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NSBSP2 - No Victoria

Bimbo Tower

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"The 2 bands first met in 2004 and immediately an intense friendship was born with a mutual desire to play together and confront the two musical worlds very opposed (the most anti-academic improvisation and no-technic playing totally assumed for the NSB, and the raw post-punk mixed with concrete music composition for the SP2)\r\nIn 2006, a new meeting happened in Mulhouse (small north-east french city next to the German border and hometown of the SP2) with the arrival of a new member in NSB, drummer Aya Onishi after the tragic death of Hugh McIntyre, bass player, philosopher and founding member. The two bands entered the La Mer Rouge Studio" and during two long nights, recorded more than 10 hour of (no-)music!!!!! One part of this mixture happened to be the music on "No Victoria". A new band was born : NSBSP2! \r\nIn may 2008 a small Canadian tour was organised and in early october 2009 a "live" meeting was organised in Paris (Montreuil / Instants Chavir_ɬ©s) to celebrate the issue of this limited double vinyl." - Bimbo Tower.

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