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Ultra Eczema

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"A rabbi who yells at a higher pitch and more psycho than NIK RIZILI, and a guitarist other than OREN AMBARCHI who can make strings yell in Yiddish yelling-about as rare as, according to Ultra Eczema, ladies [who] have their period nonstop, since five years [and] are 456 km away from the hospital while the head of a baby is forcing its way out of a mangina." So much stress, guitar strings so loose you can put your legs and arms between them, a hyperactive and creepy and slow carnival of absolute madness. Reminiscent to the more sparse parts of Harry Pussy, the screaming of Hanatarashi. 300 copies, with an insert, a small poster, a sticker, an etching on the B-side, and found footage cover art by DENIS TYFUS." - Ultra Eczema.

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