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CHICKENS - Chicken Shit


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Debut vinyl outing from Kyle & Mike (2/3rds FNU Ronnies + drum machine) following a cassette on Fan Death as well as a track contrib on last years Skulls Without Borders 10 comp. Cant say for certain where Chickens mine the toxic ore to forge their urk, but they uncannily tap into-Ç similar-Ç staub-Ç once snuffed by prime Euro movers such as early Dieter Meier & Geisterfahrer-Ç not to mention-Ç channeling the nascent vibe of Amphetamine Reptile (think Halo Of Of Flies Insecticide Stomp in particular). 4 tracks, 1 time edition of 400, no repress." - Roland Woode,Professional writer.

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