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Ultra Eczema

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About 15 years too late! Finally out. This is the first 7 in a year long monthly series of limited 7"s that will really be all over the place. Anything goes: from the acid of Pierre Elitair to the Mincecore of Agathocles or a prank by Frieder Butzmann! This first one could actually be an LP! As usual with noisecore, grind or mince, this one has more tracks on it than 5 LPs together! 10 songs by each band, Agathocles drills holes in your skull and pours in a cocktail of assgrinding diarrhea recorded on a rehearsal right before their Mexican tour! This is no fancy pants studio recordings but the raw tapedeck deal, muffled grunts and painful fastness. On the flip side Sissy takes it away with some Gerogerigegege styled noisecore shaving off your nose and eyelashes, feels like the recording is actually sitting in a giant amp!!!!! A brutal slap of preparé right there! Comes in a fold open cover design by Debby Tyfus, with lyrics etc. Limited to 300 copies." - Ultra Eczema.

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