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"Formed in 1980 by Atsushi Hiroike, vocalist, composer and arranger. After their early performance group activities, they released their first album "Katra Turana" on Telegraph Records in 1982.
This album was also released in Europe through RECOMMENDED RECORDS in the UK.
After a major line-up change, they released the 30cm single "The End - The Gradient of the Skin" (Switch Label, 1985) and their second album "KIMERA" (Telegraph Records, 1986).
At the time of their first album, Atsushi Hiroike, who was dressed in women's clothes and sang in a mysterious way, was often focused on, and the band was described as a "bizarre antique decadent music box" or "deformed chamber rock. However, they gradually started to aim for minimalistic and psychedelic avant-pop, and this trend became more pronounced when bassist Teko Kitajima joined the band.
In any case, they were an outlier in the 80's, when the New Wave was sweeping the scene.
The band went on hiatus around 1990, but in December 2015, they held their first live revival in over 20 years at the Kichijoji Star Pines Cafe.The performance, which further promoted the musicality of the band's later years, fascinated the packed audience with Atsushi Hiroike's neutral and mysterious performance. This album also includes new songs." - Inundow.
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