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ALTER - Dusk-Dawn


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Debut release on PussyGutts private imprint Wolvserpent - a solo work by Blake Green of PussyGutt -- limited to 300 hand-numbered copies in wraparound silkscreened sleeves. A seriously epic doom-pop masterwork here. "In the mist a bell is tolling and the crow sounds his dire warning. The funeral shroud adorns its lifeless bearer. Alter creeps like the fog of a thousand weeping brides, a serenade of gothic tragedy consumed by loss and battered by countless defeats. Alter, one half of the bleak doom ghosts Pussygutt, sings a lament of sorrow under a cold full moon. A mystical tale of dark, dreary sadness told by candlelight in the graveyard of centuries past. Succumb to despair and taste thy grief everlasting." - Dave Adelson.

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