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FORMERLY FAT HARRY - Mariachi Riff Live And Free Music


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Second archival release in one year by this fabled late 60s band, featuring Bruce Barthol -- ex-Country Joe & the Fish. Formed in Croydon, Surrey, UK in 1969 by Barthol and two mates from Berkeley, California, Gary Peterson and Phil Greenberg, Formerly Fat Harry were managed by the legendary Blackhill Enterprises (Peter Jenner and Andrew King, original managers of the Floyd) -- they played many gigs in the UK before their demise in 1972, such as two of the Hyde Park free concerts, Phun City, and the 1970 Bath Festival, as well as many college and club gigs. The bands one and only eponymous LP on Harvest Records didnt really reflect their true capabilities (Hux released a far more interesting selection of material from the groups own archive early this year Goodbye For Good) -- a fabulous mix of country, blues and psychedelia. This Shagrat LP reflects another side of the band -- FFH could also be very experimental, playing in odd time signatures and they were completed by a series of the greatest UK jazz drummers -- Laurie Allan, Alan Jackson and John Marshall. Side two of this limited edition 500-only vinyl LP features two free music tracks recorded in 1969 -- something the band rarely did live. Side one features a 24-minute version of their much-loved favorite Mariachi Riff, which has been favorably compared to the best live work by both the Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service -- an epic acid-rock tour de force. It was recorded live at Aylesbury Friars in December 1970. The original tapes have been digitally transferred and mastered by Ron Geesin. Packaged in a beautifully mind-blowing sleeve by legendary British psychedelic designer Mike McInnerney (who designed the sleeve for The Whos Tommy), the LP comes with a nice insert with photos, gig adverts from the era and an evocative essay about the band by long-time fan, Colin Hill. Limited run of 500 copies. -Shagrat

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