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FOSSILS - The Golden Door


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David Payne began building his Fossils empire back in 2004. Since that time Fossils has colonized the underground circuit with a steady flow of ultra-limited tapes/cdrs, many of them through Davids own Middle James Co imprint. The Fossils sound is always one of formless despair. Churning low-grade electronics, primitive tape manipulations, and an aura of stoned reverie are all genuine signatures. \r\nKye is pleased to offer Fossils a rare vinyl outing, showcasing two classic new works. The Golden Door delivers a lo-fi elevation over grey clouds of looping ferric tape, whilst War Puzzle could have been swept off the floor at Cold Storage - a strange and paranoid collage of crumpled guitar and collapsing sine waves. With both pieces edited/mixed by Graham Lambkin and mastered by Jason Lescalleet, this is Fossils like youve never heard them before. \r\nThe Golden Door arrives in one of three Lambkin-designed sleeves - each depicting the back of someones head, in a hand-numbered edition of only 100 copies. Dig in. -KYE

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