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AFCGT - s/t

Uzu Audio

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"AFCGT = 3 parts A-Frames + 2 parts Climax Golden Twins. This is a vinyl release of their self release CDr that was limited to about 75 copies. Those lucky enough to have heard that CDr, along with those who have caught one of this beast live in the past year know just what to expect. Not quite as robotic and structured as the A-Frames, not quite as loose nor remotely as mellow as the Twins ever are. This is a not perfect marriage between two great Seattle bands, this is a raw, noisy, dirty, steamy affair. This record is in the red all the way through, and by the end your speakers should be nearly as blown out as the amps used to record these tracks. Pressed in an edition of 550 on 180 gram white vinyl. Packaged in a tip-on style gatefold jacket with silkscreened art." - Uzu.

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