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Another Subculture

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This is a tape magazine. Sixty minutes of DIY evidence, past and present, from London and South Humberside. On this first issue: interviews with INSTANT AUTOMATONS, MATT KORVETTE (Pissed Jeans/Yellow Green Red) and two contributors to the recent MADE POSSIBLE BY SQUATTING exhibition, Matt and Bryony Beynon. Theres also music from WOOLF, THE LOVE TRIANGLE, GOOD THROB, COP, FRAU, SHOPPING, WEIRD MENACE, FAMILY OUTING and HYGIENE. Every -Ǭ£, -¢‚Äö¬¨ and bitcoin of profit from the sale of this cassette will go towards DIY Space For London, a co-operative looking to create an autonomous venue and social centre for musicking and radical activity in this wonderful, despicable city. - Another Subculture.
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