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ATTAR CUPS - Untitled

Blackest Rainbow

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We hit up our fourth vinyl release with this beauty which was originally intended to be a cassette only release (it still will be available on cassette, but only in a tiny run). This Maine based crew features a host of psychedelic jam talent... Nemo of Drona Parva and head honcho of Time-Lag Records, Sparrow Wildchild of The Bummer Road, and the three members of Visitations, whose record on Time-Lag last year was one of 2007s best! So this is the second recording from this crew, the first being last years Sloow Tape. This beast is different to the Sloow vibe, still with a super nice jam band sound, but projecting to a maybe more song (in the loosest possible way) based plane, a little like Visitations. Edition of 299 hand numbered copies with zero info and 11 x 11" stickers on the front and back of black sleeves." - Blackest Rainbow.

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