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ARITOMO - La Flor De Mi Tupla


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"This is my 6th LP, but I wish this LP will be my 5th LP. I released my last LP in the beginning of 2011. Honestly, it was a failure. My 5th LP was not good music. Therefore I threw away all stock of my last LP soon. And I deleted it from my discography. If you bought it, Im sorry.
\r\nAnyway, I had to recover myself from the failure, for my solo works.\r\nBut in the first half of 2011, the world has begun to be out of order. It is the phenomenon that I and some many people were cautious of. However, of course the tragedy affected my sensitivity. Even if I guessed it. And I have begun to make up my mind to have to make really splendid music.\r\nI was satisfied about music from the middle of 2011. I continued participating in recording of Mamitori Ulithi empress yonaguni sans 3rd LP. I remain the guitarist of the band more than ten years. The recording was a splendid experience. I learned many things there. About rhythm, chord, and anything important... The LP became one of best splendid music in the world. It is my pride. We released it in 2012. The experience had a big influence on my new LP, even if it do not resemble my music. \r\nNext, I released a VA LP by my label in 2013. The LP was titled Esperanza de OTO". I planned the LP and collected songs of many artists. I was concerned with a great variety of music. It was the good experience. Mamitri Ulithi empress yonaguni sans 3rd LP and the VA LP were sold a lot in Japan and UK and USA. If you listened to each, I thank you.
\r\nIt is important that oneself always change little by little, for artist. I learned it. And I made my music that do not resemble other music very much. Of course I continue coming under influence of much music, Pops, South American Rock and Folk, etc... yet.
\r\nHowever, my music is not those complete imitation, this time. Because the music does not resemble other music very much, some listeners may not understand its good point. However, my pride will not shake, this time.\r\nBecause I made the album of my best masterpiece, I made handmade sleeves of my best masterpiece too. Please enjoy it too.\r\nP.S. I recorded the music by only analog machines like my other LPs. I dont use any digital machines and any compresser. So if you feel that the volume of the music is small, please raise the volume of the sound of your audio system." - Aritomo.
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