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ASTOR - The Aubergine Dream

Regional Bears

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"The final Astor release celebrates a 12 year old birthday with the combined audacious and unnecessary platform of sound bouncing around marble, traces elements of sacred zuehl and the buoyant pathos of russian souls. A helicopter solo; rewind. Hello intimacy and poor jokes (friends). Is this hypothetical unease – or just rubbish? Regional Bears do hope you enjoy this tip. And it is a tip.

Performed with Nell Peto. Also features appearances from Amelia Borg, Christine Borg, Alfred Schnittke, Edward Lawrenson and Rialzu.

Recorded at Cafe Oto, London on the evening of the 4th august, 2017 during the 2 day event “Fuck you wheres my suger”. Two nights around the themes of depression and hysteria curated by Lucy Stein and Mark Harwood.

Thanks to Shaun Crook for recording." - Regional Bears.

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