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Die Schachtel

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Epic in scale, static, timbre, and stillness, Null is a vast and profound musical project that Luigi Archetti has been pursuing over a long period. His musical research is not about null" (the German word for "zero") as a mathematical object, as a real number. Instead, the term "null" is used here as a metaphor to describe a state of pausing and anticipatory waiting. The music of Null is characterized by static sounds, drones, and their overlapping and layering. The sound surfaces turn into acoustic "sluggish material" which flows slowly through time and gradually transforms itself. It is a constant gliding, a constant mutation of sound structures. Attempts to discover clearly defined melodies, rhythmically ordered structures, or even beats are to no avail. A universe of sound particles diffuses in the foreground of the musical atmosphere, whereby the sounds do not provide any reference whatsoever to a possible location. All the sounds in Null are sourced from e-guitars, which are in part extensively defamiliarized through digitalization and thereby redefined. The e-guitars (frequently in scordatura tuning) are used to this end as suppliers of sound. The acoustic sedimentation of the diverse sounds and sound structures results in a dense and filigreed sound fabric which develops a pull-effect on the listeners. It is an invitation to travel in uncharted regions, a hypnotically captivating journey through timeless and minimal acoustic events. Null I-VII, presented in a special CD slipcase box, collects all seven CDs also released as Null (ZEITC 003CD, 2010), Null II/Null III (ZEITC 009CD, 2012), and Null IV-VII (ZEITC 018-19CD, 2015)." - Die Schachtel.

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