Items: 112


Z GUN - No. 3 (Z Gun)

Z.B. AIDS - Gestalt (Bruit Direct Disques)

Z.O. VOIDER - Tranz Portal-Emissions (Mistake By the Lake)

ZAFFIRI, ENORE - Musica Per Un Anno (Mazagran)

ZAFFIRI, ENORE - Riverberazioni Sonore N. 31 (Rossbin)

ZAIKA - I-IV (Eclipse)

ZAIKA - Il Corral (Heavy Other)

ZAIKA - Live At Eat Records (Wholly Other)

ZAÏMPH - Between The Infinite And The Finite (Yew)

ZAIMPH - Control Risks (Yew)

ZAIMPH - La Nuit Electrique (Utech)

ZAIMPH - Live Hasselt (Heavy Blossom)

ZAIMPH - Mirage Of The Other (Gipsy Sphinx)

ZAIMPH - s/t (Independent Woman)

ZAIMPH - Serpents Bite (Heavy Blossom)

ZAIMPH - Sexual Infinity (Hospital Productions)

ZAÏMPH - Telephoto Eye (Yew)

ZAIMPH - Unfolded Gold (Heavy Blossom)

ZAIMPH - Untitled (Arbor)

ZANAGORIA - Insight Modulation (Wah Wah)

ZANDOSIS - Chasing Ghosts (Old Gold)

ZANDOSIS - Z vs. W (Old Gold)

ZANESI, CHRISTIAN - Grand Bruit/Stop ! lhorizon (Recollection GRM)

ZANGENEH, PARI - The Series Of Music For Young Adults: Iranian Folk Songs (KS)

ZANOV - Green Ray (Wah Wah)

ZANOV - Moebius 256 301 (Wah Wah)

ZAO - Z=7L (Replica)

ZASHIKI-WARASHI - Floor Child (Conduit Creations)

ZASHIKI-WARASHI - Fog Fluid (Chironex)

ZASHIKI-WARASHI - Garbage Archive Vol. II - Pulp Bulb (Conduit Creations)

ZASHIKI-WARASHI - Mail Wars (Conduit Creations)

ZASHIKI-WARASHI - Meat N 3 (Conduit Creations)

ZATUA - Sin Existencia (Second Circle)

ZAZOU / BIKAYE / CY1 - Noir et Blanc (Crammed Discs)

ZEBRA - Last Night A DJ Saved My File/Leif Is Leif (Ole)

ZEBU! - Bag of Sand (Feeding Tube)

ZEBU! - Hagenwerder-C (Feeding Tube)

ZECHARIA, ZADIK - Kurdish Melodies On Zorna (Bo Weavil)

ZEIT - Il Cerchio Degli Antichi Colori (Black Sweat)

ZEIT - Un Giorno In Una Piazza Del Mediterraneo (Black Sweat)

ZEITKRATZER - Alvin Lucier (Karlrecords)

ZELDA - The Earliest Live Sound Source Collection (Inundow)

ZELIENOPLE - Hold You Up (Miasmah)

ZELLER, HANS RUDOLF - s/t (Edition Telemark)

ZEPHYR IN THE SWAMP - Sessions 81-83 (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ZERANG, MICHAEL - Asssyrian Caesarean (Holidays)

ZERO BOYS - History Of (Magnetic South)


ZETTERBERG, TORBOJRN - Opinions (Corbett Vs. Dempsey)

ZEV - Eleven Mirrors to the Light (Cold Spring)

ZEV - Production and Decay of Spacial Relations... (Die Stadt)


ZEVALLOS, SERGIO - ATEM: Piezas Para Acciones E Instalaciones (1999-2019) (Buh)


ZIMOUN - Guitar Studies I-III (Room40)

ZIMT - Verlonen/Gefunden (Was Soll Das? Platten)

ZINOVIEFF, PETER - Electronic Calendar: The EMS Tapes (Space Age)

ZINOVIEFF, PETER - Electronic Calendar: The EMS Tapes (Space Age)

ZIP CODE RAPISTS - (Beast 666 Tapes)

ZIP CODE RAPISTS - Sing and Play the Three Doctors and Other Sounds of Today (Eabla)

ZITO, LUIGI - Miscellanea (Cometa Edizioni)

ZITO, LUIGI - Miscellanea (Clear Vinyl) (Cometa Edizioni)

