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"It's been ten months since Nothing People's debut album Anonymous came out and since then we've heard nothing but praise. In fact, the record wound up on many a Best of 2008 list. We are thinking that Late Night, their second full length, is gonna make even more people happy. From the sci-fi, psych, proto-punk bombast of the first, the Nothing People shift gears into a moodier, darker, and creepier existence. Here you get the influence of Dream Syndicates Karl Precoda and the later f-ed up work of Scott Walker. The record does sound like a late night, on a deserted highway, maybe somewhere around the farm town of Orland, CA, where these three -- nope four (they added a former Monoshock keyboardist!) -- are from. And that cover art? It is by Ilth. The Nothing People have released singles on S.S. and HozAc, as well as the aforementioned Anonymous, which is now in its second pressing. -S-S

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