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Yokai Takahashi was a Japanese rock/improv bassist. Recorded at Koganji Temple in 2001. Originally it was a CDr work made by Yokai, but it was made into a press CD. Released in 2002. Around this time, Yokai appeared in the Koenji special feature of "Infestation! Ad Street Heaven."

"Bassist Yokai Takahashi's solo album, known for his work with Daisaku Yoshino & Prostitute, Nakedo Rally's, and Gyathe's, is full of beautiful undulations. The words that are preached carefully, the songs that melt into the sound of the bass, slowly sink in. The sounds continue and the drama flickers in the depths of darkness. The lines are cool and pure, like the wind heading deep into the mountains. It is not a relationship where something is destroyed and something else will live, but a quiet and healthy dignity of life, as if cherishing a light that will never go out. A space where simple, sturdy and soft lyricism overlap. (Manabu Yuasa)" -Rock Gaho

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