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DEACON, DAN - Acorn Master


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Dan Deacon, an electro-acoustic composer/performer living in Baltimore, is part of the Wham City art collective. The compositional style that best describes Dan Deacons music is Future Shock, a new genre being used to describe a number of the bands emerging from Baltimores growing underground music scene. Musically influenced by Devo, Talking Heads, Scratch Orchestra, People Like Us, Raymond Scott and Conlon Nancarrow, Dans music strives to take contemporary experimental composition and electronic music out of the circle of the esoteric intellectual gangs and hipster communities, placing it into the more informal fun time." His high-energy performances consist of song-structured material performed with Casio keyboard, computer, vocoder and other devices to process his voice, signal generator, etc.\r\nSince May of 2004 Dan has been touring almost nonstop throughout the United States. He has performed with Lightning Bolt, Adult., Cat Power, Matmos, Tracy & the Plastics, Video Hippos, Japanther, MF Doom, The Unicorns, Smog, USAisaMONSTER, Arab On Radar, Rainer Maria, Daniel Carter, The Microphones, Lesbians On Ecstasy, Dead Meadow, Kool Keith, OCDJ, Ghengis Tron, Calvin Johnston, Danielson Family, GZA, Bonny Prince Billy, Diplo, Sightings, People Like Us, Blue Oyster Cult, Rasputina, Wolf Eyes, and many others.\r\nThe Baltimore City Paper named him Best Solo Artist of Baltimore for 2005. Dan has performed live on several radio and televison stations, including three performances WMFU and an interview and performance on NBC news.\r\nAcorn Master EP consists of 5 original compositions, 2 of which are instrumental, and a cover of Splish Splash by Bobby Darrin. Psych-O-Path Records will be releasing Spiderman of the Rings full length in Fall 2006." - Psych-O-Path.

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