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Stellar Om Source

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If paradise had a PA, Stellar Om Source would be blasting loud and clear. Christelle Gualdi issues us another transcendent masterpiece that catches you up and dances around you in a whirl of synth. These blissful pieces are edenic, New Age, and spacey. They are tracks that have invaded from some far off pleasure planet. The synth shifts about, fluttering tranquilly at times but then calmly caressing you at others. If you like Oneohtrix Point Never, youll no doubt love this one!\r\n\r\nSOSs whole aesthetic is one of utter serenity. Looking at her visuals its like Lisa Frank (yes, the artist that did the unicorns and rainbows on the trapper keeper of the girl next to you in first grade) meets computer-generated futurist pop art. After five years of perfecting her art, she has thoroughly become an innovator in experimental ambient sound. \r\n\r\nAnyone and everyone who is reading this needs to check her out. Get your relaxation on right now! -Foxy Digitalis

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