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ALVARIUS B - Alvarius B


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CD reissue of the first Alvarius B record. Thirty-two instrumental acoustic guitar excursions into a realm of weird lo-fi rustic beauty that sketch retro-portraits of several folk guitar styles, some which may never have existed before. From abrasive to delicate, these lucid antique paintings with acoustic guitar employ Appalachian polyrhythms, dark melodies, flamenco thrash, alien tunings, pseudo eastern drones, cinematic backroad twang, and other hybrid ideas not easily described. This record is a folk drifter classic and is now available again for the first time in a decade. Originally released as 1000 copies (vinyl only) in 1994 on Abduction. Recorded from 1981-1989 by Alvarius B (aka Alan Bishop/Sun City Girls) onto various portable cassette decks and includes the original 28 tracks from the LP plus four unreleased bonus tracks. - Abduction.

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