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V/A - Sigeru Satous Work - Oto no Hajimari wo Motomete 2

Sound Three

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Early Japanese electronic music made by NHK electronic music studio.\r\n Engineer Satou assisted many electronic works of avant-garde composers. The\r\n following works (except Yuji Takahashi) had released in 1967 and 1969 on LP\r\n (Victor VX-52, VX-99), and they are very rare now. contents:\r\n Yuji TakahashiPhonogene" (1961) - premiere recording\r\n Yori-Aki Matsudaira"Trangent 64" (1964)\r\n Minao Shibata"Improvisation for the electronic sound" (1966)\r\n Joji Yuasa"IKON on the source of White Noise" (1965)\r\n Toshiro Mayuzumi"Campanology by multipiano" (1966)\r\n Joji Yuasa"Projection Esemplastic" (1962)" - Omega Point.\r\n

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