBEEK, RINUS - Taoist Attack (White Tapes)


VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Cosmic Volume #8: Museum Under Water (Cosmic Volume)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Fascinerende Omgeving (Barreuh)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Four Movements (Cosmic Volume)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Kringloop/New Adventures (Feeding Tube)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Kringloop/New Adventures (Feeding Tube)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - RPM At Any Speed (Cosmic Volume)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Temporary Change of Scale of Museum Le Secet (Nr. 49) (Cosmic Volume)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Three Variations (Cosmic Volume)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Trainsongs (Cosmic Volume)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Two Proposals (Cosmic Volume)

VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN, JAN - Words I Know From Hearing (Cosmic Volume)

VAN HOEN, MARK - The Worcester Tapes, 1983-1987 (The Tapeworm)

VAN LUIJK AND MARK HARWOOD, TIMO - Vang Circular (Penultimate Press)

VAN LUIJK, TIMO & FREDERIK CROENE - Voile au Vent (La Scie Doree)

VAN VELDHOVEN, WOUTER - Redundant/Rotary/Rotations (The Tapeworm)


VANDERMARK/MICHAEL SNOW, KEN - Duol (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

VANDERSTRAETEN, KRIS & FREDERIK LEROUX - Live at The Audioplant (Sloow Tapes)

VANESSA AMARA - Manos (Posh Isolation)

VANISHING VOICE - Daze On Days (Vanishing Voice)

VANISHING VOICE - Nordic Visions (Gipsy Sphinx)

VANISHING VOICE - Road Of Trials (Vanishing Voice)

VANISHING VOICE - Vellum (Meu Dia De Morte)

VANNIER, JEAN-CLAUDE - LEnfant Assassin des Mouches Alternate Takes (Finders Keepers)

VAPAA - Vuoma (267 Lattajjaa)

Various Artists - Italia New Wave: Minimal Synth, No Wave, & Post Punk Sounds From The '80s Italian Underground (Spittle)

Various Artists - Seito: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun (Akuphone)

VARKENSHOND - Hargawaan Por Shail (Aguirre)

VASQUEZ, JUAN CARLOS - Collages (Cassauna)

VAST MAJORITY - What Do you Want to Be (Hyped 2 Death)

VATICAN SHADOW - Byzantine Private CIA (Hospital Productions)

VATICAN SHADOW - Luxor Necropolitics (Hospital Productions)

VATICAN SHADOW - Opium Crop Airstrikes (Cass)

VATICAN SHADOW - When You Are Crawling (Hospital Productions)

VATICAN SHADOWS/CONTREPOISON - Split (Hospital Productions)

VAURA - Selenelion (Wierd)

VAZZ - Submerged Vessels And Other Stories (Stroom)

VEETIX - The Black Album (Crawlspace Artist Series)

VEHIKEL & GEFASS - Hirnkopter Hellikranck (Harbinger Sound)

VEILED - Suicide Herself (Glass Coffin)


VELO - Tight Time (Close Up)

VELO - Waffle (Close Up)

VELTZ - Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 12: Hommage to Home Electronics (Edition Omega Point)

VELVET DAVENPORT - Get Out (Shdwply)

VELVET UNDERGROUND - Real Good Time Together: Radio Broadcast (Laser Media)

VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE - Live At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, Texas, 28th Of October 1969 (DBQP)

VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE - Live at the Boston Tea Party '68 & '69 (Spyglass)

VENIN - s/t (Cameleon)

VENOM P. STINGER - 1986-1991 (Drag City)

VENOM P. STINGER - Tearbucketer (Siltbreeze)

VENOM P. STINGER - Walking About/26 Milligrams (Drag City)

VENOSTA, GIOVANNI - Olympic Signals (Soave)

VENROOY, ESTHER - To Shape Volumes. Repeat (Robo)

VERMETTE, BIL/SPIRAL GALAXY - Split (Galactic Tape Archive)

VERMONSTER - Holy Sound Of American Pipe (Timebomb)

VERTICAL SLIT - Slit And Pre-Slit (Smudge)

VERTICAL SLIT - Twisted Steel and The Tits of Angels (Spirit Of Orr)

VERTICAL SLIT - Under The Blood Red Lava Lamp (Siltbreeze)

VERTICE - Decay Music n. 1: Besoch Trauma (Die Schachtel)

VIAN, PATRICK - Bruits et Temps Analogues (Staubgold)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Resonance Session (Vibracathedral Orchestra)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Smash! Smash! Smash! (Vibracathedral Orchestra)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - String Band/Drum Troupe (Freedom From)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Tuning to the Rooster (Important)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Hex Hostess (Vibracathedral Orchestra)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Hollin (Vibracathedral Orchestra)


VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Live at Total Inertia (Vanity Case)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Long Live The Weeds (Vibracathedral Orchestra)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - My Gates Open, Tremble By My Side (Lexicon Devil)


VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Their Spine Crumbles For A Hug (Vibracathedral Orchestra)

VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA/PHONOPHANI - Milkland 2 (Safe As Milk/Melektronikk)

VIBRACATHEDRAL STRING QUARTET - Play The Lost Musick Of The English Primevalists... (Vibracathedral Orchestra)

VICTOR - Amerikan Dread (Music For Memory)

VICTORIA - Victoria (Shadoks)

VICTORIA VEIN AND THE THUNDERPUNKS - Rear Guard Action/Other Things (Anopheles)

VIDA, ANDRE - Brud: Volumes I-III (Pan)

VIGROUX, FRANCK - Totem (Aesthetical)

