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GOWN - Sacred Mountain

Ecstatic Yod

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"We used to carry a whole line of Gown Is a Band buttons and hoodies, but we discontinued them, because they were a lie. In truth, Gown is a person. Gown is from the islands of British Columbia Canada, and spent an entire year living on one such island alone, apart from his dog and three or more goats. If rock-qua-rock and/or its sub-forms are based on blues epistemology, then Sacred Mountains is rooted in the vernacular of sea shanties, sea creatures and sea salt in general. The music swirls and eddies as water does when trapped in a cove, just before rejoining the ocean-propers massive swells and crashing onto a buncha rocks. And I guess the music is like that rejoining, too. A process such as this is a journey and far from perfect, but the missteps sparkle and gleam like the random beauty that surrounds us. The LP was recorded over the course of a month in Florence, Mass, following a two month tour across the USA, playing in a duo with Christina Carter. Gown and Christina also contributed a side the My Cat Is An Alien split LP/CD series and have a CD out on Digitalis Industries. This LP is limited to 500, all with hand painted original covers." - Ecstatic Yod.

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