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AGENT SIDE GRINDER - Agent Side Grinder

Enfant Terrible

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Agent Side Grinder is one the most promising new bands in the field of contemporary minimal electronic music.\r\nTheir music is firmly rooted in the post-punk, new wave, minimal electronics and industrial tradition and they are following in pioneers footsteps of the likes of Silver Apples, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle and Liaisons Dangereuses.\r\nNo laptops and backing tapes or such things are used. All is done in real time with analogue synths, rhythm boxes and tape loops... in the studio and live on stage...\r\nAgent Side Grinder is the new breed for today! This is the second release on the Petit Enfant series for 7 releases only. The artwork and packaging is done by Dutch artist Edwin Stoutjesdijk (also known as dj Kramp from our Hex parties)..." -Enfant Terrible.

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