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ANLA COURTIS - Ornitologia


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A talisman, a living mandala. Recorded in Buenos Aires, 1992-93 (!) and now brought to life by the chants of birds, this is Anla Courtis Ornitology, a poem about the secret forces of nature and the most sublime forms of communication hidden in the forest. Earth, Water, Wind and Fire the elements that are all living inside these three gems, starting with a spectral ballad, Quetro", and exploding into \r\n the second track, Escua, 16 minutes of epic guitars flying over an endless sea of visions. The last track, Tersina, is the final redemption, and it comes through as a primitive-electronic assault! Pure magic. 140 grams vinyl, limited to 105 copies only, screenprinted artwork (by Canedicoda), half of the covers come in yellow with green print, half in green with dark print. EDITION OF ONLY 105 COPIES!!!" -8mm

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