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AXOLOTL - Axolotl


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After several years in New York collaborating on and off with various members of the \r\nnoise underground (Sightings, Mouthus, Black Dice, Double Leopards etc.), \r\nKarl Bauer (Violin, voice, electronics, percussion) moved to San Francisco and\r\nbegan Axolotl, soon recruiting William Sabiston(percussion, electronics, drums) and \r\nBrian Tester(guitar, electronics) to expand their dense psychedelia.\r\nThe self-titled debut album (Psych-O-Path 2004) conjures comparisons \r\nto the dream syndicate era work of John Cale, \r\nJapenese psychedelia from Magical Power Mako to Taj Mahal Travelers, \r\nthe tactile electronic blankets of the Mego label \r\nand the layered drones of Phil Niblock. \r\n Axolotl meld acoustic instrumentation and electronic processing, \r\nharsh blasts and soothing drones, \r\nfree jazz clatter and teutonic pulse. \r\nThe summer of 2004 will see Axolotl play shows with Black Dice and Animal\r\nCollective, Tussle, and Thuja. - Psych-o-Path.

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