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ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS - Exploding Blue Floor Martin Denny


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"Its a big pleasure for me to release the new full-length album from Leeds-based underground legend Ashtray Navigations, featuring 9 new tracks recorded in studio during 2008 and dedicated to the memory of the great american composer Martin Denny, father of Exotica! Exploding Blue Floor_¢?¬¶" is one step ahead into Phil Todds hallucinatory travel into the galaxies of the Unknown. A cornucopia of what he has been doing for more than 15 years with unique dedication and passion. Passion is in fact, the first word that came to my mind listening to this music where acid guitar riffs, concrete sounds, delicate acoustic passages and vintage warm electronics, live in absolute symbiosis. Power to the imagination, breaking down the walls between song and improvisation, structure and freedom, melody and noise. Just like looking inside a kaleidoscope, this will be the perfect soundtrack for your daydreams! Blue-night coloured Vinyl, Artwork by Phil Todd and silkscreened by Canedicoda, with insert. EDITION OF 242 COPIES" -8mm

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