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Mesh-Key is pleased to announce the release of a lavish, limited
edition run of this heretofore unheard collaboration, finally seeing
the light of day 15 years after its recording. Acoustic instrumentation
and synthesizers meet Mukais haunting voice for four sparse,
minimalistic compositions unlike anything in either artists previous
output.Each record comes folded inside thick Italian pastel paper, and each
copy has been individually decorated with a design in sumi ink by
Simon. The titles and inserts were silkscreened by Keegan Cooke at The
Circadian Press.

Chie Mukai is a composer and musician from Osaka, Japan, best known for
her underground improv-folk group Ché-SHIZU (PSF), which she founded in
1981. In addition to her song-based work, Mukai has been an active
improviser since 1975, when she joined the East Bionic Symphonia group
under the leadership of Fluxus violinist-composer Takehisa Kosugi at
the Biggako Art School of Tokyo. She has since collaborated with Keiji
Haino, John Duncan, Agata Morio and many others. Her primary instrument
is the bowed Chinese er-hu, but she also plays piano and percussion.
Justin Simon records as Invisible Conga People and runs Mesh-Key
Records. One-time edition of 300 copies. - Mesh-Key.

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