ZIVANCEVIC, NINA - Selected Poetry and the Allen Ginsberg 1995 Interview (Counter Culture Chronicles)

ZMIJEWSKI, ARTUR - Singing Lesson (Tochnit Aleph)

ZNR - The ZNRarchive Box (Rer Megacorp)

ZNR - Traite De Mecanique Populaire (RER Megacorp)

ZOBEL, DIETER - MEZ 31,00 (Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1989) (Bureau B)

ZOBEL, DIETER - MEZ 31,00 (Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1989) (Bureau B)

ZODIAC MOUNTAIN - Lake Winnebago (23 Productions)

ZODIAC MOUNTAIN - Live In America, Summer 2006 (23 Productions)

ZODIACS - Gone (Holy Mountain)

ZODIACS - Gone (Zodiacs, The)

ZOMBI - Ruined Hands (Polyamory)

ZOMBY - Mercurys Rainbow (Modern Love)

ZOOMERS, THE - Exist (Hyped 2 Death)

ZORN, JOHN /EUGENE CHADBOURNE - 1977-1981 (Song Cycle)


ZOV ZOV - Fata Morgana (Berceuse Heroique)

ZOVIET FRANCE - A Flock of Rotations (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ZOVIET FRANCE - Chasse Recordings 1982-87 (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ZOVIET FRANCE - Garista (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ZOVIET FRANCE - Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ZOVIET FRANCE - Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ZOVIET FRANCE - Shteirlel (Alt.Vinyl)

ZOVIET FRANCE - The Tables Are Turning (Soleilmoon)

ZOVIET FRANCE - The Tables Are Turning (Soleilmoon)

ZOVIET FRANCE - Zoviet France / Norsch (Vinyl-On-Demand)

ZUBY/ VITAMIN ROSTA - Split (Tian An Men 89)

ZUCCHERI, MARINO - Milan Rai Studio Di Fonologia Musicale 1955-83 (Die Schachtel)

ZUCCHERI, MARINO - Parete 67 (Die Schachtel)

ZULI - Digla Dive - Live (Nashazphone)

ZUMMO, PETER - Experimenting with Household Chemicals (XI)

ZUMMO, PETER - Frame Loop (Foom)

ZURRIA, MANUEL - Landscape with Tears (Die Schachtel)

ZUSHI, NAOKI - Experement Music O.C.O. (Advaita)



ZUSHI, NAOKI - Live (Advaita)

ZUSHI, NAOKI - Paradise (ORG)

ZWANGSBEGLUCKTERTUM - If It Pleases The Court (I Dischi Del Barone)

ZWARTJES - Tapes 1 (Trunk)

ZWARTJES - Tapes 2 (Trunk)

ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN - #18 (Prasens Editionen)

ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN - Zweikommasieben #19 (Prasens Editionen)

ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN - Zweikommasieben #20 (Prasens Editionen)

ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN - Zweikommasieben #21 (Prasens Editionen)

ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN - Zweikommasieben #22 (Prasens Editionen)

ZWEISTEIN - Trip - Flip Out - Meditation (Wah Wah)

ZWEISTEIN - Trip Flip Out Meditation (Captain Trip)

ZYKLON - The Heartland (GRiM)

ZYKLON B ZOMBIES - Skull (Minimum Table Stacks)

After nearly a decade of false starts, multiple game plans veering off the rails, and a handful of shattered hopes and/or dreams, the odyssey is finally complete—the new Fusetron site is here.

This is the first phase of a multipart rollout that will span the next few months: the currently browsable stock includes miscellaneous new releases from the past 8+ months (we have a lot of catching up to do), plus approximately a third of our backstock. Note that we’ve reduced/slashed prices on many titles and will continue to do so in order to make room for new stock. We’ll also be expanding / tweaking / improving / debugging the site itself (for example, we still have work to do on the automated international postage system, not to mention the inevitable inventory discrepancies that come with transferring an ancient and massive database to a new system).

Over the next few months, as we take inventory, clean house, and delve into our storage, we will be uploading thousands of additional items, gradually, on a near-daily basis. This will include the majority of the LPs, as well as many titles, in all formats, once thought long-gone. Many currently “sold out” items are likely to resurface.

Finally, once our general backstock is up (probably in the next two or three months) we’ll begin making our extensive stockpile of rarities available online for the first time: tons of random out-of-print titles, "deadstock," warehouse finds, secondhand collectibles, etc., accumulated over the past few decades.

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