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ALCORN, SUSAN - Evening Tales


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 A few unearthed copies of this 2016 LP. Handpainted/screened/assembled jackets "Mystra is beyond excited to be putting out the Susan Alcorn Evening Tales lp(!) We strongly doubt there ever will be a record in history that is anything like could there!) A friend of ours was telling us a story recently about the first moon orbit...his eyes were wide...and he talked slowly...did you know... that when the first astronauts circled behind the moon.... they started hearing super crazy noises?? piercing sounds and strange reverb style effects and stuff... all coming from the planet Saturn(!) So cool...most have scared those astronauts(!) Its no one seems to talk about this phenomenon...sounds emitted from a not too distant planet...there are so many mysteries still...(!)The beautiful music made by Susan Alcorn is one of them. Unique, amazing, and mysterious are just a few of the terms associated with her recordings...Why she is not better known/talked about is just part of the big mystery. Some in the know folks love her for us...but still(!) Maybe she REALLY IS too good for this world...Maybe she should play for the folks on Saturn instead...(?) And YES.. maybe there IS a similar quality to her sound...something a bit Saturn-like..with a outer space quality (A different Saturn than Sun-Ra? or maybe not...?) - Mystra.

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