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ADRENALIN - Cumz N Goes/Rock N Roll Screamer

Sing Sing

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Detroit Rock circa 1976 meant one thing and one thing only:-Ç the ready-made light beer commercial sounds of Night Moves by Silver Bullet Bob Seger.-Ç And if that one fact is not enough to convince you that the high time, high-tide of high-powered Motor City rock was definitively dead mid-Me-Decade then you can see also Glenn Frey.-Ç However, there remained many ideological hold-outs; bright spots amongst the burned-out crags of Detroits blighted skyline:-Ç Sonics Rendezvous, Death, The Dogs, Lightnin.-Ç -Ç But the band that came the closest in true garage group style to recapturing the excitement and spirit of the Grande Ballroom with one fell double-sided swoop before hopping a bus-ride back to nowhere was Adrenalin.-Ç Looking, from surviving video footage, like the featured entertainment at a Hamtramck Junior Prom, but sounding like a junior varsity MC5, the Guitar Army rampage on Rock N Roll Screamer reeks of amphetamines and A2 residue; the gymnastic histrionics of Sonic Smith most particularly.-Ç The flip-sides no slouch either.-Ç Easily in the same league as City Slang, Raw Power or Borderline, Rock N Roll Screamer, originally issued without a picture sleeve on the obscure local Fiddlers imprint, is the happiest of accidents as Adrenalins intentions were never proto-punk glory.-Ç The best record I dont own and, in my mind, the best justification for the continued search for obscure and unknown records.-Ç BUY IT NOW! -Collin Makamson.

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