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POOL WATER - Live At Warm & Covering

American Tapes

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"As debuted above is the new power trio of Connelly, Ol Zone One, and Massive Mike Collino. Recorded snug in the shadowed corner of the sacred Cove, three twisting and grossly vacant narratives to the torrid ambient static between your ears! Violin, cardboard percussion, flute, tapes: a smorgasbord of wicked ingredients/instruments to force your day into a magic-fueled vessel!! Captured in high inzane-fidelty with the new portable Inzane Zone Traveling Four Trick (IZTF). Good vibes inside means seriously jam business within the Jason/Freddy adorned walls of the Conn Artists COMFORT ZONE. We would met up at the cove, bust some launcher" recs., drink, get loose and head to the studio for SERIOUS concentration into the void. Hours later Collino would bounce and me and the Conner would play chess in total silence until the wee hours. Beyond stokered on this new troupe, more lurking sounds down the pipeline, below the streets, creeping/movin inward!!! The lone Michigan unit with two Mikes in it? No whoops, The Underwear Heads had THREE "zany" Mikes involved, sorry. Color Covers, numbered edition of 60." - American Tapes.

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