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Throne Heap

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Pirates In Care of the BEING Dilloway, Tapes, and Delay: Pirates, Rotten Teeth, and Treasure. All go hand in hook hand. AAARRGGHHHHHHH! This new platter by Rad Dad Dilloway is full of buried gold, or rather tape heads covered in used ancient kitty litter, whose decoded message leads you to the audio gold pit hidden deep within the tape loops. Chain Shot is my inzano pick of the thick Dillo discography. Its way relaxed and weirdo. I mean, if you cut a circle-ish shape out of wood from a haunted pirate boat, tied a human bonechain around it and dragged it on the surface of the ocean around the world four times, buried into hot sand for 1000 years and then stuck it on your turntable... it wouldnt sound any different. Chain Shot is an oddity cause the tapes provide the pacing, you tell by the woodpecker attack (or a pirate tapping against glass before they raid your peaceful vessel) near the middle section of side one and the ENDLESS churning loop at the end of Execution Dock. Add a dash of Thighbone Horn wail here and there, find the rarest homemade mixers and loop machines from 1943 and the recipe could be this LP which is also known as THREE MEDIATIONS FOR THREE TAPE LOOPS WITHIN SLO MIND. After jamming this mutha a bunch, I found it fit well into a lot of house-moods: i.e., vacuuming, sewing, power doodle sessions, convincing your spouse there aint magic gremlins who clean the house while she sleeps the day away, candle burning, shit-everything. Could this be a mature Dilloway? Hell gnaw, this sound disc is still teetering on a restless energy ocean -- just mad focused and... simple... direct... like a checking account based on pirate bones and jugs of fermented PEE WINE. Chain Shot has a lot of depth to it -- its as much DROLL YANKEE as it is BLACK GNOME... shit, I can easily file this wax in my environments/CBS Library/machine sound/rail road noise/animal sounds/nature LP section (which is AS BIG as Dilloways, if you take out the military boot camp sound section) and it would fit right in. Its a BOAT OCEAN LURKING FRIGHTMARE LP. Like when a crazy old boat goes on some crazy old mission and it get frozen in the ocean near the North Pole, the crew runs outta food and sees nutzo ICE PIRATES circling the ship slowly in the freezing mist. Close your eyes, let your rat mind take off on its own weirdo adventure. Im mad stoked this Dilloway LP is pressed on wax forever, cause now that quicksand is extinct apparently... I can still just jam Execution Dock at 4:00 AM on a lonely winter night and sink slowly in the MSG-ridden HISS crawling within the rotten grooves... and disappear without a trace. FOUR STARS AND AN EYE PATCH!!! - Coorz The Spartan. Restock of this 2008 release.

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