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50WTKM* / KINGDOMCUM (TIM BERRESHEIM & JONATHAN MEESE) - Sex, Drugs and Suicide; Nature of the Beyond

New Amerika

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on the occasion of their sixth longplayer, tim and jonathan team up as the duo kingdom cum" which shows again a new musical side of their intevsive collaboration. on the sidelong track "nature of the beyond" jonathan\'s enigmatic mumbling and singing is confronted with freeform improv-drumming and heavily delayed guitar strumming combined with layers of intensive drones, sampled reeds and noise outbursts. for lovers of the corpus hermeticum, celebrate psi phenomenon and u-sound releases. for their first split-release they invited 50wtkm after numerous self-released cd-rs "sex, drugs and suicide" is the first vinyl-release by jay hayley from the us, a hilarious mixture of diy, bubblegum-pop and minimal-punk with 15 (!) tunes about various ways, well, to kill him. for anyone who thinks that gg allin was punk." - A-musik\r\n\r\n\r\n"Jonathan Meese is a German painter, sculptor, performance artist and installation artist based in Berlin and Hamburg. According to Karel Schampers, "Jonathan Meese can tell a story in such a gripping way that you would never have the idea to doubt its truth." - Wikipedia. \r\n"Tim Berresheim is a contemporary German visual artist who lives and works in Cologne." New Amerika 

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