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AHOE-AHOEA - True Love Never Dies


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"Ahoe-Ahoea started and ended in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. They were short-lived and little-known, and their footprint in the history of Dutch DIY might have escaped detection if not for this self-released cassette in 1983.
Relative to that of its surrounding countries, the 80s post punk/DIY scene of The Netherlands remains largely unexplored. If the famous Messthetics series had focused on the Dutch instead of the English, surely Ahoe-Ahoea would have found a place on Issue #101.
Determined not to take themselves too seriously, they performed their first show as Na Een Keer Oefenen (After One Rehearsal) before eventually choosing the name Ahoe-Ahoea, a reference to the Tarzan films of the 1930s. The bands playfulness and sense of humor is an important part of their approach, but these elements are carefully balanced with sincerity, great songwriting and brilliant lyrics. While the opening track hinges on the ululating yell of Tarzan, as portrayed by actor Johnny Weissmuller in the film from 1932, it also explores themes of genocide, racism, the destruction of culture and the melding of totalitarianism and ignorance. A lyrics sheet is included. Read it.
The TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES LP is a reissue of Ahoe-Ahoeas outstanding and under-circulated cassette from 1983. Package includes lyrics sheet, photos, and notes from the band." - Bunkerpop.
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