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You all may not be familiar with the project, but its William Sabiston of (part-time) Axolotl fame.. Dude is a WILD percussionist whos collaborated with tons of folks, but most recently in a group BULBS.. Im not even sure how to describe this release....... I suppose freedom techno," a ficticious genre imagined by Roope Eronen, would be some sort of applicable term. William weavs all sorts of percussive sounds; bells, electronic drum pads, synth and acoustic drums into a complex whirl of pulses and clicks that will occasionally congeal into abstract loops, minimalist techno riffs, dub-zones or some sort of cohearance, before whatever beat hes imagined crashes in on itself... Those familiar with Williams solo track on the Axolotl CDR, "Oranur," will have some idea what to expect.. but then, Ive been listening to this thing for months and I still dont know whats happening when I listen to this thing. Limited to 150 copies." - JYRK.

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