VIKI - Perfect Strangers (SNSE)

VIKI - s/t (Animal Disguise)

VILE, KURT - Constant Hitmaker (Gulcher)

VILE, KURT - Fall Demons (Skulltones)

VILLAGE OF SPACES - Shaped by Place (Feeding Tube)

VILLAGE PISTOLS - Big Money (Last Laugh)

VILLE MOSKIITTO - Ylistyksiä (267 Lattajjaa)

VINCE & NOV/CRETINNVILL - Living Dead Theatre 2003/Organ of CRETINNVILL (Ammolraga Tapes)

VINCENT - Fast Forward (Music From Memory)

VINCENT OVER THE SINK - Bible Bashers (Goaty Tapes)

VINCENT OVER THE SINK - Dust Studies (Kye)

VIO, JESUS - Dutch Science (Feeding Tube)

VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA - The Midnight Gambler (RRRecords)

VIOLENT RAMP - Strange Notes (Fag Tapes)

VIOLENT STUDENTS - Street Banger (Richie)


VIRGIN EYE BLOOD BROTHERS - Monkey Glands in the Skull Orchard (Black Velvet Fuckere)

VIRGIN INSANITY - Illusion of Maintenance Man (P-Vine)

VIRGIN INSANITY - Toad Frog & Fish Friends/The Odometer Suite (P-Vine)

VIRTANEN, KEIJO/MATTI PIHL/SAMI NYBACKA - Do You Want Something Beyond All Seasons (Audiobot)

VISIBLE/INVISIBLE WALL - Distant Realities 1 (Enterruption)

VISIBLE/INVISIBLE WALL - Numbered 7 & 8 (Enterruption)

VISIONIST - Safe (Pan)

VITAL IDLES - EP (Upset the Rhythm)

VITAMIN B12 - System Six/68 x 32 (Raft)

VIVENZA - Realite De LAutomation Directe (Rotorelief)

VIVIAN GIRLS - My Love Will Follow Me (Wild World)

VIVIAN GIRLS - S/T (Fuck It Tapes)

VIVIAN GIRLS - Wild Eyes/My Baby Wants Me Dead (Wild World)

VIVIANKRIST - Cross Modulation (Diagonal)

VOADKA SOAP - Parallel Visitation (Simultaneous Hallucinations)

VOADKA SOAP - Un Chand Pyramdelier (Simultaneous Hallucinations)

VOADKA SOAP - un/chand/pyromdelier (New Age)

VOCOKESH - Recycled (RRRecords)

VOCOKESH - The Tenth Corner (Strange Attractors Audio House)

VOCOKESH - Through the Smoke (Strange Attractors Audio House)

VODKA SOAP - Oceansion Island (Pacific City Sound Visions)

VODKA SOAP - Reactionary Meditations... (Wabana)

VODKA SOAP - Shee-Ro Gateway Temples.. (Pacific City Sound Visions)

VODKA SOAP - The Infinite Way (New Age)


VOGHT, CHRISTIAN - Mist Tape (The Tapeworm)

VOICE OF THE SEVEN WOODS - Black Morning (Sloow Tapes)


VOIGT, JOHN/BEN HALL/MIKE KHOURY - Horizon (Editionsbrokenresearch)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - All the Paint I Can Breathe (Beta-Lactam Ring)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Commencing (Miasmah)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Golden Rhythm/Ink Music (Rune Grammofon)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - The Birth of Streissand (No-Fi)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Vol Fur (Volucan)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Voldozer (Volucan)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Volnono (Volucan)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Volseptor (Volucan)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Volve (Volucan)

VOLCANO THE BEAR - Xvol (Volucan)

VOLTIGEURS - S/T (Turgid Animal)

VOLTIGEURS / DARK BARGAIN - Split (Turgid Animal)

VOLTIGEURS/HORSEBACK - Split (Turgid Animal)

VOLUNTEERS PARK - S/T (Post Present Medium)

VOLUNTEERS PARK - Tragic Pote/Jerusalem Stone (De Stijl)

VOM GRILL - Lerend Luisteren (Holidays)

VOMIR - Black Box (Urashima)

VOMIT LAUNCH - Shocking Early Works Vol. 1 (BUFMS)

VON DEYEN, ADELBERT - Sternzeit (Bureau B)

VON EULER-DONNERSPERG, DITTERICH - Der Klein Fritz in Klopstockland (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien)

VON EULER-DONNERSPERG, DITTERICH - O Du Frohliche/O Tannenbaum Dub (Meeuw Muzak)

VON HARMONSON, NOEL - Born on the 4th of July (Resipiscent)

VON HAUSSWOLFF, C.M. - A Lecture on Disturbances in Architecture (Firework Editions)

VON HAUSSWOLFF, C.M. - Still Life - Requiem (Touch)

VONO - Dinner Für 2 (Bureau B)

VORONOI - Vis-Viva (Ooh-Sounds)

VOSTELL, WOLF - Dé-Coll/age Musik (Tochnit Aleph)

VOSTELL, WOLF - Fluxus Concert Le Cri (Berlinische Galerie/ Edel)

VOX POP - Cab Driver/Just Like Your Mom (Munster)

VOX POPULI! - Cut Chemist Presents Funk Off: Vox Populi!/Pacific 231 (A Stable Sound)

VOX POPULI! - Half Alive Ganja Music (Cor Ardens)

VOX POPULI! - Half Dead Ganja Music (Pacific City Sound Visions)

VRAG - Greatest Hits 1967-2002 (Karma Music)

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