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BLATCHLEY, JOSHUA EMERY - VDSQ- Solo Acoustic Volume One

Vin Du Select Qualitite

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Id like to introduce you to a new label that is a joint effort between Steve Lowenthal (Plastic Records, Swingset Magazine) and Rob Mason (Old Flame Records), Vin Du Select Qualitite.\r\nThe first three releases planned for early fall release include the debut recording from Joshua Blatchley (A new voice in the Ragtime and American Primitive guitar-playing lineage, Blatchley offers a unique interpretation of both new and traditional compositions. Blatchley performs in the band Mountain Home with Marissa Nadler and Greg Weeks of Espers.), Mark McGuire, who plays guitar in Cleveland drone heroes Emeralds, and session-man, indie rock legend Chris Brokaw, who played in bands such as Codeine, Come, The New Year, Pullman, and the New Wave Bandits and many others.\r\nThe series will be released on high quality LP with letterpressed sleeves, each with a picture of the guitar used to record the albums. Track-by-track liner notes will also be included.\r\n_¢??The idea behind VDSQ was really to create a label that was a nod to the great guitar-oriented labels like Takoma and Transatlantic but focusing on contemporary artists rather than reissues,_¢?¬ù said Lowenthal. _¢??I tried to curate a series that transcended genre and really pull together some exceptional musicians from different geographic and musical scenes. The goal is to hopefully bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary styles of music all within the context of acoustic guitar music. The process of each edition of the series is such that it really lets the personality of the player come to the forefront so each record really reflects the essence of the personality of the players._Ç The first run is 500 of each LP - Vin Du Select Qualitite.

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