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AGAPE - Gospel Hard Rock


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"Reissue of Agapes debut LP from 1971; heavy blues psych cooker with a Hendrix sound the brainchild of Californian Fred Caban, who wrote the lyrics, music and supplied the vocals on all the tracks; Agape was at the forefront of the Jesus Movement dubbed by many as Jesus freaks: once high on acid, the Jesus freaks are now high on Jesus and the music shows the effects of both influences; check out the eerie Rejoice which narrates tribulation prophesies against a back-drop of guitar-induced missiles and earthquakes; or Freedom with its layers of effect-laden guitars darting around over a throbbing two-note bass beat, snare drums, and Fred singing a hymn in a different key; took me twenty minutes of looking at the original cover (only on the LP version), to see that it is an abstract image of the face of Christ reportedly a photograph of a natural image of melting snow against a black background."

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