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ARABI, OSMAN - Destroying Symmetry

The Tapeworm

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-¢‚Ǩ-ìImprovised, channeled and recorded in one take at Tunefork Recording Studios on August 9, 2013, Beirut, Lebanon. Mixed and mastered by Fadi Tabbal on October 10, 2013, Beirut, Lebanon. A unique figure in the international noise and industrial music scenes, Osman Arabi is a composer, producer and sound designer from Tripoli, Lebanon. His work elicits images of desolate industrial landscapes and shamanistic rites. From his beginnings in black metal, Arabi has progressed through such genres as dark ambient, industrial, tribal, psychedelic, electro-acoustic, power electronics and noise. His many projects have included Seeker, Kafan, Veinen, Shamanic Death Trance, The Ritual Inclusion Of Code, harsh electronics outfit 20.SV, as well as nihilist Dutch collective Stalaggh. In 2000, Arabi stopped performing live -- vanishing into the underground, not resurfacing until 2009. For the past decade, Arabi has been developing -- in complete secrecy -- his "occult guitar" playing, based on the sigil work of Austin Osman Spare. This new thread to his work was only recently unveiled, in late 2013, and is set to become the backbone of his live rituals here on in. Limited to 150 copies. Illustration by SavX.-¢‚Ǩ¬ù - The Tapeworm.

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