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"We are proud to announce the release of the first new recordings by legendary UK DIY band Animals & Men in nearly 30 years. Features 4 brand new songs and 2 new recordings of old favorites Its Hip" and "Dreaming Of Babylon." Following the recent reissue of singles and demos on Mississippi Records and collection of unreleased material on Hyped2Death are brand new songs on par with the best of their old material and as good as the best of the modern bands keeping to their minimal DIY punk roots. It is rare for a band to come back after so many years and continue to be as fresh as they were in the early days. We at Convulsive have been fans of the band ever since we first heard them on the Messthetics compilations and follow up collection on Hyped2Death and are very happy to be the ones to release brand new material from one of our all time favorite bands." -Convulsive

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